Anonymous Vs Federal Reserve

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by SwordofTruth, Jun 13, 2011.

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    How would the Feds feel if hackers across the cyber world spied on them? I mean what's the point of spying on computers of people who don't do anything illegal and leaving themselves alone when they have private info that will make other users show hatred if leaked out!
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    View attachment i-highly-suggest-you-take-your-sophomoric-philosop
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    read it all then you will see what I see.
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    Hey naveman. If your goal is provide information to other users of this forum, a better strategy might be to quote a small portion of the articles you are posting here, and then include the link. Also taking a minute and composing a sentence or two about how the article is connected to the thread subject would help reach an audience. Many users will not follow a link if there isn't an obvious or easily understood connection. Just sayin' :)
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    yes that makes sence I read alot and all the things on a topic that I like come out every where.
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    I DO appreciate his strategy of posting all the links in one thread,
    instead of randomly sprinkling them in unrelated threads, or making a new one each time.
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    well here they are
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  21. naveman Member Every country can not out export every other country what will work for one will not work for all. What does this have to do with the FED. It's the economy s#$%*d.
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    is it just me or does the man on the right seem well gayish like in his movements.
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    you are poor by design
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    It's not you.
    It's the threads he's wearing.
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    did'nt mean anything just wondering
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    #! bailout
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    Don't you just miss the good ol' days when crooks and losers weren't "too big to fail"?
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    yes 1000 times yes
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    #! love this watch out fed print print print!
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    Lord, it's no wonder so few people understand what is happening in the economy right now.
    This statement is so full of ignorance as to boggle the mind.

    The Fed's PURPOSE is to manipulate the markets. That is what is was created for. To think the Fed can be used for good is to miss the point. The Fed was created to create mischief.

    Consider, according to Thomas Woods, a basket of goods that cost $100 in 1830 cost $64 in 1913.
    That means a 38% decrease in prices in 80 years.

    That means that all you had to do to prepare for your retirement was to save a few coins from time to time, knowing they would gain in value by a few percent a decade.

    Consider what has happened in the 97 years since then. Prices have inflated by hundreds of percent.
    In my lifetime the value of a dollar has sunk by 60% or so. So if I had hoarded cash I'd be 60% poorer.

    Now, we have to become investment experts or trust others. That is a far cry from hoarding a few coins.
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    of course there is. But the whole point is with the politicians involved any prosecution will be a red herring. The underlying crime is the Federal Reserve along with the politicians being willing to sell their offices for favorable legislation. But the system is designed with that very thing in mind, IOW, it has been rigged by the politicians

    If the politician had no value to offer, the businessmen couldn't bribe the politicians, It is only because the politicians can offer favorable economic legislation that the businessmen can use political favor rather than entrepreneurial smarts to make money.
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    What I cant understand is why they do insider trading and take bribes why dont they just take the printing press back and fill there pockets with all they wish hell they still wont go to prison if they do a pardon is on the way.
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