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Discussion in 'Anonymous News' started by NYCDogLvr, Aug 3, 2015.

  1. NYCDogLvr Member

    Most people are horrified that a beloved lion in Zimbabwe, Cecil, was slaughtered by an American dentist who has been slammed by millions of people on social media and is now in hiding. What most people don't know is lots of people pay money to visit the country for the joy of killing animals. You can also legally kill animals in South Africa, Kenya and Botswana.

    It's pointless to try ask these countries to stop selling permits but there is a way to stop people from going. Hack into the databases of these countries and get the names, addresses, of people who have purchased a permit. Expose them on social media and people will stop going. It's the only way.
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  2. broomstick Global Moderator

    WWP encourages only legal forms of protest.
  3. anon8109 Member

    Sport hunting animals that are not endangered is not the problem.

    The main problem is that as human populations increase and need more land for farming and living, there is less land available for wild animals.
    The smaller the habitat the smaller the population.

    There wouldn't be this huge outcry if it was an unattractive animal but endangered, say an ugly rodent or lizard, and yet that would be much more tragic and deplorable.
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  4. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Some here share your outrage over animals but at WWP we support peaceful and legal protest. We don't hack. You have come to the wrong part of Anonymous.
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  5. failboat Member

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  6. meep meep Member

    What are Assins?
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  7. failboat Member

  8. DYCORE Member

    There is another way. Manhunting! Find those fuckers and hunt them down! See how they feel about it. Love to have a couple of human skulls of those assholes on my desk.
  9. DYCORE Member

    Indeed - overpopulation is the biggest challenge we are facing. Personally I have difficulties to value a human life (of assholes like Dick Cheney for example) over the white Rhino. I mean... I have no difficulties with that at all to be honest. Put me in a room with Cheney and I'll slowly torture the pathetic fucker to death. Might take a month or two.
  10. White Tara Global Moderator

    wwp is for discussion planning and promotion of legal and peaceful means of protest, the last part above is borderline at best, so please reign it in or take it elsewhere.
  11. DYCORE Member

    any suggestions where to take it?
  12. DYCORE Member

    honestly..."legal" means of protest? I'm getting sick
  13. DYCORE Member

    I got reported! Is this the Stasi or is this Anonymous?
  14. White Tara Global Moderator

    Braistorm GTFO allready, You know where to take it, anywhere but here. I wont bother posting the link to welcome pack, again it would be wasting my breath and wouldn'teven bother linking TOS. You know the policy, stay on topic in thread, dont break with long held traditions here and we will be sweet, otherwise Game on.
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  15. DYCORE Member

    I don't have time for games - this is pathetic - have fun I'm out of here. Thought this was a serious forum with an open mind - ciao cunt
  16. White Tara Global Moderator

    As you well know by now mr 'Oh I'm just a noob' This is not the anonymous you are looking for we are but a site that people with activist intent choose to congregate, Some consider themselves anonymous, others not. This is the chanology wing of anonymous if anything.
  17. Disambiguation Global Moderator

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  18. trump-sons-hunting-300x225.jpg
  19. Zak McKracken Member

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  20. My boys really shoot anything. I am so proud of them.


    I am not passive, I am just a dude with adhd and asperger
  21. Gnome Chomsky Member

    Add some compassion to your mix KKS, you got a plentiful supply of it man.

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