Anonymous Targets Koch Bros with #OpWisconsin

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, Feb 26, 2011.

  1. Say what you will about them, they are no slouches at PR.

    This article is OK:

    This one, though, is pure art. When they talk about Charles surviving cancer, I mean, I almost had a tear roll down:

    I know, I know, I'm humping Koch's leg blah blah blah. I'm not saying these guys are right; I'm saying they're good (not good vs. evil kind of good). They're sharp and they know what they are doing, and if pointing out that they fund PR groups or that they are rich and conservative and benefit from federal programs they claim to be against was enough to bring them down, they would have gone down a couple years ago.

    See if anyone else spots, though, the issue with how they contextualize the Koch's contributions to Walker.
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  2. I think this was an honest mistake you made. Looking at the summary, I can see how you got that, but I think the actual concept in the article is that the critics of the Koch's on the left are equivalent to the John Birchers on the right.

    Doesn't change the thing with their Dad though. Still, would be interesting, given the time frames and their ages, to see if there's anything linking the brothers directly to the John Birchers.
  3. lulzgasm Member

    You're right. My bad. But I wouldn't be surprised if a link between them and the JBS does get found.
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  4. lulzgasm Member

    Heh. Not the first time little ol' rightwing me has been called a lefty. Hehe.
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  5. LocalSP Member

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  6. je suis Member

    Or maybe his own religion. Hmmm, sounds vaguely familiar.
  7. The Wrong Guy Member



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  8. The Wrong Guy Member

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  9. Rockyj Member

  10. DeathHamster Member

    That should be fixed.
  11. Rockyj Member

  12. Anonymous Member

    I lol'd. Coming from the broad who was calling for civility not long ago.
  13. Rockyj Member

    (Read Very Carefully) The Zombies are already dead that's why they're called Zombies!
    Plus F-K civility it doesn't work...

    Death Hamster you can take action here:
  14. adhocrat Member

    both parties do this sort of dealing. Why pick one party to bitch about? They are both responsible for the BS we're seeing in the world. It isn't Dems v GOP, it politicians versus people. Politicians want to take your freedoms, so why support any politician?
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  15. DeathHamster Member

    But my country already has good campaign spending laws. (Not perfect, but hey.)

    Political parties are irrelevant. NO ONE should be allowed to contribute millions off the record. (Some kind of spending cap would be good too. A <sagan>Biillion</sagan> dollars to run for president? Whoever wins, someone owns them.)
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  16. adhocrat Member

    Seems to me the whole thing is simply a way of buying power, no matter how you pay for it. Why not rethink the assumptions and decide that the politicians add no value to society?

    It doesn't matter to me if 200M people pay or 20 people, it's still a way to buy power, which is not something we really want in any case. We don't want people with power. They always use it for their own ends not for the public good.

    The assumption that one party is better than the other is simply how the politicians make citizens into enemies of each other.

    If the politician gets to decide how to spend our money, then we will fete that politician.

    By definition politics is a zero sum game, so there will be winners and losers.
    In the free market it is win win.
    So we can play a win lose game or a win win game. Our choice.
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  17. Anonymous Member

    Not exactly dead people being portrayed though is it? Does it wet your panties when you repeatedly shoot Palin or Bachmann? We have already helped over 100 people, in my local, to get exempted from having our union dues being used in political contributions.

    What is dead is the socialist left political platform in America, you just don't know it yet. Bring your best game -- 2012 bb.
  18. Anonymous Member

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  19. Rockyj Member
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  20. adhocrat Member

    I don't see any Democrats that have the slightest understanding of economics Their schemes haven't worked any better than the GOP schemes have, As I said earlier, this is a zero sum game. That means there are always losers in the political field. That is what I object to. The Dems want to use our money to do this while the GOP wants to use our money to do that.

    Only problem is that neither plan will help anyone but politicians and their sycophants. The politicians simply take away value from the economy in order to reward whichever group has their favor at that time.

    That doesn't sound like a game worth playing.
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  21. Rockyj Member

    Cool, whatever.
  22. Rockyj Member

    BTW I had buy a case of "Pretends" re: Palin & Bachmann ;-)
  23. Anonymous Member

    Anyone voting for Palin is a fucking retard - and that is that.
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  24. Rockyj Member"the_cult":_3_things_everyone_must_know_about_the_lunatic-filled_republican_party/?page=2

    NOTE: The DIXIECRATS ARE just a updated version of the TEA BAGGERS & they can't STAND the fact we have a BLACK PRESIDENT! They hate it & its also another reason why the F-N Koch Bro's declared WAR on our President Obama!

    Also NOTE: YOU F-N RON & RAND PAUL supporters R right behind them!
    WHO R more-likely WHITE, STUPID, FAT, RACIST, CHUMP-ASS DAM JAM-TARTS fu-ckheads, WHO probably LIVE IN F-N Wyoming, Idaho & the south & haven't been laid or been to a dentist their VERY limited in years so called adult lives!
  25. adhocrat Member

    damn, you sure do get all worked up over nothing.
  26. Anonymous Member

    Don't sweat it, she just has a case of the "Pretends."
  27. Exponential Member

    Bravo Adhocrat
    Politics are a roleplaying game where people who pay taxes to play get the illusion of having anything to do with the outcome by being given a 'vote'.
    Both wings of our political system are broke, leaving US basically flightless monetarily. Race has no place in politics, other than rallying idiots on all sides; it's a class thing. Money is the bottom line, not idealogists and disposable utopian theory of which 'side' is right. Petty race baiting is playing the game right, how politicians would like you too.
    Divide and conquer
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  28. Rockyj Member

    These assholes are ruining MY COUNTRY & Mother Earth (BTW I am Native American so I DO have special interest here) for my children, Grandchildren & Great Grandchildren! Many Native American tribes always think Seven Generations ahead & not about themselves! They think of their future children's lives & that's why they signed the treaties to protect them. The GOP, Tea Baggers, Koch Brothers & so called end of times Christians ONLY think of themselves!
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  29. Anonymous Member

    The federal gov't needs to be reduced by at least half, for openers.

  30. Anonymous Member

    Wow, ...just wow.
  31. Rockyj Member

  32. adhocrat Member

    bigotry disguised as righteous anger. Unless of course you have spoken to each GOP, Tea Bagger et al and personally confirmed their attitude, it seems you are just exhibiting the characteristics you are deploring in them.
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  33. Rockyj Member

    I just drank a 1/2 case of Firewater so I am very grateful to my Pretends.
  34. Rockyj Member

    Are you primarily European &/or WASP decent? Be honest.
  35. Anonymous Member

    Man RockJ, you're going to be entertaining next year.

    Being so ill informed doesn't surprise me. There is so much lefty disinformation out there that it's easy to caught up in the excitable whoopla.

    That you even have that page bookmarked, yecch!
  36. Anonymous Member

    does ancestry matter that much to you chief, is it a yardstick you use for character. Evil of the whiteman days are stale caek bro, just ask Nation of Islam. They love dianetics now
  37. Rockyj Member

    Nope just googled it! You sir, no doubt R use to having your magazine pages stuck together!
  38. Anonymous Member

    Naw. I'm long married with kids, and happily so. Jumped over a broom-stick at the ceremony, an old slave tradition.
    I think we found your malfunction Chief.

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