Anonymous shocked Berlin government ???

Discussion in 'Media' started by Awho, Feb 2, 2008.

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  1. Anonnynonny Member

    Is it just me or is that article really hard to read?
  2. LE Member

    It's like Engrish only...not.

    Well, if it's positive for us, awesome. If not, it's quite amusing.
  3. xenubarb Member

    Reads like a Babelfish translation, but I guess I get the gist. Sort of.
  4. Whitehat Member

    Emo TV reports.
  5. anon11 Member

    Sooo.... does anybody have the original German article? A link? I might be able to de-emo-ize it.
  6. Quoth Tycho of Penny Arcade:
    German, it's basically English.
    English, spoken underwater, by a monster, into a walkie talkie.
  7. Atomosk Member

    I couldn't quite tell, were they shocked in a way that's good for us?
  8. Toonces Member

    The German TV program shown there is a major win, watched by 3.5 million people. They used the leaked Tom Cruise video to recap everything $cientology is about. The guests are the former boss of $cientology Austria, who left after he got cancer, Ursula Caberta (the head of a $cientology watchdog group sponsored by the city of Hamburg) and a random journalist who tried out $cientology undercover for 10 days to write about it (and not in a positive way).
    The new thing they show there is Tom Cruise meeting the mayor of Berlin in 2004, which the $cios portray as a major win (Tom having the balls to go into the enemy headquarter to accept an award...)
    No mention of Anonymous though.
  9. anonEmouser Member

    A loss for the Scienos is a win for Anonymous.
  10. maybe he didn't smoke enough cigarettes
    L Ron Hubbard said not smoking enough is what causes cancer
  11. Kamizar Member

    But he was clear, clear people don't get sick...
  12. Toonces Member

    One of my "favorite" Hubtard quotes:
    "Leukaemia is evidently psychosomatic in origin and at least eight cases of leukaemia had been treated successfully by Dianetics after medicine had traditionally given up. The source of leukaemia has been reported to be an engram containing the phrase 'It turns my blood to water'."
    - L. Ron Hubbard, Journal of Scientology, Issue 15-G, 1953
  13. XP Member

    Precisely. Major negative coverage of Scientology is what this movement all about; complaining that we are not mentioned during that coverage is missing the point.
  14. pi Member

    Agreed. In fact, its better if anon is not mentioned. Makes it look more like a homegrown movement without the negative connotations and press (I'm looking at you fox11) than anon.
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