Anonymous Stops Narconon From Visiting Oklahoma School

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Anonymous, Oct 20, 2011.

  1. patriot75 Member

    Official word.......CANCELED!!!!!!!!!!
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  2. Xenu Is Lord Member

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  3. Anonymous Member

    Oh SWEET!!

    They should change the name of that town to LAWLton now, amirite?

    Sucks to be a cult shill with no kids to indoctrinate!!

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  4. patriot75 Member

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  5. Anonymous Member

    Hey Andrew Cuomo - are you "shattering suppressives" ??

    Looks like SP powers have beaten OT powers yet again!

    Run and hide cowards!!

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  6. amaX Member

  7. Intelligence Member

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  8. Intelligence Member

    "Scientology is quite likely the most ruthless, the most classically terroristic, the most litigious and the most lucrative cult the country has ever seen. No cult extracts more money from its members."

    The words secular, religious, and holistic, are used at random to further the greatest good for their own Religious Group Doctrines and Therapies. In L. Ron Hubbard’s, own words, he states, “The... only way you can control people, is to lie to them.” In a Policy Letter from 1972, Scientology Founder, Hubbard states, “Make Money. Make More Money. Make Other People Produce So As To Make More Money."

    His motives are exposed in his decades of quotes: “"I'd like to start a religion. That's where the money is" and “"Let's sell these people a piece of blue sky."

    And these people pay and pay and pay!
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  9. heatberd Member

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  10. patriot75 Member

    Need a good PR....the Lawton Public Schools will not do so.....I think we sould do it for them....;)
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  11. Anonymous Member

  12. patriot75 Member

    Just did an interview with the local newspaper. It went well....:)
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  13. patriot75 Member
    Posted: Nov 02, 2011 12:20 PM CDT

    LAWTON, Okla. – A Lawton man is fighting to stop a drug addiction education program from making a presentation to students at three area schools over the next three days.

    The program is called "Narconon" and Colin Henderson says it is not what it appears. He is not alone in his concern. A school in Purcell recently refused to allow a Narconon presentation, and states like California, Massachusetts, and Hawaii have also banned it from their public schools.

    Henderson and the school are wary of the program because they say Narconon is a recruitment group for the Church of Scientology and Henderson says the methods the program uses are extreme.

    7News called Narconon headquarters in eastern Oklahoma and contacted their speaker for tomorrow, Andrew Cuomo, but he refused to comment. Henderson says his firsthand experience in the program made things worse.

    The bridge to the bridge, that is what Narconon promises people who need help with drug abuse and crime. For $7,500, Colin Henderson felt it could help him with that gap.

    "I was having a problem with Oxycodone. It took about five days of calling around. I was making the decision with myself with the lord's help," said Henderson.

    That is when Henderson came across Narconon. He says he noticed the Scientology connection right away, and asked his recruiter if the programs practices were separate from the beliefs of the church.

    "The answer was to quote him, I will never forget it, ‘No bro. Not at all, man. This is a pure secular organization.'"

    But Henderson soon found out it was just the opposite and said his two-week stay was a nightmare. He says that the program starts off with segregating patients.

    "They cold turkey you and pump you full of vitamins and minerals, each good stuff it really helped."

    Then Henderson says there was a touch assess.

    "They put you on what resembles a massage table, lay down on your front, lay down on your back and they start draping your body."

    Henderson was told it was the programs way of getting patients to focus more on the sensation of what their body wants. He claims some of it was like mind control.

    "They'll say ‘See that phone?' and I'll have to say ‘Yes I see that phone.' They say ‘Ok, good.' and I'll go touch that phone and when I touch they'll say ‘Do you feel better?' and I'll say ‘No.' and it will continue on to whatever else they find."

    A near death experience was the final straw, after he was denied blood pressure medication.

    "They would not give me mine. The day that I was pegging out, cause I had to have my blood pressure checked all the time. It was something like 210 over 190."

    Henderson says he was given more minerals and vitamins and told not to worry about his blood pressure. He says he just wants them to be upfront about the program.

    "That [they are with] Scientology, that what [they] practice is non-secular, it is not secular."

    Henderson says he has not sued the program because he feels you cannot put a price on sobriety. He just wishes the program would be upfront about their religious background.
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  14. patriot75 Member

    No video yet....things go slow in
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  15. Random guy Member

    Bloody great show, Patriot!
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  16. Intelligence Member

    All of this will definately "Crash Stats" at Narconon International:)

    Thursday at 2:00pm will not be "Happy Hour" for the Narconon Culties.

    May even put them in an "Emergency" or "Danger" Condition Formula,..., LOL - Seriously:):):)

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  17. Anonymous Member

    Is this quote correct?
  18. Anonymous Member

    Clearly not. But it is a bizarre enough typo to fracture the average person's train of thought and permanently associate the word Narconon with danger.
  19. xenubarb Member

    LOL...they nearly kill him playing doctor, but his issue is with the connection between Scn and NN. Is it just me, or...?
  20. Intelligence Member

    Where's the video, where's the video:)

  21. Anonymous Member

    More evidence of brainwash mindfuck.

    More proof as if it were needed that this is a seriously nasty dangerous cult that needs shutting down already.
  22. Intelligence Member

    Colin couldn't be more right about this ^^^^^ statement. Not only
    is Narconon a part of the COS, a healthy portion of Narconon
    revenues filter up into the COS through the various COS members working at
    Narconon. I watched it happen in person and was informed how it is done
    by at top executive.

    Will I Expose exactly how the funds end up in COS coffers in California and other
    COS ORGS? Listen to the Live Radio Show Thursday evening:):):)

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  23. Anonymous Member

    No, I had the same thought,
    I'm hoping he will say if this is a correct quote. The article makes it sound like he believes at least some of Narconon's methods work. I would like to hear from him in more detail about this.

    A ouija board has a 100% success rate for as long as an addict stops using the drug/s they are addicted to following ouija board use. I quit using heroin, alcohol etc. over 25 years ago, if I start again I will try a ouija board or Narconon.
  24. Anonymous Member

    It's "corroborate". I know I'm nitpicking, but spelling mistakes detract from your otherwise excellent writing.
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  25. Intelligence Member

    Thank you. I really hate spelling and grammar mistakes! They give me a sick pit in my tummy:)

    Excellent writing? I don't know about that. It's a good thing that I have an excellent, trusted person
    to proof read/edit my submissions to goverment and other important places.

    I remember waking up in the hospital one afternoon; a doctor standing over me. He was angry with me because
    I had allowed myself to deteriorate so low that both kidneys had shut down and my write arm was swollen nearly
    twice normal size. The doctor said, "David, we're going to have to amputate your arm below the elbow."

    I didn't have a computer at the time, but I still wrote most every day, (with my right hand of course), and the doctors
    words were disturbing. I said no, you are not taking my arm. He said, "Ok, we can try to draw out the infection with a large
    gauge syringe, but it's going to hurt." I just said, "Not as much as not being able to write - - do it now!"

    It hurt "Ouchy-Hard-Big-Time", but a few days later he said my arm was saved.

    I don't why I wrote the above; I just write what's on my mind - - helps with stress and good therapy.:):):)

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  26. Anonymous Member

    I would like more info about Andrew Cuomo. The New York guy is fucking up mah googles.
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  27. patriot75 Member

    OK, I am plugged back in. Here is the article that the paper ran today. You have to a paid subscriber to view the online story. After a couple of days they should have it avalible as archive.
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  28. Anonymous Member

  29. patriot75 Member

    All I can regarding the TV interview is the rule of sound bites applied...I have a lot of work to get done today, I am backed logged with artwork services. I will completely clarify the TV interview on the thread as soon as I can.
  30. patriot75 Member

  31. moarxenu Member

    Ty Albin at The Lawton Constitution got everything just right. Epic Win for Anonymous!

    Patriot75, glad to hear you are backlogged with orders. Moar $$$ are always good.

    Lawton is the fifth largest city in Oklahoma. Anonymous is going to eject Narconon from all of Oklahoma's public school systems.

    This is just the beginning.

    Expect us.
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  32. HellRazor Member

    Yeah! Another epic winafterwinafterwinafterwin!

    Hey CoS, who's at cause now?
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  33. anoninoob Member

    waiting for OSA form letter

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  34. Intelligence Member

    It's not simply having a Narconon speaker get their cult info into the children's minds.

    It IS about money, money, money. I was at NN TR when they were training a speaker
    to go into schools. This is how it works:

    The speaker does not get paid from the school for speaking. He speaks for Stats that go to NN Int,
    then off to the Mother COS. They know how much money they will make for each 30 students
    the speaker indoctrinates. Up to hundreds of thousands of dollars for every 30 students he speaks to!

    How? Let's say he speaks to 30 grade four students. That's 30 families that the children will take the
    pamphlets home for their parents to read. How many families out of 30, do you think will have older children,
    or family members with drug or alcohol addictions?

    There is a handy toll free number on the pamphlets to call for help!

    Lets say only one family responds to and sends a loved one to Narconon at $30,000.

    500 schools in Oklahoma? Lets say a speaker talks to 5 classes per school. That's 2,500 classes
    at one Narconon patient per class - times $30,000 per class.

    2,500 classes times $30,000 = $75,000,000.00 in Oklahoma alone! AND that's just for one referral confirm out of 30 children. If there were 3 out of 30,..., - do the math!

    The speaker just created $30,000.00 revenue for the Cult for one hours work.

    Lets say three families send a loved one. :):) Do the math!

    It's ALL about Stats AND Money - - no other reason.

    Now lets say three out of the 30 students do send a loved one. Then, at least one of the Narconon
    Graduates becomes an FSM. (all NN grads are encouraged to take the FSM Course before leaving)

    The FSM's can make up to $3,000.00 or more per referral! Some FSM's running Fake Referral sites, send
    double digits every month to Narconon Trois-Rivieres.

    Now let's say one of these Grads becomes a Scientologist. If this Scientologist works his way up to the
    "Honor Roll - Impact 102" (this means he has helped 20 people donate $20,000.00 to the IAS - International Association of Scientology).

    That's $400,000.00 that one scilon raised. Now if the 20 he helped, help 20 more each - - the pyramid EXPLODES
    to eight million ($8,000,000.00). Where did ALL of the aforesaid originate from?

    It originated from a Narconon speaker talking to 10 year old children!

    Over the many years, scientology Production Executives, have honed this down to a "Stats-Science."

    ALL staff at Narconon MUST have their Stats in by 2:00pm Thursday or else - - big trouble. This is a priority
    at Narconon. Nothing else is above a person's/group Stats! There is a staff meeting every Friday after Graduation,
    without fail.

    How does the revenue from Narconon filter up into scietology coffers. I touched a little about it on the radio show,
    but the rest will come out in Court and be in my new book:)

    Let's never forget what scientology's god (small "g") said:

    It's NOT just about one person making money. "Make other people produce as to make more money!" I'll explain at another time how the Narconon students are trained to do this using hours and days of Clay Demos. It's about "Production" and Economizing one's time. The goal is to move up though the "Conditions" from "Normal" to "Affluence" to "Power Change" to "Power".

    There are 8 preceeding "Conditions Formulas" that many Narconon Students have to go up through first. This part of the Narconon program can take days or weeks. BRAIN WASHING INDOCTRINATION! (I could go on for miles about this - - I took the Program and Supervised the students through this process)

    Sending Narconon speakers into schools is a GOLD Mine for scientology. Do you really think these
    Culties care about the Kids? Not a bit! They care about how many they speak to because they know
    the percentage Gross and Net return, each time they speak, by using their "Stats."

    Have a good night everyone:):):)


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  35. The C of S wants to spread like a disease.
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  36. Intelligence Member

    Hubbard said it:

    Narconon is far more than many realize.

  37. Intelligence Member

    ESTABLISHMENT OFFICER, 1. the purpose of Establishment Officers is to establish and maintain the establishment of the org and each division therein. The term Esto is used for abbreviation. (HCO PL 7 Mar 72) 2. the Establishment Officer is the person who keeps it established and makes sure that it produces and that the programs come out straight and that those targets and quotas are met. An Esto is supposed to hat somebody and get him producing what he should be producing on that post. (Production and Stats)

    Why did this ESTO Officer threaten me with death at NN TR? Beacause she told and showed me far too much!

    The Director of Narconon was removed and the ESTO Officer had the highest power and control at NN TR.

    My first letter (the first day she hired me) from this woman was: "I am a porcupine, but when you turn me over, I have the sweetest
    meat you will ever taste." (the other letters and emails were disgusting and disturbing)

    GO, Oklahoma Anons - - shut down the Narconon speakers and close down the Narconon. What goes on "Inside"
    Narconons, would make your hair stand on end.

    Now I'm going to bed before my pecking finger gets a blister and I have do do another PTS Interview,..., LOL :)
    (I guess I must be PTS due to looking at the Suppressive Person in the mirror?)

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  38. Anonymous Member

    And the kiddie version of Narconon detox is DAN! aka "Defeat Autism Now!" DAN arose from SafeMinds which was founded to promote Scientology's detox ideas as a treatment for childhood psychiatric problems like ADHD and autism --i.e., drink lots of water, take special vitamins in mass quantities, chelation, and crazy diets.

    The DAN people keep trying to get some expensive alt med franchise to work. For a while it was chelation, until a kid dropped dead. Next it was Lupron, until...
    Some of that language might apply to the Narconon doctor as well.

    The lastest DAN fad is hyperbaric oxygen clinics. Hyperbaric oxygen does have a few limited medical indications, but autism isn't one of them.

    These scammers make bank because it takes a long time for medical boards to build a case against them. And when the crack down finally comes, they simply find some other quack business to promote.
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  39. xenubarb Member

    Fanned, faved, copied and pastaed. I am so steelin this. You get the credit tho.
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  40. Intelligence Member

    Right on Barb - - it was great having you on the show last night. There will be more
    details to the above in due course:):):)

    (((HUGS))) <3


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