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Discussion in 'Skandinavia' started by WildOnion, May 13, 2012.

  1. WildOnion Member

    Hej alla,
    Jag skulle vilja presentera er till webbsajten
    Där kan du hitta all information om ops som pågar, om demonstrationer som planeras, och en många nyheter om Anonymous.
    En av våra mål är att samla svenska Anonymous, för att vi behöver organisera oss bättre och aktivera oss på nätet och framför alt IRL. Det är därför vi har våra officiella IRC chan.

    Channel: #anonsweden om ni inte har en IRC client

    Ni är varma välkomna på och på IRC chan !

    We are Anonymous,
    United as one, Divided by zero
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  2. Asheera Member

    Are there any ex-members of Scientology, based in Stockholm, who would be available for doing a media interview? Can you please get them to contact me.
  3. WildOnion Member

    I can see what I can do..
    Could we get in touch in a private way, would be easier to know exactly what you're looking for and how we can fix this..
  4. Asheera Member

    Would IRC work for you?
  5. WildOnion Member

  6. Asheera Member

    In #whyweprotest on Anonnet now.
  7. Is this irc channel still active, is there any population of people in there so its worth going on irc again?
    Could someone please lend me some directions for where to go, used irc alot, but been a while.
  8. Juster Moderator

    No idea. You could always check with Anonnet's web client. Quick and easy.
  9. Seems that channel isn't active?
    Haven't seen anyone in there...
  10. conchosunwi Member

    Xã Cộng Hòa dog f n ữ o * o

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