Anonymous: Survival Guide for Citizens in a Revolution

Discussion in 'Resources' started by Anonymous, Feb 27, 2011.

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  2. BAAL Member

    I LOVE U
  3. WhiteNight Member

    Don't mean to be a douche but:
    Page 4 Bullet points on the left repeat themselves. (as in "copy+paste" repeat themselves)

    Besides that, awesome publication man =)
  4. Miranda Member

    Wish I could like that five times. Good project.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Great publication.
    Suggest adding hand-crank battery/phone recharger, inverter to plug into car lighter, candles and matches, and to highlight need for water...lots of it. Keep as many 5 gallon water containers as you can. As long as you rinse and refill every 2-3 months the residual chlorine Tx will suffice to keep it fresh.
  6. Herro Member

    That guide has left out something very important.

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  7. Very Nice post
  8. Anonymous Member

    Now we need an arabic version.
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  9. Silly433 Moderator

  10. Silly433 Moderator

    Hey why is anonymous hamburg so awesome?
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  11. DeathHamster Member

    Governments and individuals have lots of 72 hour emergency/evacuation preparedness guides on their sites with useful information. Search for "72 hour survival kit" and find plenty. (You'll also find stuff by some survivalists that's high in tinfoil.)


    If you do a some camping, it's easy to have an emergency kit: just keep a core of your stuff where you can quickly grab it. (Try to keep it modular so that you can make fast trade-offs for size / weight / est. duration of the emergency / seasonal conditions. i.e. will you be going by car, bicycle, scooter, or on foot? In summer rain or winter snowstorm? You may not have time to repack everything.)

    The best part about people knowing that you go camping is that you get cool stuff as presents. I got this cook set as an xmas present (there a carry/wash bag too):


    I added a LPG fuel canister and a small stove head that fits inside the cook set. It gives over an hour at full burn (< 5 min to boil 1 liter of water), which is plenty for an extended weekend. The rest of the space inside is normally packed with dry soup, oatmeal, instant coffee, tea, sugar, matches(!), etc. (Throw some mac&cheese in a ziplock bag if you like.) I have larger cook sets and stoves, but this one is small/light for backpacking or to throw into the trunk until I need it. It's not much but it's always there, and the survival value of a good cup of tea shouldn't be underestimated.

    Up to date checklists are good. (Yes, it all fits on the scooter.) See:

    Camping food which keeps for a few years can be handy. These are basically gourmet Meals Ready to Eat. Add boiling water, wait ten minutes, and dig in. It's fancy stuff that costs more than a bag of rice, a jar of peanut butter or a bag of jerky, but if it's the End of the World, you might as well have a good meal, right?
    I have a list of the expiry dates, use up the stuff that needs eating in general camping, and then restock with new stuff.

    Have a first aid kit and know how to use it! (And look for what's missing. My small kit didn't have folding scissors or a tensor wrap for an ankle sprain! I added them and some Tylenol.)
  12. grebe Member

    I'm friends with a Mormon family so I think I'm good.
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  13. Daverator Member

    They're gonna take care of themselves and unless you're Mormon too, you're gonna be left hung out to dry.
  14. DeathHamster Member

    ^^ First ad kit addendum: If things go Libya-shaped, you might want to know how and be able to treat small wounds. If the secret police are camping the hospitals to disappear the wounded, or they're just overloaded (Haiti), it might be healthier to do-it-yourself.
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  16. Anonymous Member

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  17. Anonymous Member

    version 1.1 is open to start.
  18. Anonymous Member

    pls think international
    dont use brands of products
    or do use the metric system
  19. Anonymous Member

    do you guys need translators?
  20. I have a gun, so if you give me their address I'm good too.
  21. Anonymous Member

    I have weapons and Im violent.....but in a nice sort of way..........
  22. If you need a French version, I would like to do it.

    Just tell me if anyone already started it, so I don't work for nothing. Or I can help a French translator if you need.

    Just tell me.
  23. anonbase Member

    a great guide => would you mind if I add it to hhtp:// ?
    I'm making a collection there
  24. Anonymous Member

    If you are serious about being useful in a situation as dire as Libya, I suggest you take a look at Red Cross Training. Keep a well stocked first aid kit focusing primarily on non-perishable supplies (many antibiotic creams and all pain killers have expiration dates, you don't want to give anyone expired medication). First Aid training also typically includes vital training in situational leaderfagging (taking control of a medical emergency) that will be necessary in emergency situations.
  25. Anonymous Member

    Conservativefag checking in. -- I'm good for any upcoming events including: earthquakes, riots, political turmoil, and social unrest. I'd say I'm good for +18 months of inconvenience and aggressive negotiations.

    Interesting time we live in.
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  26. Anonymous Member

  27. Anonymous Member

    OP, this is very useful to me. Especially this:

    Anonymous: Survival Guide for Citizens in a Revolution

    I'll be spreading this ^ around tomorrow to others by flash drive.

    Downloading the Care Package Light right now.

    Government already blocked the Pirate Bay and Megaupload, so I can't access the other links in OP. Rapidshare is still up here.


    Expecting a nasty weekend with brute force, big crackdown. Collecting what infos online I can right now. Internet and mobile phone service may be cut before this weekend.
  28. Darth Alor Member

    Gp5 Gas Masks cheap and easy to get got one on ebay!
  29. Darth Alor Member

    Btw get a gas mask filter made after 1975.
  30. DeathHamster Member

    Um, yeah, because the old GP5 ones used an asbestos filter.

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