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Discussion in 'Wikileaks' started by Gramfouleuze, Feb 3, 2011.

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    Strike two.

    + missed the "Reply Anonymously" and
    + "Reply as Herro" mod buttons.
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    Ohhhh, so that's how this button works.

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    Page two is much better than page one.
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    Ask gregg, he's the egofag around these parts.
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    Yeah, so what's up with all the anon posts lately dropping Gregg's name? Mods, can you make it so that every time someone posts "Gregg" it will come up as another word?
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    What word would you like it to come up as?

    I have no powers, just curious.
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    word filter Gregg to Barry Manilow.
  10. Gramfouleuze Member

    Well cuz you asked, yes that was my intention in part. Also because I am in fact in favor of this/these movements. Further, I thought it might make some Anons less skeptical--though I could also see it having an adverse effect. In any case, I'll explain more tomorrow as I respond to all individually and 'end'/debrief the survey. But until then, I'm seriously enjoying my time trolling, gettin some lulz, and great info and it's all *much* appreciated, everyone!!
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    Barry Manilow? Really what you want?

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    Wordfilter Barry Manilow to Magoo.
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    Wouldn't that then filter Gregg to Magoo? Too cruel.
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  15. Gramfouleuze Member

    These questions are not quantifiable in any way, granted. I'm a political theorist and quant isn't really my thing. This is essentially the first empirical step in an ongoing study, and so I'm looking much more for any kinds of patterns or regularities that can be recognized. If the only regularity is that there are no regularities, that definitely counts as valid for me.
  16. Gramfouleuze Member

    Thanks, Mr. Fawkes! I'll make use of my better judgement to figure out how to interpret this. I definitely do appreciate it!
  17. Gramfouleuze Member

    Ummmmmm.........? haha
  18. Gramfouleuze Member

    This is all very helpful! I've been looking into the Pirate Party recently and they look pretty solid. A member was just elected to the new Tunisian government, which was a pleasant surprise. The questions regarding political beliefs are instrumental at best...personally, there are aspects of several different organizations and orientations that I identify with, so I know what you mean.
  19. .匿名. Member

    Hey there, Mr Thetford. It's time for a little unsolicited advise...
    I'd advise that if you wish to become further involved with the movement, particularly anything involving WL, you refrain from exposing your RL identity online, as you have here.
    Collaboration with Anons in your local geographic vicinity most likely involves less risk, although again, outside of particular projects, the idea is usually not to leave a trail for others to easily connect the dots. <_<
    Always Willing to Help,
  20. Gramfouleuze Member

    It's my hope that I do not put Anons at risk by carrying out these studies, however, I do understand that that's a real concern. Given my chosen profession/role in life, though, I must admit that I do feel obligated to go forward with this research investigation for the purpose of increasing the understanding of myself and others and offering as objective an interpretation of Anonymous' role in international relations as I possibly can. As one of my favorite thinkers put it, "the analysis, elaboration, and bringing into question of power relations and the "agonism" between power relations and the intransitivity of freedom is a permanent political task inherent in all social existence."

    Yes, I do sympathize and empathize with Anons and WL. To an extent, I do identify with them. I'll admit that I did participate in a very mild way during Project Chanology. But my role--and the way in which I feel I can best advance the causes of freedom in the midst of power relations--is to carefully study and report on what movements like Anonymous and WL are doing in and for the world.

    "Not only did you study human rights and democracy
    in the open classroom of The Internet, you also lived those values and social processes from day to day, community to community, viewing them from the inside out." <---imho, commendable and well put.
  21. Gramfouleuze Member

    You must have been to the midwest to make this apt association!
  22. Gramfouleuze Member

    Haha...well, you're not writing my paper, but I'll definitely be incorporating some of this....very good info, thanks.
    "That's what made these places alluring. Freedom and fun." In terms of a wider political culture often washed out with participatory apathy, this is, I believe, perhaps the greatest strength of Anonymous. Making the advance of freedom actually fun to participate in seems difficult to do often. That, and Anonymous' penchant for some serious political drama is what I think will ultimately increase global participation--particularly in the "West" where access to computers and reliance on the internet is widespread.
  23. Gramfouleuze Member

    Good info...thank you for answering all the questions! And, yes, "lurking much" about says it for me too.
  24. Anonymous Member

    It may be "well put" but its also plagiarized.
    I recommend you find the author and peruse his work before proceeding on.
  25. Gramfouleuze Member

    Thanks! Haha...#8 makes a little bit of sense! Emphasis is on any given Anon's ability to discretely choose "other" to indicate a particularly.....aggressive....kind of participation, if you know what I mean.
  26. Gramfouleuze Member

    Haha...hilarious!! Okay, anonymous researcher who conducts sociological studies of academics that conduct sociological studies of Anonymous, my name is Antonin Gramsci de Michel Foucault de Gilles Deleuze III, quest is that of advancing the causes of knowledge and freedom (which are the same thing)...and my favorite color is black---as a colleague of mine would, like my soul and my lungs. Now, please donate your $1 to the University of Wallamaloo's Ministry of Silly Walks. Thank you!
  27. Anonymous Member

    He's a bloody pommy!
  28. Gramfouleuze Member

    Why, thank you Ms. Mudkips...your answers are very much appreciated and Interpol will be showing up to your residence shortly--they'll interrogate you by having Tom Cruise jump on your couch and proclaim his love to you.
  29. Gramfouleuze Member

    In a sense, yes, that was my intention. I am personally a supporter or what wikileaks does. However, I also thought that it might make Anons more apt to deal with me--although I could also see it having an adverse effect. In any case, it doesn't seem to have hurt.
  30. Gramfouleuze Member

    Thanks...I've considered do this. I'm glad you think it would be a good idea!
  31. Anonymous Member


    I should say that the only way to gain credibility is simply what what you write. You have a good sense of humour, and that is an asset. Using old memes at this point should be done with care, lest you seem to eager to make fast-friends, which may be viewed as creepy, and could undermine your acceptance -- especially since you arrive with a bag of questions.
  32. .匿名. Member

    You responded to the same question twice.
    Informatively Yours,
  33. Gramfouleuze Member

    Ahh!! Haha....clever! I was wondering if anybody would connect the dots! Yeah, I wanted to give Anons a way to contact me personally to answer these questions if anyone considered that to be, I wanted to give bona fides of my .edu status (and, hence, not .gov or something of the like). Made a judgement call. I'll keep your advice in mind if I do decide to become further involved with the movement...but for the time being, I'm content just to study it and don't particularly consider myself "active."
  34. Anonymous Member

    Remember when hippy forums mod Skip wanted to write a book on Anonymous and asked us to help him with it?
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  35. Mark Cabian Member

  36. .匿名. Member

    Skip Stone, the Free Speech advocate that hates Wikipedia? What'd he do here?
  37. Gramfouleuze Member

  38. Gramfouleuze Member

    Good advice...however, given the very minimal nature of my past actions, I don't think it would warrant much credibility anyway. But, point well taken!
  39. Anonymous Member

    I meant to address your comment about the weight or anticipated reaction to your avatar. Things like that are pretty trivial in contrast to the person you are. I think you understood, but wanted to clarify.
  40. Gramfouleuze Member

    To All Anons,
    While anyone can feel free to continue to answer the questions I’ve asked—and that would be much appreciated—my initial research design only allows for 48 hours of unrestricted survey time. But I’ll still be on the forums and I hope to talk with you all more.
    Instead of giving you the stock, “thank you for your participation; your time and attention have been valued,” (which, though a boring and unoriginal way of putting it, is nonetheless true) I’d instead like to thank you by sharing some of my writing with you. Your answers will be utilized to contribute to a broader work that essentially argues the following:
    “Information control is a form of power. Some information control seems necessary for modern diplomacy and statecraft; however, it is becoming increasingly clear that the existence of necessary and justifiable cases of information restriction from the public is being used to facilitate unprecedented levels of unnecessary and unjustifiable information restriction—the vast majority of which is carried out in the name of “national security” or the public good. Further, given that those actors and institutions which advocate, advance, and utilize the control of information at heretofore unprecedented levels are those same actors and institutions that have monopolies on the formal exercise of power (the state, militaries, intelligence agencies, censorship administrations, etc.), there is currently no meaningful, institutionalized check on this particular form of power, and there is no reason to indicate that these actors and institutions will ever (or should be expected to) give up their abilities to control information at some level. Therefore, there must be an institutionalized protection on the public’s ability to actively seek out, publish, and effectively reclaim any information that is restricted for any reason by such actors in the name of “security,” “the public,” or “the public good.” This will inevitably result in an increased competition for information between institutions of power and the public—public participation in this competition should be fully legitimized and protected by law.”
    Although, longwinded, these are the barebones of my argument in my research project that is guided toward both a thesis and a book—I’m currently in pursuit of my phd in political theory and international relations. Since you all took the time to help me with this, I thought I would at least share some of my writing with you (please don’t go beating me to the printing press…haha). Anonymous’ role in the pursuit of information freedom in the above-described “competition for information” is so ahead of the curve and so obviously effective on the modern world stage, that it makes research and interpretation of Anonymous in the course of any writing on this subject absolutely crucial. That is why I so appreciate your willingness to even talk to me, especially given the nature of your work and my approaching you with a “bag of questions.” As I mentioned in a former post, Anonymous’ ability to make the pursuit of freedom actually fun and appealing to wide numbers through a relative ease of participation, a real sense of edginess and mysteriousness, and a penchant for political drama is what I believe to be its greatest strength. In sum, I wish you all the best, I envy what you do in and for the world, and I will continue to be both lurking and rooting for you (and getting mad lulz as I do it)! Thanks!
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