Anonymous responds to fake news post.

Discussion in 'Media' started by gregg, Feb 9, 2008.

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  1. gregg Member

    Anonymous responds to fake news post.

    Is Scientology Spreading Lies About Anonymous Protests?
    Feb. 9, 2008
    By Anonymous

    LOCATION UNSPECIFIED - A report appeared on the website Indymedia claiming that protests staged by a group known as Anonymous have turned violent. The report suggested that violence broke out between protesters and some Scientologists, leading to the arrest of two Anonymous. However, the pictures accompanying the article were taken from the 2005 May 18th Halliburton Shareholders protest. Posters on the site were quick to point out this discrepancy, indicating that the police pictured in these images did not appear to resemble Australian police. Many are left wondering whether the article had been planted on the independent news source by the Church of Scientology in an attempt to portray the protests directed against it in an unfavorable light.


    Indymedia article: ... ns-violent
    Original location of images:

    UPDATED, they moved it to another indymedia server: ... owall=true
  2. Harbinger Member

    Scientology attempts to move its King but it's being checked at almost every space.

    Your move.
  3. anonemus Member

    lol that's just silly
  4. JRhumperdink Member

    In my opinion, Scientologists planted this fake story.

    Thank you Anon for delivering the truth.
  5. Mazack Member

    The separations of our cultures both subjectively and geographically can be played to our disadvantage. Though only for a moment in this case, there was a major shock wave that went through the IRCs when this one hit.

    I'm proud that anon recovered so quickly.
  6. good work /b/rothers and s/i/sters , keep up the good work!
  7. Shadowflare Member

    I was really disheartened for like 30 seconds and then I read the comments in the article. Pathetic.
  8. I'm bothered by how easy it is to counter CoS counter propaganda, it seems
    to be so retarded and uninformed that i can't believe they would actually use it.

    I know they are brainwashed retards and that CoS will not give them enough education to fight back, but are they really this clumsy and dumb?

    This is so obviously fake that it begs the question: Are we fighting a pack of morons? Their counter attacks so far have been so idiotic that they are not worth mention, they seem to be stupid beyond measure.

    If they are even half as stupid as they are claiming to be then we have already won.
  9. Shadowflare Member

    They have never faced an enemy like Anonymous. It's nature is completely alien to them. I don't think they've adapted. Yet.
  10. FALLEN Member

    Yes, do be careful. There's at least one I highly suspect of being a plant in one of the ex's forums and he's already got all the memes down and speaks like he's been hanging in the chans for a long time.

    Some of them WILL adapt and if we let down our guard thinking they're all stupid and inept, someone will get caught out and hurt.

    Be careful out there.
  11. No one has ever faced foe like Anonymous, not in the real world at least. Our internet foes are lining up to help us in this battle. We've got Goons, Furries, Stormfags, SA, whoever on our side. We've got the fucking old media on our side as well as the fags at wikipedia. We have the entire internet on our side, what we are waiting top see is if we can make this into a IRL shitfest.

    So far, it seems to be working.

    Do not doubt for one moment anonymous that you are doing good, today you force the world to acknowledge your power. Critics call us "geeks" who ignore the real world. Today, we let the "real world" know that we can play their game. They shall see us and they shall tremble in fear.

    TL;DR: Go Go Go!
  12. JV Member

    They still think we're just a bunch of hackers on steroids... the Sydney protest should've given them a wake-up call. :)
  13. an0n348 Member

    I totally agree. More and more I'm starting to think they're not nearly as powerful as they like people to think. Makes sense - small organisation, corrupt, paranoid, insular and incapable of and terrified of any outside assistance which makes them very vulnerable. They're effective against individuals and small groups but this time they're absolutely overwhelmed just in terms of number - forget technology and other savvy - and I bet they're shitting it. Every time we do something, we expose another weakness and it's very enlightening. The most important thing of all is that we don't give up after tomorrow. We need to stick it through until the bitter end. At this rate, that'll be next thursday.
  14. UnAnonymous1 Member

    Sorry, I haven't gotten through all the new posts yet. Has this been made public yet? I mean the false nature of the report.

    Just to a) make sure no one believes it and b) get the media or general public ready for any other quick ones (I use the term lightly) the CoS tries to pull
  15. an0n348 Member

    No real media outlet will pick it up anyway without fact checking it. That we've moved so swiftly to counteract it and already have a rebuttal on one public blog means we own it. They can't use it now even if they wanted to and in the process of trying have handed us a fantastic piece of counter-propaganda on a plate that we can use over and over if necesary. Well done, loser, whoever you are. You are quite obviously some complete failmerchant who doesn't have a clue on how the press works.
  16. JV Member

    We need to make sure we're on top of any similar propaganda the Cult comes up with. Soon as it's posted rebutt it and get the site to take down the story.
  17. AnonyFag Member

    Of course they did. Note how they're trying to downplay the amount of people who were showing up too?

    In light of the truth, lies cannot stand. The Church will come under scrutiny for this lie, as will the "news" source that carried the story. Double win; more lies from the Church shows the management for the lying douches they are, and the word will spread in the media to actually vett and fucking source their news sources before they post up lies.

    And we're going to have to stay on the ball on it too. I know Anon can do it, but this is just the start... Where I am there's just over 12 hours left, but there are many time zones for this to roll through before it gets to me. Drink your fucking Jolt and keep your eyes scanning the tubes for more of this shit. The Clams are playing for big stakes this time and they know it... they're gonna fight dirty on this one.

    For those anon who have already acted in their time zone, good fucking job so far. For the rest of you; Anonobots! Transform, and roll out!!
  18. Don't pat yourselves on the back yet

    It is likely that Scientologists will attempt this again. It takes very little effort to fabricate a story like this and fire it off on the tubes. And all it takes is for one major news outlet to pick it up to do us real damage. Even if the truth is discovered quickly, people remember first impressions. No one reads the corrections and retractions in the NYT.

    The best defense of course, if to give them nothing. Protest well, keep it civil. That makes them nervous. To them, a screaming person is the leader. The leader is a target. And they are very good at finding at tracking targets. That is why it's important not to let them see your face or know who you are. Who do they go after first? Who is the leader? There is none!

    I'd be happy to stand toe to toe with them. But they fight dirty. So I'll put on a mask. I'll take the bus to my protest. I'll converse with my fellow Anons, but I won't give out any personal info except my untraceable email to stay in touch.

    It's going to be cold as hell with a lot of snow in at my protest. It would be easy to stay in. But I don't want to give any of those smug bastards the chance to say "Look, we used our super powers to change the weather and scare them off!".

    Wrong, clams. I'll be the guy shivering across the street with a sign, handing out flyers. I'll be the guy telling people about Lisa McPherson.

    My towns center isn't big. And the storm is blowing something fierce outside. But I'll be out there. Even if I'm the only one.

    I want them to know that there are people out there they don't have a file on, they CAN'T have a file on. And while they look upon people like me as coackroaches, you all know the saying. For every one you see there are a thousand you don't.
  19. Selleck Member

    Here's a screencap I took to prove it wrong when the first site was posted and subsequently spammed on ------- :
  20. Lostsocks Member

    Great Job!

    Great job for uncovering this childish attempt to discredit Anonymous. It is sad that the mighty Scientology's underestimating the opposition. This is the boogie man everyone is so afraid of?
    Sad, very sad
  21. Re: Anonymous responds to fake news post.

    It was re the sidney protest I believe, and when i read the article it was 10-15 protesters arrested, What a fucking fake ass news story, they cannot even keep the fake story straight!
  22. I Member

    Re: Anonymous responds to fake news post.

    from what i've read in the post-game section, they used the same story re both sydney and perth.
  23. Consensus Member

    Re: Great Job!

    If they underestimate us, they lose.
    If they overestimate us, they lose.
    If they attack us ruthlessly, they lose.
    If they ignore us, they lose.
    If they publicize our movement, they lose.
    If they attack our members, they lose.
    If they fail to attack our members, they lose.
    If they hide their members from us, they lose.
    If they encourage their members to engage us in socratic dialogue, they lose.
    If they continue their illegal acts, they lose.
    If they abandon their illegal acts, they lose.
    If they warn their members about us, they lose.
    If they fail to warn their members about us, they lose.
    If they take the time to read and understand our message, in an effort to most effectively discredit us, they lose.
    If they fail to take the time to read and understand our message, they lose.

    We have them by the fucking balls.
  24. Anon476 Member

    Re: Great Job!

    tl;dr version: They lose
  25. Nekros Member

    its giving me a Access denied on the article
  26. dmx Member

    Yes. I've gotten it removed on the Perth site.

    From perth editors

    I'd like to extend a big apology to Anon for the bogus story someone posted here. We only have a limited group of volenteers, and sometimes we fuck up.

    So yep. Big apologies. In future if you spot obvious bullshit, let us know, and we'll remove it.
  27. anonEmouser Member

    Tonight, we dine in Clearwater!!!

    Edit: This place[/url:2712ts6y] seems well-rated.
  28. schrodinger Member

    I keep seeing this. It's utterly fantastic.

    I was there at Sydney today and it was just a fantastic feeling and sight.

    They are running scared and trying all of the same old tricks. They are going to be destroyed through our actions. :)

    We will ruin their cult.

    We will take away their money.

    We will destroy their influence.

    Will will free their slaves.

    ... And then we'll move on to the other cults and religions.

    EDIT: The last line was a joke, in case it wasn't obvious ;)
  29. No, schrodinger, I respectfully disagree. I'm not interested in other religions. I'm proud of the job you did today in Sydney, but remember, you don't speak for all Anons.

    <edit> Okay, schrodinger, wagging finger rescinded. And you all really did a good job today.
  30. I'm not sure of the accuracy of the info, but some goons mentioned that the Scilon who tried to pull off someone's mask ended up being arrested. Probably for assault.

    Ironic, if true that the only arrest so far is of a known Scientologist...
  31. steodonn Member


    unfortunately I cant come to IRL Ireland protest (due to f'ed up leg) but I will ring every news station and record all news shows. If you cant goto your local protest i suggest you do the same
  32. calios Member

  33. CheeseAnon Member

    Article deleted.

    Editorial message: misinfo
  34. SomeOldGuy Member

    Okay. Y'all need to think a bit. Now Of the variouis things which may or may not be OSA ops, how many have we court-of-law traced back to them?

    Not one.

    So either they're brilliant at operational security and teh sux at covert ops, or (FAR more likely) there are a whole bunch of loose cannons who have invited themselves to the party.

    Now which do you think it is? (Hint: Google "Koos Nolst Triente")

    Now we're doing well, but do NOT get cocky, or some of us will wind up underestimating them taking stupid chances, and screwing the pooch (to put it mildly). The easiest way to lose is to think that your opponent is completely outclassed by you.

    tl;dr: Don't get cocky; it's not as big as you think it is.
  35. AnonyFag Member

    Funny... Gals keep telling my friend the same thing at the bar....
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