Anonymous Vs Federal Reserve

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by SwordofTruth, Jun 13, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Jesus fucking Christ. This Fed op is meaningless bullshit, and all talk besides. Can't the Teahadist paranoia fuckery gtfo to some conspiracy theory backwater thread or something? Pretty sure I don't give a rat's ass what some backwater rednecks with Ron Paul's cock in their mouths think about economic matters that are light years beyond the scope of their non-existent educations. Anon: Now your pre-existing political cause's personal army.
  2. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Teahadist... heh. If only we could set our user titles like we could before The Change....
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  3. zukothecat Member

    Well I could log in with no problem, and I´m already doing severañ things with them... I just wanted to know if this was part of that or ... not?
    Thanks anyway
  4. Jippo Member

    Did you try it while running a proxy? I can log in just fine without one as well. I can also go flail around outside the FBI building in a mask and my boxers but I don't.
  5. naveman Member

    the enemy of my enemy is my friend sometimes you have to hold hands with satin to get across the bridge to me this seems like a plan worth exploring let your enemy do the work for you
  6. Anon_Jon Member

    fail @ 1:30. foriegn

    anyways, I'd like to see some concrete evidence on the federal reserve. by concrete, i mean data in the form of named bank accounts and dollar amounts, not just some media/journalist blog bullshit. not that i don't believe the allegations, but i do so love proof.
  7. naveman Member

    proof of crime will not end the fed
  8. Anon_Jon Member

    sad but true
  9. Gary Busey Member

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  10. naveman Member

    only political pressure will end endless wars & inflation Who Was That Masked Man
  11. adhocrat Member

    politics are endless war and inflation.
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  12. Anon_Jon Member

    political pressure isn't nearly enough.
  13. naveman Member

    true but the fed back is agenst the wall 0% intrest rate more QE will reck the markets the banks are in trouble with the internet information can spread like wildfire you already made news on Rt Max&Stacy showed it
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  14. Anonymous Member

    Is the WITP site dying and this kind of stuff creeping back here?
  15. Ersatz Global Moderator

  16. xenubarb Member

    Indeed. I am proof of that.
  17. SwordofTruth Member

    Won't happen when the U.S government is at their mercy, they're a private entity.
  18. naveman Member

    very powerful but people are talking now
  19. adhocrat Member

    The Federal Reserve is our third national bank. We have gotten rid of them before. The charter is from Congress. They can uncharter the Fed any time they want to.

    If they have the balls, that is.
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  20. naveman Member

    What about using Roger Ailes strategy of disinformation and propaganda targeting different entities
  21. Anonymous Member

    Quit bitching and write to congress. Good luck.
  22. naveman Member

    just suggesting how Rogers Fox attacks but ok will drop it
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  23. Anon_Jon Member

    If every American wrote Congress the exact same letter, nothing would get done. That's how fucking bad it is.
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  24. naveman Member

    me think people are starting to get it ha ha ha ha ha ha ha i am out of here
  25. Anonymous Member

    Get rid of Bernanke and let the Fed do its job. The FDIC/Fed disagreement over BoA shows who he's really working for.
  26. naveman Member

    Isuggest goto this link tnen to Economy and to Bill Black What I'd Demand of the FED. if you don't know who William Black is there are severial things on him on the web Savings and Loan Crisis, college ect. I am not trying to be an ass here but I remember the crisis and so did wall street they got rid of those pesky laws
  27. Anonymous Member

  28. lulzgasm Member

    Quasi-private. But, yeah.
  29. lulzgasm Member

    Anyone remember what happened to Andrew Jackson after he ended the Bank?
    That was one lucky fella.
  30. adhocrat Member

    Nope. Do tell.
  31. naveman Member

  32. DeathHamster Member

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  33. naveman Member

  34. naveman Member

  35. PresidentShaw Member

    And yet another thread where everyone pretends to be an expert
  36. naveman Member

  37. naveman Member

  38. Anonymous Member

    ITT: people who want to take society back to the middle ages: no banks, no international trade, and only gold coins as currency. No thanks.

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