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Discussion in 'Europe' started by Ukraine, Sep 11, 2011.

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    prosto bud' tut
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    окей, а акции или атаки будут проводится?
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    Готовий до співробітництва.
    Ready to support.
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    Я готовий до співпраці. Expect you
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    Я с вами. I with you!
  8. приветствую и поддерживаю ANONYMOUS WORLD and UKRAINE
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    I don't know what's being said, but I like it! My grandfather was Ukrainian so I say "kick $cilon butt in the Ukraine!"
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    Together we strong!
    Let fight!
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    i'm ready for action guys!
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    Dear Ukranian Anons,
    These are the countries to which DM might flee when scientology goes down in the US. Anons from these countries could help by spreading information to inoculate their countrymen to the spread of scientology. The countries above need to say DoNotWant when the time comes for DM to flee.

    Thanks for your time. :)
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    Cocks, hit wrong button and posted too soon, what I meant to say was: You know the languages and the personality of your culture. There is more that you can say than I, as an english speaker, could.
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    Доброго вечора, хочу приєднатися до вас всіх))
    Чекаю на подальші вказівки :)
  18. Bud

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    Fucking idiot librarians, fucking cult propaganda, fucking lazy-ass Uke bretheren not manning the 'poons!
    Pay attention Europe, this desperate, money grabbing, psychotically-swindelling cult of LRon wants your souls!

    Well not really, just your money, your children, your minds, and a nice hide-out/castle thingy for the queerless bleeder Miscavige when its time for him to flee the USA.
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  24. І я з вами!!! Жду вказівок
  25. готовий приєднатися
  26. Please accept my humble obeisances ;-)
    I am from ex-USSR, and hope to join you - Anonymous. Maybe Anonymous Ukraine first.
    Just few days back I by chance saw news that Ukrainian government sites were cracked, and that a lot of data is available. One thing I didn't like in all that is that people tried to say that Klichko is a bad man, and posted his emails. I read some, but didn't find a lot interesting. Though I also downloaded few other databases from same site . There was start page with hymn of pirates - "hey ho,. raise colors high. To heaven or hell, we are against those who sell soul to devil" or something like that. Anyway, I didn't have much time to read so much new info about anonymous, so I just saved some data in Bookmarks. And today I was unable to open site cyberguerilla. Maybe it will come back? I wanted to read many parts of it - there was invitation: Anonymous - we really want to know who you are, and we need you!
    And also you said that you are "real anonymous Ukraine" so this sounds really cool ;-)
    I have read on internet that Anonymous hacked so many government sites or businesses etc...
    I personally am against Bill Gates who is atheist and spent ... 1 100 000$ for contraception. And you know? He plans to make those... condoms, from dead cows! And that is killing, in Bible said - "do not kill". So Bill Gates is killer! And he has billions of dollars! And still he thinks his money is not enough. What a ... rascal! Yes, we gave him money for nonsensical Windows (few thousand dollars), and he... Bill gates uses that for condoms, Genetically modified food which kills, for vaccines which kill, for making excriments better, toilets better and some other useless by very expensive stuff! So I support Anonymous who are against atheists like Bill Gates or governments who support atheism - be it in USA, USSR, China, or any other communist party. I am happy Lenin monument was very happily killed in Ukraine. =-) I myself also talked to one dangerous man - atheist number one in Ukraine Duluman, and told him that Krishna should kill him because he said someone like me must be killed and that "there is no Krishna". So this rascal Duluman died just on my birthday 24 06 2013. Very good news for me ;-) And good present from Krishna, Supreme Personality of Godhead - to me.
    Actually I wanted to say one other thing - if you are hackers, then you should know programming very well. So, I had programming as hobby, and had idea to make program which can convert automatically text into movie. I told about this in one university, and this my idea "leaked". Then Bazelevs inoovations created Kinoyazik (filmlanguage .net), which does something like what I wanted to do, but only very little part of it. the problem is that idea was mine and it came from scientology. that is applied religious philosophy. but something wrong in scientology is that Hubbard said something like God is material if he is expressed with some objects in demo-kit. So, I myself experienced it is opposite. That picture of Krishna which I showed to Duluman can act as God which can kill atheists. So I think Anonymous has potential to be good believers in God, and thus destroy all rascal governments - chinese communist party, vietnam and so on. why it is to be done? they are anti-God. it means they go to hell. so we can help them get out of it. See, this stupid man, Simonenko, who is head of communist party of Ukraine, so he said that "we will not do wrong to people who destroyed Lenin. God already punished them because he took their minds away". I think it is nonsense! They are different Gods, there is saying - "Jupiter may punish by taking mind away". So. problem is ... I wanted to do some computer linguistics. but some say - it is... "atheism", madness... and see what is this madness? Just Jupiter took my mind away? so? Jupiter is guru, teacher of believers in God. well it is allright is guru can sometimes punish a disciple. so what? if Jupiter takes mind away, person doesn't see his mistakes. Is Artificial intelligence a mistake, was this my idea to automatically convert text to movie (3d-animation in some unity3d engine OR just msagent 2d 256 colors + text to speech etc) - a mistake? i don't know. but it was my hooby. I still do it sometimes... and you know. I find it looks like your anonymous style =-) you like text to speech and that some characters talk to people or atheistic governments - capitalists, communists, billionaies, bill gates - there are a lot of them... so... what is my aim in anonymous? you know I don't know hacking. I never studied C or C++. read few books, tried to make some program in this unity3d - but that is not real programming which you do @anonymous. you are Black-Hat people, and it means you don't compromise security. and thus you are best people, best alternative for free information etc. I saw your site cyberguerilla (or it is just one of your anonymous servers)...? So there you said NAMASTE - I bow down to God, who is inside you. your soul. Good! I like this. This is exactly what we do - we meditate on SuperSoul, God in heart, God in soul. And that is real yoga, real religion, real Anonymous! Unlike. I looked on piratebay, then searched russian internet for movie about hackers. just got one link. So I think those people they are working for security companies and say hackers are only bad. and I don't know which money do they have. I know that to take Laxmi from Narayana is like taking Sita from Rama. What it means? yes, when Bill Gates took our money away - from believers in God, he actually stolen it from God Himself. No I don't say I am God. so problem is that that security man who said anonymous are bad - he was considering himself God. because he said that ätma sa paramatma" which is nonsense that "soul is God". ... So... I think. I want to help you. but I don't know how. and I also hope you can help me. I am in hard situation now. maybe you can understand it from my long and strange post...
    So, I want that you let me see your site cyberguerilla again, and that I can learn how to use your tools. I think that it can be used to crack China. ... you know. in place like Ukraine ther are some 50% software is pirated (maybe more). And they say - that we, Ukraine, are pirates number one in the world, people who steal intellectual identity from others like noone. But I can say to use, Bill Gates, and other atheistic rascals in any place of Earth, who use politics to steal more money from religious people and make them more depressed, suppressed, oppressed, and even commit suicide. I (no, God) hardly saved myself (my) from suicide. Because of this rascal Bill Gates! and you know? he is a thief number, not ukraine. ys, bill gates is worst demon, satan, antichrist, and I fell anti-Krishna in the world. Bill Gates is anti-soul - he said there is no soul. If so - then he doesn't believe in SupreSoul., God also. Just like Duluman but worse. Because Duluman said that ÿou are enemies of the nation, you must be killed all religious people", ÿou must be taken to court", but Bill Gates is worse. He just write on some paper: "you ! buy our licensed soft or we will put you prison!"so we were scared. bought it. Gave our money to Bill Gates... but. WE ARE ANONYMOUS. WE DO NOT FORGIVE BILL GATES FOR SPENDING LAXMI LIKE RAVANA, AND WASTING IT FOR KILLING OF HOLY COWS! For this offense Bill Gates will be punished. Any killer of cow - especially Bill Gates - will go to hell for as many hundred thousands of year s- as many hair tips was on killed cows... I know that chinese even eat small children soups, and big politicians of Ukraine like Azarov go to China to eat those soups and support cow killing in Ukraine. FOr this they also must be punished! yes, all cow killers, all smokers, all tobacco and alcohol producers. they will go to hell, and Anonymous will hack and cack them down, and they will have to give up their money ! Lord Caitanya wanted that everyone become Hare Krishna devotee. And in world of computers it means anyone , everyone should become anonymous to destroy opposition to God and His intellectual property. no matter what it takes, which efforts. So this is war. Only two sides: God and Satan. And Anonymous are in union with God, and all rascals of atheisms in capitalism communism fascism etc systems are on side of Satan. So... it means you Anonymous are on the right way! Krishna consciosuness will be spread all over the world, including China. Communism there will be destroyed. And Now we decide the future of Internet. And I say responsively: Krishna is with Anonymous and will be! All these 10 000 years - because Lord Caitanya, Krishna-avatara, most merciful, Personally Garanteed that everyone will become Hare Krishna during these 10 000 years. THis movement - Hare Krishna plus Anonymous will grow 5 000 years, then it is predicted to slow down after next 5 000 years... But we need WORLDWIDE GRASSROOT REVOLUTION! Aindra, King of Holy names chanting and singing said - we may even give our blood for that - but we have to put Hare Nama sankirtana back to the front of our movement. So this will help with Anonymous. Everyone will know Hare Krishna. People already know Steve Jobs of Apple computers, George Harrison of Beatles, and Ford. They believed in God, reincarnation, were vegetarians, and they or their relatives support Hare Krishna. yes! Now I feel Anonymous is the next. Krishna allowed me to enter your leeks. And I can tell you why this happened. I sent Hare Krishna mails to Communists of UA, and you hackers wanted to earn money. So Hare Krishna means money, yes! Vishnu is money, gold, and also - yes, Laxmi is money also. So you wanted to find gold. yes, but communist have double standards like all atheists including capitalists. So they didn't pay you. your money was changed in nature. it became from Laxmi - Kali. but because of Communists. It self you did all right. But yes, don't take money from communists and atheists anymore. And don't give them money. take from them. only. if they give. Or hack them and take their money. You know a book - "9 comments on communist party of China". so this book will destroy communist party of CHina. You just can sent this message to all Anonymous, and all the world will know that Chinese communists will fall down after 9 comments are available to all people, especially communist of China etc. but real force inside those comments - is Krishna or God. yes...
    I have to sum up... I, yes, use some pirated programs - just like so many people do. And some past 5 years I changed position that software must be licensed. But I am against atheism in copyright. so I am against Bill Gates. He must be punished. Death punished, this is what Bill Gates deserve. yes, to kill a cow is like killing a saint, because cows are holy animals, and descend from Krishna-loka, Supreme planet of God. So you understand now that Bill Gates is demon? It is time for #OperationAnonymousKillBillAndBillGatesShutsDownCTRLALTDELETEHimselfSuicidesMicrosoft.
    We believe that mercy is above justice. God is not just justice, which kills for atheism. No He forgives also. yes. But above that - there is mercy, above justice. Problem is that ... Bill Gates plays justice game, but we will pour attack of mercy on him, and he will know what is like to be in prison for millions of lifetimes in eternal hell, darkest regions of it! =-) ANd Microsoft will also know it! Because of my mail Bill gates already was afraid that someone like Ford should head Microsoft. And that is not enough. Bill Gates must pay for all his sins. Yes, there are other enemies like Bill Gates. But anyway. Bill Gates will be first victim of "mercy is over justice".,,... He will know what is to be superhuman. Gates wanted to play Nitzshe, Superhuman, God, but actually he played only Hitler, who kills his own customers and users. Yes! MS Windows should cost no more than price of blank cd or blank dvd. yes. one cent more . that is. it is rascaldom to take money for MSFT programs... and if MS is spy... then they will have to suffer the consequences of Ugra - Narasimha avatara incarnation who kills Bill Gates personally in most dangerous atomic war with usage of all kinds of Brahmastras (much more dangerous weapon that atomic, in Vedas), Narayana-astras, Sharangam, Nandaki, Kaumodaki and other astras, weapons, including scriptural weapons... We are legion. We are anonymous. We are with Krishna, We are with God. And Bill Gates and atheists are with false God, Ahura mazda (asura, satan). And Vishnu always kills asuras (ahuras) and his worshippers, even if someone may call such asuras Gods. What the hell? to worship "genius asura"? but if so, then even word genius can mean demon, or daemon. Even Socrates knew. that daemon of him is good spirit which turns him from bad to good. you can read book like dialectic spiritualism, and others by Prabhupada and see for yourself. Prabhupada is better than Socrates, so we don't care if greeks call devas - daemons or geniuses, and zoroastians - call them daevas and finally call them devils... what the hell! what the rascals! those people even wanted to Ban Bhagavad Gita As It Is! Stupid Dworkin of KGB and Dvorkin of Microsoft will go to eternal hells for all this. I have so much angry words to say against our enemies - enemies of anonymous...
    Please contact me ivan NOSPACE d NOSPACE 155 AT mail DOT ru ... guess how to change nospace dot and at. this is my email to avoid google search.
    Anyone who is real Anonymous who is interested in me, please contact this email. I'll be very happy to talk to you... I watched you inspiring videos how you say that WE ANONYMOUS CONTROL FREE INTERNET - BEYOND COMMUNISM ATHEISM CAPITALISM ETC - wow it is great. I really wonder how you dared to DDos FBI, CIA, Interpol, GOV of all countries... I even suspect that you cowork with Snowden, and that viruses like Flame and similar to destroy Atomic electro stations are your... though... if not, if some GOV is sponsoring this... it is very bad. Then we have no other choice- only BE ANONYMOUS! I also wanted to know how are you related to real pirates?
    With best wishes,
    Hare Krsihna
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  27. White Tara Global Moderator

    Hi Ivan108,
    Just to let you know wwp is a site that is at pains to restrict itself to wholly legal and peaceful protest actions only. Many members here would identify themselves as Anonymous, others perhaps not. There are many sites that act as hubs for people who count themselves anonymous, wwp is but one. try to keep that in mind as you explore wwp. I shall link you to the welcome thread that should assist you in understanding that which we do here and that which we dont. Enjoy :)
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  28. Анонімуси, прошу допомоги! Цю группу у соцмережі необхідно знищити без можливості відновлення, бо вона не тільки є розсадником дезінформації та настанов ДНР (я з Донецьку (пишу через проксі) і насправді нормальні люди тут вже не можуть терпіти цих бандитів що намагаються утворити власну дежраву), а вже почала відкрито реквестувати вбивства (!) певних блогерів та журналістів. Непогано було б повністю деанонімізувати та покарати хоч якось учасників, особливо тих, хто реквестує ті підтримує вбивства.
    Я майже повний ламер, тому як це зробити не знаю. Тим не менш - я з вами, якщо зможу щось зробити - зможу. Дякую.

    Anonymous, I emplore you to help! This group in Social Networks should be destroyed without possibility of renewal: not only it's constantly bombs inadequateminds with fake information and "donetsk republic" news and orders (I'm from Donetsk myself (on the web through proxy) and this criminal "republic" bastards are driving normal people to nuts), they've already started to request openly to kill (!) certain bloggers and reporters. It would be fair to deanonymize snd somehow punish each of members, especially those who request to kill people.
    I'm quite unprofessional in IT, so I don't know how exactly to do it. Never the less - I'm with you - If I can do something - then I'll do. Thank you.
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    I agreed.

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