Anonymous Stops Narconon From Visiting Oklahoma School

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Anonymous, Oct 20, 2011.

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    very nice gesture!!
    and when you talk to her again, please ask her who contacted her for this drug talk? or if she contacted them.
    And also if she is willing to share the information and warn other schools districts.
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    Yes they are! They might own the land of which they are on, but they do NOT own Lake Eufaula.
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    wonder who is listed as the owner?
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  7. Sonichu Moderator

    Please keep posted. I would like to offer my thanks and congratulations for what they did.
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    Oh hellz yeah. There is a lot of information about these groups online, but it seldom seeps out into public view.
    What I can't wait for is the arkle about the National Foundation of Women Legislators, invaded full on by the cult in the 1990s, their members seem to have an odd propensity for supporting Scn's many front groups and trying to get public money for these programs in their home states.

    Sharron Angle is one. Maxine Waters is another. If you find a bitch in office supporting Scientology bullshit, chances are she's a member of the NFWL, which is thoroughly infested by Scientologists, including their treasurer, Bruce Wiseman, of Kendra daddy fame, head of CCHR, and now treasurer of the NFWL. Yes. Are these dumb bitches dumb?

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    Toasting with an epic bread
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    HELLO!:):):) - - I'm refreshed after sleeping for nearly 16 hours straight,..., LOL. Guess I needed it:)

    I am drafting a Formal Complaint to the equivalent of our Canadian College of Physicians.

    Is this the equivalent? > Oklahoma Board of Medical Licensure and Supervision/

    The only issue I might have is filing "On Behalf Of"

    If this becomes an issue, I can use a serogate person who was at Narconon Arrowhead (no problem):)

    There will be two Formal Complaints. One against the Physician (Easy)

    The other against Narconon Arrowhead > "Practicing Medicine Without a Licence" (not so easy, but can be done with enough pressure and tenacity):)

    Arrowhead is an important Narconon in the USA to take on with vigilence.

    Will take me some time to examine and review their ACT and regulations.

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    Awwe, I do have two evidence dox on Narconon Arrowhead with issues of prescribed medication not being administered.
    A very serious matter indeed. The patient could have died!

    I know the Patient personally:)

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    ^ Saved by Anonymous
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    I thought the doctor Wooten was an Osteopathic Doctor (OD or DO?) rather than a Medical Doctor (MD).
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    I love it when a plan comes together.
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    I'm not sure yet, but this is a list of the Board's Committees:
    Anesthesiologist Assistants
    Athletic Trainers & Apprentices
    Licensed & Provisional Dietitians
    Occupational Therapists & Assistants
    Orthotists & Prosthetists
    Physical Therapists & Assistants
    Physician Assistants
    Radiologist Assistants
    Respiratory Care Practitioners
    Therapeutic Recreation Specialists

    I think the Narconon Arrowhead doctor would be a regular physician? Or who do they have doing
    the medical exam and authorizing patient to endure sauna?

    Whatever this person's title is, they need a spanking and the Board invoke a ban against this person
    associating with Any Narconon.

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  20. Anonymous Member

    In the UK osteopaths have very scrambled brains and are probably worse than chiropractors. In the US, osteopaths shed their superstitious ideas and joined the MDs in making a commitment to science about a hundred years ago. So ODs and MDs attend the same residency programs in the US.

    Most states have one board of medicine for both. But Oklahoma has two separate boards, one for MDs and one for ODs. I don't like the split board idea myself. There should be one standard for doctoring, not two. Two standards opens the door for the old nonsense to slip back in, especially now that the public are seduced by Oprah, Dr. Oz, Dr. Weil, etc., into forking over their hard earned dollars for unproven nostrums.

    The anti- anti-quack gang is a lot tougher in the US than in Canada. Google "Tim Bolen" for a taste.
  21. patriot75 Member

    I just wanted to update the Purcell Jr High situation. I am on site
    and just had a sit down with Amee Ellis (Shaw is incorrect) and the
    principal. They have cancelled the entire assembly until they find a
    more suitable represative to speak to their kids.

    I will be here for a bit to keep on eye out for NN.
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  22. xenubarb Member

    /me waves at Principal and Ellis. Hi, and thanks for listening!
  23. BigBeard Member


    These are the folks you want where an Osteopath is concerned:

    Oklahoma State Board of Osteopathic Examiners

    Gary R. Clark, Executive Director
    4848 N. Lincoln Blvd, Suite 100
    Oklahoma City, OK 73105-3321
    (405) 528-8625/ Fax: (405) 557-0653

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  24. Anonymous Member

    YAY!!! thank her from me too!
    If you are still there, ask her if she was contacted by Narconon and if she will share this infor to warn other school districts!
  25. BigBeard Member

    Be nice if he could include the entire report by real medical experts that got NarCONon booted from California's schools. Or at least a link to it.

    That report is a real eye opener, and should be included in any PR, Schools, and Politicians 'poon packages too.

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    although this is not a PC disney film( to say the least), the song is how I feel this morning
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  30. patriot75 Member

    Ok, a quick run down of some notes from my face to face time with peeps in Oklahoma.
    1. The Purcell Register would like to have a letter to the editor, per a conversation with Vickie Foraker. Vickie knows NN and of NN-Chilocco, she would like to remain anon.

    2. I meet with the ODoE Accreditation Office, I visited with them for a bit, they were quite taking back by what I was telling them. I gave the a copy of CA banning NN, after they read it I asked them to validate the info for themselves. They said that they are going to contact the RAO's (Regional Accreditation Officers) for enquires....they might need a little more encouragement..;) ....about page 10 or so you'll find the RAO names and phone numbers....about 13 of them. Here is a link to the directory home page.
    Janet Baresi was not in the office, but had a nice yet firm conversation with her assistant.

    3. Rep Brian Renegar (NN District) was out, of course but had a interesting conversation with his interm Legislative Assistant Janice Stotts. She has been in this office for several years serving her district...keep this in mind. After giving her the rundown she stated that there are 2 sides to this, I was the first complaint she had ever herd through her office. She only gets calls from people thanking for saving the lives of their loved ones, she even brought up the great success of Michael Ginsburg. Janice seems like a very nice lady, I stated to her that all those good phone calls are only propaganda and mis-information. She needs to hear from NN victims real bad!

    Rep Brian Renegar, (405) 557-7381

    4. Senator Lerblance' (NN District) was out, of course too. I had to wait a bit but I meet with his lovely Executive Assistant Anita Bell, what a piece of work. I am about 90% sure she is a Scientologist, she made sure to correct me when I said Scientology to "Church of Scientology". She is a straight up BITCH!

    7, Senator Richard C. Lerblance - District, (405) 521-5604

    PS these offices tend to ignore emails if they are not from their district, but they are not allowed to ignore their phone line....hint hint.
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  32. optuul Member

    Were they resistant to running an actual story?
    Just curious why they r asking for an OpEd.
    spose no one at the paper is anxious to have their names on it.
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  34. patriot75 Member

    Family members involved...she mentioned Hawaii. Sorry been a long day OpEd?
  35. Intelligence Member

    Colin: what is the equivalent to the Canada Human Rights Commission in Oklahoma or USA?

    They could be in for some trouble if your Human Rights laws are similar to ours. My research in
    the USA indicates that Narconon Patients are classed as persons with "Disabilities or Handicap."

    This pertains to persons in a rehab center for addiction that was not casual, but did in fact impact
    their everyday life to such an extent that they could not function socially as one without an addiction.
    This pretty well covers any person who uses hard drugs on a daily basis, etc, etc.

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    Services are provided by outpatient behavioral health agencies established for the purpose of providing behavioral health outpatient and case management services.
    (1) Provider agency requirements. Services are provided by outpatient behavioral health agencies contracted with OHCA that meet the requirements under OAC 317:30-5-240. The agency must demonstrate its capacity to deliver behavioral health case management services in terms of the following items:
    (A) Agencies must hold current accreditation appropriate to outpatient behavioral health from JCAHO, CARF, COA, or AOA, and maintain the standards of the accreditation at all times.
    (B) OHCA reserves the right to obtain a copy of any accreditation audit and/or site visit reports from the provider and/or the accreditation agency.
    (C) Agencies that are eligible to contract with OHCA to provide behavioral health case management services to eligible individuals must be community based.
    (D) The agency must be able to demonstrate the ability to develop and maintain appropriate patient records including but not limited to assessments, service plans, and progress notes.
    (E) An agency must agree to follow the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services established behavioral health case management rules found in OAC 450:50.
    (F) An agency's behavioral health case management staff must serve the target group on a 24 hour on call basis.
    (G) Each site operated by a behavioral health outpatient and case management facility must have a separate provider number, per OAC 317:30-5-240.2.
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    Oklahoma Department of Human Services is where the guts are. The ODHS's Inspector Generals office has helped a little in the past, NN was put their radar earlier this year.
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    [\quote]Policies & Rules

    OHCA Rules

    Proposed Changes Feedback
    Oklahoma Health Care Authority Medicaid Rules
    Rules & Codes

    Code of Federal Regulations
    HIPAA Privacy Notice (Client)
    HIPAA Privacy Rules (Provider)
    Oklahoma Administrative Code
    Proposed Changes
    State Plan
    Title XXI – SCHIP State Plan
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