Anonymous stifles clearwater businesses?

Discussion in 'Media' started by Alive, May 12, 2008.

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  1. basically1.1 Member

    Re: Anonymous stifles clearwater businesses?

    Coalition building is always vital. You may be the front line troops but OG's suffering from the Post traumatic Syndrome of previous engagements will still have intel and may be key support needed. Look into past skirmishes for new friends.
  2. Top Grunge Member

    Re: Anonymous stifles clearwater businesses?

    Adding Better Business Bureau of Clearwater...nice and easy way to file complaints about businesses.

    Clearwater, FL: Home

    no harm in filing complaints about businesses turning you away at the door. Its their right to do so, but you can still complain.

    Also, Chiang Mia? the Thai food restaraunt where the person says we don't negatively affect their business in the article should be given Anonymous Love. I highly recommend the place myself.

    Perhaps get coffee at starbucks before protest, and dinner party at thai place afterwards for support of these fine businesses. Just an idea, but I have a new Thai place I'll be going to often! You punks!
  3. FL_ANON Member

    Re: Anonymous stifles clearwater businesses?

    I commented on the article, however, it isn't showing. Maybe they locked comments?
  4. Re: Anonymous stifles clearwater businesses?

    It says it can take 24 hours for the comments to appear. And it's my guess they don't post what the editors consider "inflamatory" comments.
  5. anon1957 Member

    Re: Anonymous stifles clearwater businesses?

    I would make this point:

    If Clearwater businesses are so concerned about losing business, then why are they posting signs in front of their shops saying that they will refuse to serve Anonymous protesters?

    In other words, if they are really so concerned about their bottom line, why are they refusing the $$$ of protesters? Isn't a dollar a dollar?
  6. FL_ANON Member

    Re: Anonymous stifles clearwater businesses?

    Yeah, I just spotted that. I agree when you say that they will be selective with what's said. Censorship is a motherfucker!
  7. FL_ANON Member

    Re: Anonymous stifles clearwater businesses?

    I posted exactly that, hopefully they will post the comment.
  8. Re: Anonymous stifles clearwater businesses?

    All five comments were made at 2:14 am today? Strange.
  9. not2old2bitch Member

    Re: Anonymous stifles clearwater businesses?

    Didn't you guys know? The local cult businesses only accept Scinobucks.

    The local scino shops cater to the out of town culties. There's quite a few salons and spa's for such a deserted and shitty little downtown.

    These fukkers like to pamper their fellow public scinos between brainwashing sessions while the slaves in the sea org have zero medical care, rotten scraggly teeth and eat rice and fcking beans after working 16 hours.

    Homonovus my left nut, ther just pompous cock suckers.

    and i mean that in the shittiest way possible
  10. anonEmouser Member

    Re: Anonymous stifles clearwater businesses?

    The number of spas is for their purification rundown sauna sessions; this is why you'll frequently see scilon-owned spas/salons. The next most common is vitamin shops. Mixed in there somewhere are dentists pulled in from WISE/ABLE (forget which).
  11. not2old2bitch Member

    Re: Anonymous stifles clearwater businesses?

    Are you certain about that? I have never heard of a private business deliovering scino services, especialy at the mecca of shit.

    I know of the guy that bought the building across from the sand castle (the water front property across from coachman park) thinking he was going to bank on all the out of town culties and they shut him he fuck down because it would take revenue away from the FH hotel. I don't see this cult sharng their ill gotten jack with anyone, scino or not.

    Nope, those businesses cater to the out of town culties and the local culties with $$. Feet rubs , facials and massages are for paying ult public, bowl cuts and touch assists are for the slaves.
  12. anonEmouser Member

    Re: Anonymous stifles clearwater businesses?

    Not sure how it works in CW--that place runs on its own rules--but other orgs/fronts (especially Narconon chapters) seem to have arrangements with spas or gyms to make use of their facilities; or at least they have "favorite" locations their members go to. Agreed that larger locations probably have facilities in-house though.

    I think one of the recent articles on the Battle Creek NarCONon chapter mentioned their arrangement.
  13. SP_thats_me Member

    Re: Anonymous stifles clearwater businesses?

    They screen the comments. 2:14 am was probably the time when the first batch was approved.
  14. FL_ANON Member

  15. XenuLovesU Member

    Re: Anonymous stifles clearwater businesses?

    Please to be circulating Anon's press release:

  16. usmcwog2 Member

    Re: Anonymous stifles clearwater businesses?

    Excellent! Just one correction, the Mayors last name is Hibbard
  17. XenuLovesU Member

    Re: Anonymous stifles clearwater businesses?

    Fixed. Thanks!
  18. Major Boyle Member

    Re: Anonymous stifles clearwater businesses?


    Consider spending a small amount of $$$ and putting the news release out on AP or some other wire service.
  19. Re: Anonymous stifles clearwater businesses?

    Agreed on the vitamins, but incorrect on the spas. The spas are not related to purif and none have saunas (a vital component in the program).

    My take on it... is that the children of scientologists don't get a good education (in the main) and the young girls go into "doing hair" as a trade. Trade school takes a lot less time, a lot less "book learning", and a lot less education dollars than some of the other careers a young person might take.

    Then they have the idea that all the "rich scientologists" who come into Clearwater from all over the country will need a place to get their "do's" and "nails". They are living in a pipe dream.

    There is a disproportionate (to high) quantity of salons in downtown Clearwater for the general public -- Out-of-town-and-rich Flag Public... or Clearwater-ans.

    Good take on this, not2old2bitch. There is a new rule in town that if you want to "deliver scientology services" you have to be outside of a 20-mile radius.

    And yes, they have a written policy forbidding those coming in from out of town from renting at local scilon rent-houses. They WILL shut you down (if you're in the cult).

    Churches of Scientology that do not have their own saunas will use the local gyms -- but only because of the gym having the sauna.
  20. not2old2bitch Member

    Re: Anonymous stifles clearwater businesses?

    Case in point.

    From page 1. of this thread.-----

    25. Gen Cournoyer (Botanica Day Spa) | Confirmed Scilon
    Gen Cournoyer - Scientology Service Completions | Truth About Scientology Statistics Project
    same as #24

    Isn't this Gen Cournoyer the daughter of Louise Cournoyer (scino)? Who was oddly enough, the assistant to Albert Jacquier (ripped off betrayed, died of cancer OT8(?). They witnessed the brutality of the cult and its members toward this man, the rip off, the lies and they're still on the path to greater fuckedupness?

    Stupidity has no cure
  21. CEO of Scio non-profit petitions "as if" she's a local business merchant

    Here are the two signatures side-by-side.
    This person (Helyn Dunn) is the head of CCHR in Clearwater. CCHR is the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, a non-profit organization started by (and still run by) the Church of Scientology, with the purpose of "exposing psychiatry crimes" and getting rid of all psychs on Planet Earth.

    By being a non-profit organization, there are strict rules about lobbying, petitioning, endorsing candidates, etc. I'm not well-versed on what they cannot do, but this is the head of a Scientology non-profit front group who is signing a petition as if she is a Downtown Clearwater Businessperson who is being negatively affected by the anti-Scientology protests (once a month... and CCHR's shop front is about a half-mile north of downtown Clearwater, too). Note that she put "self-employed" and her PO Box address on the petition, with an illegible signature.

    Remember the wikileaks of CCHR documents and the discussions about CCHR not being allowed to participate in influencing government to certain degrees? Well, I'm handing this to you on a silver platter. Take it and run with it!

    (N.B. In the above signature pix, I removed only blank ink to make signature more legible amongst other lines and signatures which overlapped it. No ink was put back on. Check original documents from website link for verification purposes.)
  22. Re: Anonymous stifles clearwater businesses?

    A 501c3 non-profit is allowed to do some limited amount of lobbying, but can never support or oppose candidates for public office.

    Even if Helyn is head of a 501c3, that does not limit her rights as an individual to sign petitions or support or oppose candidates.
  23. Re: Anonymous stifles clearwater businesses?

  24. Ten Tigers Member

    Re: Anonymous stifles clearwater businesses?

    Hrmmmm.... I wonder if slipping cards, pamphlets, the x-sea-org phone number, etc. into little places in the sauna would do any good?
  25. Which orgs would use local gyms for Purifs

    Sea Org personnel wouldn't be in the gym. All sea org "service organizations" would have their own saunas (they got the property/building and the free labor to build one if they need to). It's the poor Class V Orgs (those small delivery organizations run by starving Joe's) who might not have a sauna. Anyone with an "Ideal Org" will have one. Check for those small missions and orgs who are operating out of small rented quarters, then check with the local gyms in the area. They'll probably be able to tell you if the Church of Scientology uses their gyms. Then enlighten the gym owners about the cult.
  26. AnonLover Member

    Re: Anonymous stifles clearwater businesses?

    the thing with the "no anon" signs in the window and then filing a petition their business is suffering really pisses me off. i wanna make this my next scathing blog post and namefag every stinking business we've identified with a message to citizens in clearwater that are none to fond of scilons to avoid the following business for a variety of well-placed punches umm i mean 'reasons'.

    opinions needed - do it / dont do it? (i have a tendency to get my almighty megabitch on with certain things where business & religion is unfairly mixed. so altho i feel this would be totally deserved in this case i can see where it might not exactly help protesters working that area and will gladly privately rant & rage at the walls instead of on my blog if a few say "no gud")
  27. Vivek Sharma Member

    Re: Anonymous stifles clearwater businesses?

    A written policy? It'd be interesting to get a copy of that written policy and compare it against the laws for Equal Opportunity Housing.

    Equal Housing Opportunity

    Discriminating against somebody because of their "religion" (i.e. "I don't rent to Scientologists") is probably a federal offense.
  28. Re: Anonymous stifles clearwater businesses?

    Both the "no anon" signs AND the petition are ploys of the scientologists to try to STOP the anti-scientology protests. That is all they are doing. There is no other "reason" behind the two actions, and that's why the reasons they give (such as in the petition) are so easily explained away as nonsense -- it's because those "reasons given" are lies. Of course the two actions seem contradictory unless you first understand that the ONLY purpose is to stop the protests. Then they both make sense.

    The purpose of the fledgling website Scientology in Clearwater .com - Exposing Scientology's goals for, and impact on, Clearwater is to expose what Scientology is doing in Clearwater and the negative impact it is having on the local community.

    The target audience of that website IS every local Clearwater and Pinellas County resident and businessperson.

    As Anons protesting, you are trying to accomplish several goals. One is to get the local people interested and knowing what is going on in their community. That way, they can also help to disband the CofS or lessen its power. Hence, my involvement in this specific website.
  29. not2old2bitch Member

    Re: Anonymous stifles clearwater businesses?

    The gist of the policy is as a local scino with property or rooms to rent you can't rent to scinos visitng to be brainwashed. Doing so takes away from the cults hotel and grub profits.

    See how that works? Only the cult can make $$ off of cult members, local culties can't offer visiting culties services the cult offers.

    tl;dr The cult cockblocks their own cult members
  30. AnonLover Member

    Re: Anonymous stifles clearwater businesses?

    awesome site... i hadnt seen that yet. thks for the link. my moment of raging anger has passed - instead of ranting on my blog with a pissed off negative message, i'll write up a positive msg promoting that site instead! :wink:
  31. Anon1720 Member

    Re: Anonymous stifles clearwater businesses?

    I am impressed. I hope that other replicate this in every city the COS has an interest in.
  32. Re: Anonymous stifles clearwater businesses?

    Here's the document

    The author of the document was Daniele Lattanzi, a Sea Org member. The stated purpose is to keep the CofS parishioners ethical. The real purpose was to stop rental competition, since Flag (the Ft Harrison Hotel) rents rooms to scientologists coming in to Clearwater.
  33. Re: Anonymous stifles clearwater businesses?

    I'm no expert on Florida real estate law, but it looks to me like FLB ED 1405's interpretation of the law conflicts with the actual law that it quotes. The quoted law says that you can't sublet property that you don't own unless you are a real estate broker. It doesn't say that you can't lease property that you do own.
  34. Re: Anonymous stifles clearwater businesses?

    You're correct that Daniele Latanzi's interpretation is incorrect. You cannot act as a BROKER unless you're licensed as a real estate broker or real estate sales associate. But BROKER means taking money for something. Like you can't put out an email and get a renter and give the lead to your friend (the landlord) and get a commission or other favors. But anyone can say "Hey, my friend has a place to rent. If you need something, go call her. Here's her number."

    Anyone who owns property is allowed to advertise their own property for sale or rent. And if you rent property, you CAN sublet it if your lease allows you to -- which means you can then advertise THAT for rent. The purpose of the law was to stop people from "acting as" a realtor when you're not one.

    Like I said, the entire purpose of the document was to stop scientologists from competing with the Ft Harrison HOTEL.
  35. $noware Member

  36. XenuLovesU Member

    Re: Anonymous stifles clearwater businesses?

    ^ OH SPANK!

  37. its.an0nym0us Member

    Re: Anonymous stifles clearwater businesses?

    OH SNAP.

    This thread is my favorite.
  38. MomAnon Member

    Re: Anonymous stifles clearwater businesses?

    I've been a daily reader of The St. Petersburg Times for 30 years. This is why.
  39. thedoctor Member

    Re: Anonymous stifles clearwater businesses?

    You guys have been giving me documentation wood for sixteen pages...

    I've had to replace my pants seven times...


    uh, make that eight...
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