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Discussion in 'Asia Pacific' started by Zhent, Jan 16, 2012.

  1. Zhent Member

    IN THIS THREAD (ITT): We discuss the possibility of forming an exploratory committee on gauging interest in anti-scientology operations in Sydney/NSW.

    Hint: Operations are not limited to protests, Sydney can accommodate the full spectrum of lulz to srs bizness.

    This thread is mainly aimed at local newbies who are unfamiliar with previous Sydney operations and would like to get involved, and oldfags who are out of the loop but still up for some lulz.
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  2. Zhent Member


    Sydney Org: The main Class V Org is still located at 4 Hercules St, Surry Hills, a previous warehouse tucked away in the back alleys. The Org was moved there in July 2009 in supposed preparation of their previous headquarters of 201 Castlereagh st, Sydney to go 'Ideal Org'. The Ideal Org project was appraised at $12 million dollars, and Scientologists estimated it would open in 2010. Over two years later over $13 million dollars has been raised and construction has still not started.
    Public activity is extremely low, stats are dead, fund-raising is very slow, staff are de-motivated, org is essentially insolvent and running up large debts (possibly being offset by Ideal Org fundraising).

    Potential for trolling: High
    Potential for reaching out to staff/public to help them blow: Medium.

    Leichhardt Mission: A very small Scientology mission run out of a house in the suburb of Leichhardt. Believed to be almost dead, very low cash flows, almost non-existant publc. Of little interest in anonymous and will die of natural attrition.

    Potential for trolling: Low
    Potential for reaching out to staff to help them blow: Low

    AOSH ANZO: The flagship advanced org for Oceania. Australian completions of upper level services have seriously dropped off in recent years, though in turn there has been a rise in basic services from Asians, who are recruited from places such as Taiwan and Japan, these foreign recruits are now the cash-cow for the AO and are keeping the Org afloat.
    The AO is usually used for large events such as the LRH birthday, Maiden Voyage, and NYE Event. Narrow street and close proximity to carpark provides a close up and personal protest situation.

    Potential for trolling: High
    Potential for reaching out to staff/public to help them blow: High

    Dundas Base: The equivalent 'Int base' or 'The Complex' for Oceania, this base is mostly used for training and administration purposes, and is home and berthing of the Sea Org in Sydney/ANZO. It is also home to the ANZO RPF, and there are numerous reports of human rights abuses at this base.
    The base is surrounded with much secrecy, and intelligence can be scarce.

    Potential for trolling: Low
    Potential for reaching out to staff to help them blow: High

    Front groups: Mostly dead, low key affairs. Drug Free Ambassadors and Youth for Human Rights would be main groups. Little is known of their current operations, though they are not significant.

    Potential for operations: Medium, mostly behind the scenes work.

    Other: Plenty to do behind the scenes, there is much OSA ANZO does not know about...

    Overall: While there sensibly has been a move away from constant IRL raids over the years, there is still plenty that can be done, especially behind-the-scenes operations these days.
    There is a wide range of things people can do to help, from looking out for stress-test tables in the city to digging up council dox, its all helpful to the cause. Of course, rolling in on Sydney Org with a boombox is still favourable...
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  3. TinyDancer Member

    you sydney anons rock.
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  4. Anonymous Member

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  5. Anonymous Member

    Very very clever whom ever redirected to here from there. I'm serious! It's what we needed to continue on with giving wedgies to CSAInc
  6. Anonymous Member

    sydney.jpg Give you something to whack-a-mole. They have reinforcement. Sydney harbour bridge, around 10 Dec/2011. One organiser will be there for two years, fresh off the plane.
  7. Good idea Zhent. I have a few things that interest me. 1) how many people are still attending events. 2)Whether they are still using Dundas to recruit Sea Org Staff for Taiwan.
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  8. thefatman Member

    If I could get a heads up on when an event is happening I could do a stakeout to get a headcount.
  9. In case no one knows, the Sydney Hercules St Org has closed, or at least is undergoing renovations with no Scientology signage required. The Castlereagh St Org has a sign directing peeps to a couple doors down.
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  10. Anonymous Member

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  11. Anonymous Member

    Bumpity bump...
  12. Zhent Member

    lol thanks 4 pix.

    What an epic fail org entrance (elevator lobby, lmao) , though sadly this is probably about as 'Ideal' as it's gonna get for Sydney Org.

    Actually a little surprised they spent money, maybe even a thousand dollars, sprucing up their elevator lobby they call an org entrance. This is a large investment for Scientology Sydney and indicates they will in this building for some time.

    For those wanting the latest news out of Sydney Org check out my megathread on ESMB:

    It contains all the latest terrible promos that Sydney Org puts out, like this one:

    (the date for that event was June 30th)
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  13. Anonymous Member

    WTF is this shit? The new, improved WOG Image?

    new wog.jpg
  14. supafreak Member

  15. Zhent Member

    Yes, there are other threads on this subject already, but since the thread was bumped...

    Just so the above photo is clear, this photo is of the entrance from out on the street:


    Yes seriously, the org has no shop front, its just that arched doorway to an elevator lobby.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    Yes, is this a troll?
  17. Anonymous Member

    Thats been the standard stress test sign for years, whats the problem?
  18. Hey just wondering if thi thread is even still going or if there is a new one I should join. I'm keen to get involved.

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