anonymous properganda Attack in England

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by anonymous-Scar, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. I think we should do a properganda attack in england this will show that where still there and still fighting for freedom of infomation and more might join us in our internet revolution for freedom

    message your views to me on this fourm and if you wish to get involved in my anonymous properganda Attack in England prrint anonymous properganda freely be anonymous and properganda england for all ya got

  2. anonamus Member

    It's Propaganda, and what do you mean by "attack" ?
    Oh, and welcome.
  3. cfanon Member

    A "propaganda attack" implies you're planning to create propaganda against *whomever your target is in England - I assume gov?*. Propaganda itself, at the true meaning, is neutral, can be used either way and is something we all do without knowing.... I believe that lying propaganda should not be used by Anonymous though, I think it goes against the belief in Freedom of Information (truth, not lies).

    Unless you mean an attack on propaganda?
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  4. Anonymous Member

  5. Anonymous Member

    English would appear to be a prerequisite.
  6. Anonymous Member

    Not necessarily. Disaffected Muslim youth might appreciate Farsi, for example.
  7. anonamus Member

    Ok thx. Then a 'propaganda attack' educating ppl./the media that WWP-Anonymous is not = the hacker group Anonymous, would be most welcome.
  8. cfanon Member

    Doubt it'd work - no one cares if we're Anonymous that the media likes to follow. No one is going to spread around "Oh you know those guys in GF masks in front of $ci? They're not actually linked to Anonymous hacking activities...".
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  9. Horai Member

    If any one would like print outs for London please contact me I would like to get the word out that WWP-Anonymous is not a bunch of hackers know as anonymous. Would be good if we could get some you tube videos for the people of London which explains what Anon is really about in languages like Somali, Bengali, Farsi, and some print in those languages the only way to get people to care is to educate them to the cause otherwise all any1 will assume is they see anon then think oh its them hackers end of. Education is the key
  10. Anonymous Member

    Any chance we could include English?

    'Properganda'! Learn to fucking spell.

    Unless you're only 6yo in which case well done, keep up the good work.
  11. Horai Member

  12. Anonymous Member

    What "cause" ??
  13. Anonymous Member

    Oh and multiple posting - ticking all the boxes here Horai...
  14. veravendetter Member

    Operation Gander dumbass.
  15. Anonymous Member

    Sshhhh! thats a secret!
  16. Horai Member

    Multiple posts?
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  17. Anonymous Member

    So there is no cause this forum is just for bitching nothing to do with anything written on the pages before u enter the forum

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