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Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by anonimo, Apr 5, 2008.

  1. anonimo Member

    Anonymous Video Library

    In this thread we can discuss project Video Library,
    a wiki page designed to gather all the most relevant
    videos concerning Anonymous and Scientology in a
    categoriezed way
    (Note that the project is still in development, if you
    want to add content, read the rules carefully.)

    Video Library - Operation Website

    I will update this first posting later giving some more reasons why I think this Video Library can become a very useful tool, when a lot of anons help to keep it updated. For now, I will just post a longer text below that I wrote some time ago concerning a number of issues. See also the information in the intro of the wiki, at its end and the corresponding discussion page.

    I hope to get some constructive feedback and could encourage some of you to help making this Video Library a helpful ressource for Anonymous. It still needs some thinking and discussing and a lot of wiki editing.

    There are threads with similar ideas on enturb that finally might be merged in one bigger wiki:
    - List of recent media coverage
    - Creating a categorized "NEWS LIBRARY" for articles related to Anoynmous and CoS


    Current State of Discussion concerning the category structure:
    PS: Here's a training tutorial for editing wiki pages.
  2. anonimo Member

    Re: Anonymous Video Library

    This is a longer text that I wrote some time ago. It was planned as a firtst posting for this thread. But it's too tl;dr for a first posting (even for Think Tank) and needs some update, too. It talks about the purpose, the major challenges and problems of the Video Library.

  3. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Anonymous Video Library

    This project is very ambitious. I wish you the best !
  4. LRonAnon Member

    Re: Anonymous Video Library

    this is an eggcellent idea'r
  5. its.an0nym0us Member

    Re: Anonymous Video Library

    If AP English taught me anything it was how to arrange a goddamn outline.

    Once people settle on one project I would be happy to help.

    Also: Wiki's are great, but I like tagging and filtering. Possibilities?

    I like the wiki that is up so far. It needs a little help, though, as it is not very organized. It's got too many splinter categories and duplicates.
    (Will post revised later)

    Also, I like the idea of tags. Is there a wiki way to add tags to filter and sort I would use that ALL THE TIME. Especially if we can get a standardization of location descriptors.

  6. anonimo Member

    Re: Anonymous Video Library

    Discussion of the category structure

    its.an0nym0us, I'll post part of the answer to your posting in the News Library thread here because it's about the category structure that was primarily designed for the Video Library. I hope it is more or less clear, I wanted to show clearly all that I changed and used a way that is similar to what I use in translation threads.

    Change that to:


    Ok, but it would need another sub-level then, because I wanted to keep the videos about the actual policy seperated from the videos actually showing the it in practice. Maybe the photo taking part of it can go to "Fairgaming Anonymous" or "Fairgaming other critics", I guess there aren't that many youtubes specifically on this matter neither.

    I guess we move this to "Scientology's Front Groups" as CCHR

    Yes, that was also intended but a "=" was forgotten and it appeard as a heading one level higher


    needs to be moved/merged; in any case we need some section for these issues (pyramical scheme, antidemocratic, anti human rights etc.)

    Rearranged category 6:

    mmh, I'm not sure, I mean it's info on the Cult of Scientology, it must be clear that it's mainly about CoS

    I suggest: "Scientology as a cult", then it would also be a bit parallel in this point with the wiki article
    The rearranged category:

    I agree on the merging, but I don't like the title too much, is there really something "culturally specific"? let's see how it could look like:


    I'm not sure about that. I'd like to see the Video Library begin with stuff that captures the uninvolved most and that's the documentaries for example. Browsing the channels might on the other hand leave the viewer a bit confused because WBM, Tory or Tommy and also lots of Anonymous' channels are often quite specific. I think for fellow anons that already know the basics it would be better to have the channel list on top... maybe we can solve this by putting an extra link to this category at the top.

    Thanks for your suggestions, hope you'll find more improvments or needed modifications.


    PS: I'll put the updated version of the category structure into the first posting, but we could also use a wiki for this, for example this:
    Video Library (Experimental Area for the Category Structure) - Operation Website
  7. its.an0nym0us Member

    Re: Anonymous Video Library

    I'm glad to help. I like to keep things concise and intuitive, so when I saw that barrage of titles I thought it could use some standardization.
    The working titles I suggest are by no means recommended. I'll be a little more thoughtful with them from now on, working on a more parallel approach to the categories as we hash out the order.

    The Compatibility of Scientology with Other Religions - ?

    I agree on this move.

    Exactly. I figured this would be vidoes of the photography in progress. I am not aware of a video about this topic that is not a firsthand account.

    Not trying to nitpick. I am unfamiliar with the edit functions for wiki's. :D

    By culturally specific, I meant any videos that are related by a common culture rather than a specific country, but now my mind is totally blank on what I even meant by that. :rolleyes: I am an airhead today.
    I think I meant to make sure that we keep the foreign language (translated) videos separate from the regionally specific videos.

    Everything else looks pretty good!
  8. anonimo Member

    Re: Anonymous Video Library

    Discussion of the category structure

    I hope you keep helping to improve it. Actually it seems it's just you and me working on this project. I think it's worthwhile and hope more people join the discussion

    Hmm, not sure what you mean by "parallel" approach...

    Well, I updated the wiki page (changes below in this postin), but not the main one (that should happen after agreeing on a first "final" version). I had created another page for "experimental purposes". There we can also discuss things concerning specific categories or we might start to put a few major videos in the list. (Editing is really easy. If you never did, just register and press edit to see for yourself)
    ===> Video Library (Experimental Area for the Category Structure) - Operation Website
    I'm gonna update the structure in the first posting every time I get an agreement about the new changes.

    I'm making lots of spelling mistakes today, be warned...


    Hypnosis in Scientology

    Videos in other languages

    this needs modification as there are a great deal of messages out there that are worth putting into the library (at least I think so, but of course it still needs to be discussed what should be included and to what purpose, who is the target group etc). There are messages to CoS manangement, to the media, to scientologists, to Anonymous etc.

    o 3.3 Anonymous' youtube message
    + 3.3.1 Anonymous' messages to Scientology
    + 3.3.2 Anonymous' messages to Anonymous
    + 3.3.3 Other Anonymous messages

    We also need to distinguish between this section and "o 3.5 Anonymous informs" or "# Announcement and Invitation [to April 12]". Maybe they should be merged or restructured.

    Have "Announcement and Invitation" as a subsection of "o 3.3 Anonymous' youtube message" with more subsection for every protest:

    + 3.3.3 Information and Invitation concerning coming protests
    ~ February 10
    ~ March 15
    ~ April 12

    (I didn't change that yet in the updated structure)

    I'd like to change that because I want to include also Mike Rinder and maybe some more. I'm not sure if prominent would apply (does the word mean famous or just important?).

    Suggestion: We could call it simply "Scientology's founder and members". Then we could also include more things like other celebrities or general info about the CoS members. I think "founder" should be included because Hubbard can't be considered a member.

    ==> "Its founder L. Ron Hubbard"
    Please always correct me if you think it should be different. I'm also an airhead from time to time and it's sometimes hard to figure out the category names and structure.

    I changed the whole category but now the title doesn't seem to work well anymore:

    (actually Rinder was "commanding officer", but that was too large; boss might be too colloquial)
  9. its.an0nym0us Member

    Re: Anonymous Video Library

    OK. First of all, I am restating here that I think it would be best to include both projects in one wiki somehow.

    Secondly, that primary wiki page is going to be awesome.

    Thirdly, the information on tag clouds is out there, but really for the people who are familiar with back end programming and wiki setups.

    To clarify: outlines, for readability, should be written so that they are 'parallel'. This means that all items of a particular heading should be similar in wording and importance.

    The Following is sufficiently parallel:

    * 5.1 Management
    o 5.1.1 Founder - L. Ron Hubbard
    o 5.1.2 Chairman - David Miscavige
    o 5.1.3 Head of OSA - Mike Rinder
    o 5.1.4 Other Staff - The Sea Organization
    * 5.2 Celebritities
    o 5.2.1 Tom Cruise
    o 5.2.2 Etc...

    I like having a subsection for each new protest topic. Let's keep all of the worldwide protest stuff in chronological order and add new protests there. Each protest could be divided into three parts:
    ~ February 10
    Invitations and Information
    Protests in Progress
    Follow-ups and Fair Game

    Just about anything can be put (or forced) into that subset, without need for creating an infinitely tiered outline.

    Once you update this I will go back over it again.
  10. anonimo Member

    Re: Anonymous Video Library

    Actually I only slowly notice that this could be big. It will be a website of its own, covering all the issues important to inform the public, the media and Anonymous.

    Ok, we approach it as a big wiki project that has both a video library and a news library. But also it might have a huge link list to all of Anonymous websites and all critics websites... I'm not sure how much information and stuff like this is on partyvan or on Project Chanology on ED, but I guess we are still lacking a real accessible website that is suitable for the general public as well as Anonymous.

    Well, but back to work. Most important is to have a category structure to fill in all content. The structure for the videos is improving, I guess the "television and radio" part needs some work, some subsections still. We then need to think about if the news articles would fit in the same structure or where we need modifications.

    We need a wiki expert here asap! We need to know if this tagging stuff could work. I really want to have this as an open wiki like website. What worries me a bit is that we might start filling in all the video and articles and later want to do changes like adding extra information to each item etc. and that this may be very hard to do. There must be a solution for it.

    I like the suggestion of the parallel approach.

    Agreed, except two things:

    I'd like to call it "Founder - Science Fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard" though. He is often referred to like that and we want to get people interested too. I think people are more likely to look into it if the title goes like that.

    I'm not sure about this one. I think there is CoS staff that is SeaOrg and other that are not. The title suggests that all other staff (that is apart from management) are sea org. That's why I just made one subsection SeaOrg. Most videos are about Sea Org anyway.

    I removed the section "Anonymous' message to Scientology" and the announcement/invitation videos maybe shouldn't be among the actual videos of the protest.

    Then it looks like this:
    The last three points need change. There are a lot of videos education fellow anons how to protest, how to flyer etc. Please make suggestions how we could do this.

    BTW, I put "Anonymous informs" before "Public Critics".

    I will now update the first posting.

  11. its.an0nym0us Member

    Re: Anonymous Video Library

    I screwed up the numbers a bunch I think, but you get the picture.

  12. its.an0nym0us Member

    Re: Anonymous Video Library

    What's the scoop here? Anything new?
  13. alpanon Member

    Re: Anonymous Video Library

    Wow, great job so far guys!!! I was just about to make a thread suggesting the start of a "Anonymous Video Channel" to counter the COS page. Let me know what I can do to spead this site when it gets finished!

    This has a lot of potential, and I hope it will get a chance to become something BIG :)
  14. its.an0nym0us Member

    Re: Anonymous Video Library

    I'd still like to see a tag cloud for the videos, since many cover or mention different aspects of Scientology, especially the interviews.
  15. its.an0nym0us Member

    Re: Anonymous Video Library

    I will do research and handtyping gruntwork if someone with wiki skills would contact me. Or reply here.

  16. Anonymous Member

    Re: Anonymous Video Library

    Great project. I´m just thinking that it is very important to find people with editor skills as soon as possible. Maybe the thread could be named "New Anononymous video library - editors needed?

    I don´t know if you first of all thought of Anonymous people to use it? Especially to make it easy for the public to get curious, to overview the stuff, to access it, imop it was necessary to have a better layout. Tabledesign etc. Same thing for Anonymous to get them interested in participating.
    Finally i suggest the lacking of the above to be one of the reasons that made a german chanologywiki fall almost asleep.
    So please don´t take that as personal critzism. While imop you´re on a good road with the structure, you´re not with the layout, which seems similar important to me.
  17. alpanon Member

    Re: Anonymous Video Library


    Because I think this is too important to fall off the radar...
  18. Balognanon Member

    Re: Anonymous Video Library


    I've been helping to list related YouTube videos over here:
    Project Chanology/Youtube Brigade - Insurgency Wiki

    Right now they're listed alphabetically, and separated between pro and anti Sci.

    Just wanted to let you know in case there are articles there you want to add to this library. :)

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