Anonymous Targets Koch Bros with #OpWisconsin

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, Feb 26, 2011.

  1. adhocrat Member

    RockyJ, as far as I know, you have watched my videos. What I look like isn't a secret. Nor is it important to what I am saying. But I will be explicit, as far as I know I am from German and English 'stock.' At least one ancestor brought a wagon train across the country, another signed the Declaration of Independence. So does that help?

    Now, please tell me why it matters.
  2. Rockyj Member

    So what's your excuse? NADDA! Must be ignorant WASP & in bliss as usual!
    All I can say is that I'm sorry you remain so ignorant & for some ODD reason believe that you MAY someday be a millionaire. LOTTO tickets r created for the STUPID!
  3. Rockyj Member

  4. Anonymous Member

    Wow again, you really are a bigot.

    I played the Lotto once, doubled my money, never played again. -- Funny that you see becoming a millionaire as some prize you win from the government.

    I may or may not ever become a millionaire, but I certainly have worked hard for the wonderful life I have. Caveat: If the helpful government would get out of the way I most certainly will make it to millionaire and then some.
  5. Rockyj Member

    Because of your lies (FORK TONGUE) & BS we probably circled your F-N wagon & scalped your F-N ancestors! :)
  6. Rockyj Member

  7. Rockyj Member

    You still haven't answered my question are you a WHITE Christian and/or WASP?
  8. Rockyj Member

  9. ItchyScratchy Member

    Here is what I have learned about free market capitalism, if allowed to work properly US workers should have the same standard of living as chinese workers or replace chinese with who ever has the lowest standard of living.

    Also fuck money aggregators be they corporations of governments. Any government that grows larger then your local community school board no longer represents you. Time to go tribal people!

    Lastly rockyj should be forced to replace all "white devil" metaphors with the word jew and reread her posts then copypasta them to
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  10. Anonymous Member

    I just don't see how that would matter to anyone but a racist/bigot. I'm a conservative, that means I'm colorblind.
  11. Rockyj Member

    BTW you're so fucken stupid! Its up to STATE GOVERNMENT'S & their constituents if they WANT to allow LOTTO'S in their state!
  12. Rockyj Member

    SHIT FUCK YOU & anything that has to do with JEWS, ISRAEL & MOST OF ALL ANY RELIGIONS! OUR forefathers hapBTW!
    You're so fucken stupid! Its up to STATE GOVERNMENT'S & their constituents if they WANT to allow LOTTO'S in their state! IT'S ABOUT the separation of church & state!
  13. ItchyScratchy Member

    I see you really like the lotto and hate the jews. Seems fair and balanced to me.

    Carry on!
  14. Rockyj Member

    Me love brown people, Jews, Catholics, Protestants, Native Americans, $ FAT f-N White SOB'S
  15. ItchyScratchy Member

    So Asians and muslims are also on your shit list. Damn girl you should probably lay off that fire water.
  16. Anonymous Member

    Keep it up RockyJ, show us who really are.

    I never said anything about how a lotto comes about. I just said it was notable that you equate becoming a millionaire with it being a winning gift from the almighty the government.
  17. SwordofTruth Member

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  18. grebe Member

    I agree, but I think the politicians are mostly just like the people, truly believing one party is far superior to the other.

    Europe gets moar stuff than we get, like a month off paid every year, healthcare, and retirement. Let's steal their ideas.
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  19. lulzgasm Member

    Why not? We stole all their previous ideas. lol!
  20. lulzgasm Member

    Perspective, RockyJ. Perspective.
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  21. adhocrat Member

    I think that many people who start out in politics do so in order to help. But the political system rewards liars, cheats and thieves so the people who we might actually want to have in office are too fastidious to continue in such an inherently dirty business.

    It is pathological to want to control other people, and control is the sine qua non of politics.
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  22. lulzgasm Member

    Last I checked, it was the whiteys who taught us how to scalp in the first place. lol!
  23. adhocrat Member

    I sure hate paying them damn scalpers but sometimes that's the show i want to get to see and I'm willing to pay the price...
    damn free market system...I'm losing my hair over it. I'll be bald soon, no doubt.
    Better than losing my head, I suppose.
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  24. eddieVroom Member

    If you want to make a million dollars, the easiest way is to start with ten million dollars.

    I support efforts to "de-person" the corporations. I don't think we'll be able to end corporate ownership of property or much of indemnification of officers, but I think we can muzzle them from an unfair advantage in government representation.

    And if they decide to take their ball and go home, I expect small businesses to pop up everywhere there's money to be made. I don't remember when exports became a priority over domestic sales in the U.S., but it's time we ramped up some import tarrifs and spawned more small businesses.
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  25. adhocrat Member

    Oddly enough, many economist say that the Smoot Hawley bill which ramped up import tarrifs was a major contributing factor to the great Depression.–Hawley_Tariff_Act
    Congress created the monster known as a corporation, they can uncreate them. DOn't hold your breathe, though.
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  26. naveman Member

    hear hear to war! and I say free trade not fair trade
  27. Anonymous Member

    I think this is the more relevant issue with the Smoot–Hawley Tariff, not that there were tariffs in place per se. As I used to tell my friend Gonzo, the accelerator pedal is not an on/off switch... :)
  28. eddieVroom Member

    (wrong button, that was me)

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