Anonymous uploading to YouTube - Ref. Ollie

Discussion in 'Youtube and Vimeo Problems' started by Eternal Battery, Oct 4, 2008.

  1. Anonymous uploading to YouTube - Ref. Ollie

    Does anyone know how to upload a video to YouTube anonymously? I've tried a few proxy servers with no success. They allow viewing, but not uploading.

    I've made an Ollie video that I need to upload anonymously and as I already have a YT account with a lot of my work on it, I don't want to risk having my account banned by the YT police :) I could make a new YT account but of course my IP address will be logged, thus possibly tracing me back to my legit account.

    Alternatively, if there's anyone out there that could upload the video on my behalf, drop me a PM and I'll give you a mediafire link for the original vid.
  2. iaxiloll Member

    Re: Anonymous uploading to YouTube - Ref. Ollie

    Throw away email account+ bogus Yewtube account + internet cafe = Anonymous.
  3. Re: Anonymous uploading to YouTube - Ref. Ollie

    Pfft! That means I have to leave the room :)
  4. iaxiloll Member

    Re: Anonymous uploading to YouTube - Ref. Ollie

    DonĀ“t you ever take a dump?
  5. Re: Anonymous uploading to YouTube - Ref. Ollie

    You are foolishly assuming I'm not typing this on my wireless laptop on the bog.
  6. relinquish Member

    Check out tor.


    I have complete success using tor with youtube. For those unfamiliar with tor, may I suggest a trip to Tor: anonymity online. Used to be fairly involved to set up, but now the bundle installs everything you need. You will basically be running the tor daemon and privoxy. Privoxy is the proxy which will automatically connect to the tor daemon. Once the vidalia package is installed, you will just need to let tor connect, open privoxy, and set your web proxy to localhost:8118.

    Tor is essentially a system of dedicated proxy servers which creates a connection chain of 3 of them between you and the remote server. The first two are not that important, but it is fairly important that the third one is not compromised. Now, there are hundreds of nodes (or thousands, haven't checked in a while), so unless an adversary owns a significant number of boxes on the network, odds are that you are safe.

    If you would like to be extra secure, it is possible to specify exactly which nodes you will be using as exit nodes. However, you'll need to do some further reading and editing of your torrc file, and I don't remember the exact way to do so.

    A protip: Use google chrome (or any other browser than the one you're currently using), so as to avoid any tracking cookies. Note that the proxy settings for google chrome are shared with Internet Explorer.
  7. To choose a country to exit from in the tor node go to the settings/advanced/trrc file open it with notepad if using widows. at the bottom of the code write Exitnodes {Country code in here} StrictExitNodes 1

    Like this

    ExitNodes {ca}
    StrictExitNodes 1

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