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    Citizens of the world. We are Anonymous.

    As a collective, we have declared war on pedophilia.

    Operation DarkNet initiated:

    Our manifesto:

    #opdarknet - To Catch A Predator -

    #opdarknet - Additional chat logs of Lolita City owner:

    #opdarknet - DOX of some of Lolita City's users:

    #opdarknet - Death of pedo bear (our 'The Legion'):

    #opdarknet - Our momentos (legality of #opdarknet):

    #opdarknet - The Hidden Wiki crown jewels (sites of CP hosted by FH and others):

    #opdarknet - Lolita City user dump (SQL user dump of major site with usernames, CP age preferences, TorPM, TorChat, and BTC transactions):

    #opdarknet - A take-down of kiddie porners (Our purpose of #opdarknet):

    We are Anonymous.
    We are Legion.
    We do not forgive.
    We do not forget.
    Expect us.
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    Here's part of

    #OpDarknet Press Release - 10/15/2011

    Timeline of Events

    At apprx 8:30 CST while browsing the Hidden Wiki we noticed a section called Hard Candy which was dedicated to links to child pornography. We then removed all links on the website, within 5 minutes the links were edited back in by an admin. For this reason, we will continue to make the Hidden Wiki unavailable.

    At apprx 8:45 CST we noticed 95% of the child pornography listed on the Hidden Wiki shared a digital fingerprint with the shared hosting server at Freedom Hosting.

    At apprx 9:00pm CST on October 14, 2011 We identified Freedom Hosting as the host of the largest collection of child pornography on the internet. We then issued a warning to remove the illegal content from their server, which they refused to do.

    At apprx 11:30pm CST on October 14, 2011 We infiltrated the shared hosting server of Freedom Hosting and shutdown services to all clients due to their lack of action to remove child pornography from their server.

    At apprx 5:00pm CST on October 15, 2011 Freedom Hosting installed their backups and restored services to their child pornography clients. We then issued multiple warnings to remove all child pornography from their servers, which Freedom Hosting refused to do.

    At apprx 8:00pm CST on October 15, 2011 despite new security features, we once again infiltrated the shared hosting server at Freedom Hosting and stopped service to all clients.

    Our Statement

    The owners and operators at Freedom Hosting are openly supporting child pornography and enabling pedophiles to view innocent children, fueling their issues and putting children at risk of abduction, molestation, rape, and death.

    For this, Freedom Hosting has been declared #OpDarknet Enemy Number One.

    By taking down Freedom Hosting, we are eliminating 40+ child pornography websites, among these is Lolita City, one of the largest child pornography websites to date containing more than 100GB of child pornography.

    We will continue to not only crash Freedom Hosting's server, but any other server we find to contain, promote, or support child pornography.

    Our Demands

    Our demands are simple. Remove all child pornography content from your servers. Refuse to provide hosting services to any website dealing with child pornography. This statement is not just aimed at Freedom Hosting, but everyone on the internet. It does not matter who you are, if we find you to be hosting, promoting, or supporting child pornography, you will become a target.
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  7. Very nice work, TWG! <3 it!
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    Illegal porn reported to the authorities?
    They are the only ones that really can do something about it.
  9. Anonymous Member

    Child porn gets reported to governments, the problem here is it's international.
  10. The Wrong Guy Member

    Quoted from

    Issue 2: th3j35t3r

    A person who had been working with #OpDarknet created an account with this name and used it to infiltrate "Lolita City". The reasoning this person had behind using the name th3j35t3r we do not know, but this person is no longer part of #OpDarknet.

    Issue 3: joepie91

    The same person mentioned above provided the d0xing on the "Lolita City" user "svet28" after being asked to further investigate, we have redone the d0xing and come to the conclusion that this ID DOES NOT belong to joepie91, and joepie91 does not have an account on "Lolita City"
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  12. Anonymous Member

    Dox all those accessing CP - let the sweet justice of random violent vigilantes do the rest.

    Pedophiles are always good targets. Nothing of value lost even if they get murdered.
  13. The Wrong Guy Member

    #OpDarknet - Lolita City user dump

    As promised here is the entire user database of the 1589 users active on Lolita City, a darknet trading site for pedos.

    More at
  14. Anonymous Member

    Nicknames are insufficient.

    Real names, addresses and workplace IPs are required for Phase 2.
  15. Anonymous Member

    As long as we're having fun making their lives miserable. Tis a good day to troll to do good for society lol.
  16. Anonymous Member

    lol @ 'well known anon'.
  17. Anonymous Member

    This could be Anonymous' finest hour.

    Lets hope many CP sickos get doxed. And killed.
  18. Anonymous Member

    At least the guilty ones. Seeing as there has already been a person listed, then later retracted. Seems like a too easy way to ruin someones life.
  19. Anonymous Member

    I do not feel bad for wanting to fuck Emma Watson..........
  20. Anonymous Member

    Dude - I think this is more like babies and shit. Real fucked up shit.
    Anyone into putting babies through that, they need to be put down like a beast, with no remorse.
    It's about time they were doxxed & booted off our internet/mortal coil.
    IRL permab& every last fuckin one of them IMO.
  21. Anonymous Member

    Wait, I thought 4chan sometimes put up lolicon. Is Anon saying there's a difference between that and pedo?
  22. Anonymous Member

    Anyone running networks devoted to baby rape needs to be shut down and servers squeezed for dox, to provide new targets for the people who actively hunt such pedos IRL.
    It's a sport. All over the world, hunters trade marks. A sudden flurry of IP addresses and joining up of dots could lead to thousands of new targets.
    Simple rules: People who hunt kids, they themselves become the hunted.

    Information on known child abusers especially those involved in filming and publishing is valuable information that could protect even one child and it should be made public.

    Anonymous should understand the difference between 4chan and Emma Watson fake nude pictures and the sort of material that the DarkNet operation is shutting down.
  23. Anonymous Member

    The only way to get justice is through the courts and due process of law.
    Vigilante actions can torpedo legal efforts to put the guilty in jail.
    When you find evidence, forward it to the appropriate police department and let justice prevail.
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    Legal efforts are slow, inefficient, and do not have the technical backing or means to hack into and destroy these websites.

    When you find evidence, forward it to the appropriate police department AND TO THE INTERNET and let justice prevail.
  25. Anonymous Member

    And what if someone innocent gets hurt or killed because of an error?
    What if someone who is guilty goes free because their right to a fair trial was denied?

    Justice is slow, steady, deliberate, and unstoppable.
    Let the police and the courts do it right.
  26. Miranda Member

    WWP does not promote illegal activity. Please take any plans for hacking, etc. elsewhere.
  27. Anonymous Member

    We live in strange times, my anonymous friend.
  28. The Wrong Guy Member

    Updates appear at the top of the list. An overview of what lead to this was added today.
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  29. Anonymous Member

    I don't want to promote illegal activity here, but I do want to applaud it when I agree with it.

    Is it really "illegal" for Anons to dox known pedo site owners?

    I would say it's the duty of Anonymous to assist the presently ineffective methods to catch such people.
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  30. Anonymous Member

    I believe it was the author(s) of post #11 & #17 that our esteemed Moderator was referring to.

    We must be mindful of the content of post #25:
  31. Anonymous Member

    If you mean the author of #12 & #17 then I was the author of both.

    I am hoping that the intention of the hive mind is to close down these websites that exist to fuel the industry of child sex abuse.

    A side effect of such an operation would hopefully be that people are then arrested and jailed.
    I would feel less pity for them if they were brutally murdered than I felt for Gaddafi this morning.

    It is vital that the people who publish such things on the internet know that they are being hunted.
    And also know that nothing can protect them.
    I understand my comments will do this website no favors by directly advocating their murder, but I see nothing wrong with cheerleading the current Operation with all its potential ramifications.
  32. Anonymous Member

    Also, all too often police and courts DON'T do it right.
  33. Anonymous Member

  34. Cyber Null Member

    I will share video on fb and some forums.
  35. Cyber Null Member

  36. James Spader Member

    Then knock it off. You can get your point across without going there and you have the added benefit of keeping this thread upstairs if you don't.
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  37. Anonymous Member

    Then knock it off. You can get your point across without going there and you have the added benefit of keeping this thread upstairs if you don't.[/quote]

    I got my point across. Sorry if it crossed the line.
  38. Miranda Member

    The esteemed anon is correct. Common sense, people. There are less hyperbolic ways to express outrage. What you do on your own time is up to you, but what you post here affects us all, and the site itself.
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  39. Anonymous Member

    I don't want to destroy the principles WWP has worked hard for. Apologies.
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  40. Miranda Member

    I know :) Just trying to stay on the safe side.
  41. Funny about this vid, the singers last name is Elfman

  42. Anonymous Member

    • If you haven't already, you might want to loop in #opsafekids (on FaceBook). They're taking down pedo "nests" all over that site, and working their asses off doing so.
  43. The Wrong Guy Member

    Operation DarkNet: A Good Start, But There is More to Do

    Scot Terban via Infosec Island

    So, is outing these people the only goal here? I suggest more than just dropping Pastebin dumps. In fact, I suggest you don’t dump them at all. You can allude to the fact that you have popped something and you have the data, but I would suggest you set up cutout accounts and directly dump that data to the Feds or local LEO’s if you like where the servers/people are located. By dumping the data out in the open you give the pxxdo’s time to burn the evidence so to speak and potentially, you may be inhibiting the Feds from actually capturing and putting these people away.

    More about the author:

    Infosec Island's Scot Terban Replaces Aaron Barr at DEFCON
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  44. Frostbyte Member

    if we're using a ddos, then it's not technically hacking, its kind of like blocking a door, it's technically legal..... that's assuming we're using a denial of service, but that seems most likely considering what anon's have done in the past...
  45. xenubarb Member

    The best way to express outrage is to participate. Take 'em down. I'd like to play, but years ago, I set up accounts on Myspace and local Yahoo chat rooms as Perverted Justice recommends. Oh lawd. I cannot go there and deal with that shit. I was a 14 year old girl, fer Chrissake, and it wasn't a day gone by before the first dirty old man appeared.

    I'd like to participate, I really would. But, it taps into a raeg best left suppressed and stuffed into a 50 gallon drum and stored in one of those storage facilities. A guy sent that young girl pix of his junk. I passed all the files over to some guy at PJ, and quit. That was probably ten years ago, I might be willing to give it another go, now that I'm old and mellow.
  46. Anonymous Member

    You might want to talk to the anons who've gone to prison for participating in ddos. It is illegal in the US, regardless of whether you consider it technically hacking or not.
  47. Anonymous Member

    DOJ and FBI do not recommend going the route of PJ or working with them, as some of their techniques aren't quite legal and can compromise prosecution.
  48. Miranda Member

    WWP policy is not to use this site to promote DDOS.
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  49. Anonymous Member

    I trust the police and courts have a 99% greater chance of doing it right than someone who appoints himself as enforcer, prosecutor, judge, and jury.
    The police get years of training.
    The prosecutor has a law degree.
    The judge has a law degree and many years of experience.
    The jury are ten people.

    You want to do all their work for them? Why should anyone believe you acting on your own will do a better job at getting justice?
    If you want to help, cooperate with the police, who are the experts at getting justice.

    If they sometimes make an error, why should I think you would make any fewer errors?
  50. The Wrong Guy Member

    Good point. I'm done here. From now on I'm just going to watch the world go by. I have faith.
  51. Anonymous Member

    I believe Walter White recommends hydrofluoric acid, but only in a plastic tub. Also don't breathe the fumes or let it touch your skin.
  52. Anonymous Member

    This operation makes me happy in the pants. I too did the PJ a 13 year old in yahoo chat. The response was so overwhelming I could not keep up with the perves. So thank you, and good night. <3
  53. xenubarb Member

    Oh yeah...feels like water, then it eats yer bones.
  54. Anonymous Member

  55. Anonymous Member

    carefully documenting pedo actions on line
    Twice I stumbled across child porn on YouTube. I can't tolerate that in my head.
    If you hunt pedos, you will see things best unseen. My hats off to those doing this, I'm going to sit on the sidelines and sign petitions.
  56. Anonymous Member

    But Go Go Go Anonymous. Waiting for the FBI doesn't work. While you wait the pedos are enticing children into making porn videos and pictures, and enticing them IRL. The FBI is busy, they slowly take down big targets.
    Suggestion- doxing the pedos and outing them to their IRL families and friends is effective. Law enforcement doesn't do this. It works.
    So far as I know thats not illegal.
  57. Anonymous Member

  58. xenubarb Member

    It is a fact that if you create a persona of an underaged girl and hit the chats with it, you will encounter a fucking pedophile within your first hour.
    It is astonishing. To Catch A Predator doesn't begin to touch it. If everyone on this forum became 13 year old Britney for a day, we'd have over 9000 pedophiles to deal with.

    The problem is huge. It's massive. You might think that the entire male adult population of America is out there trying to hook up with preteens, but they're not all pedos.
    I know at least four men who aren't. ;)
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  59. xenubarb Member

    Two questions:
    1. Is arson over 18?
    2. Which cheek u kissing?
  60. Anonymous Member

    They are obsessive and can't leave the child porn alone. They can't "burn" the evidence of their usernames and emails and passwords. They leave a wide trail. They should be outed to their families and bosses. The data should not be just dumped, they need to be doxxed. Thats something I'd could go back to doing.
    Doxxing works and it helps people.
  61. Anonymous Member

    I would kiss either cheek if it would motivate him to continue.
  62. The Wrong Guy Member

  63. The Wrong Guy Member

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  65. AnonCoke Member

    Is there any way one can help you guys with this op?
  66. Anonymous Member

    see more here
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  69. Anonymous Member

    Cool. But please do stick around and find something else to participate in that interests you. :)
  70. The Wrong Guy Member

    An Interview with an OpDarknet Anon

    Techie Buzz (TB): Pastebin data reveals that there is a huge amount of CP proliferating the DarkNet and most of the people there are staunch with their refusal to remove it since it is their “last safe haven” so to speak. Will it end in a stalemate?

    Arson (A): I don’t believe it will. There are enough of us that operations go on around the clock nonstop, and we are gaining new supporters every day.

    TB: And the process of your attacks will mostly be the same, i.e. DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service Attack) and when possible the unveiling of personal information of people involved in this kind of work, yes?

    A: That I cannot say. What I can say is we will continue to take down the servers with any method necessary, and our research team will continue to dig up detail on the pedophiles.

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  71. The Wrong Guy Member

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  72. Anonymous Member

    IMO, Anon jumped in a bit quick with the Rules.

    I can see plenty of legal ways to support this Op.
  73. Anonymous Member

  74. Anonymous Member

    Perhaps so, I which case I apologize. However I do wish more newfags would read the NMA material so they have good understanding about the WWP modus operandi.

    But I don't want to deter legit activities so will make up for my earlier transgression by bumping this thread. :)
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  75. Anonymous Member

    Lorem legionis: vincit omnia veritas.
  76. Anonymous Member

    Sed potentior est stilus gladio
  77. Anonymous Member

  78. Anonymous Member

    Lorem Ennius.
    Lorem legionis.
    Non dimittar.
    Non obliviscar.
    Ut noster adventus.
  79. AnonCoke Member

    If you have any suggestions, feel free to write 'em. As long as they're legal.
  80. Anonymous Member

    I have 1: start ignoring the error messages as your posts are actually getting through. The server is on a work to rule campaign right at the moment. Baad server.
  81. AnonCoke Member

    Yeah, I kinda saw that by now... So, so far I havn't really made a good impression of myself, now have I?
  82. Anonymous Member

    we're pretty forgiving ;)
  83. Anonymous Member

    Ah, you're fine. Not your fault the server has its knickers in a twist.

    Some legal stuff that could be done:

    - co-ordination with law enforcement. Is Anonymous fucking things up for law enforcement? Is Anonymous passing information about possible perps to law enforcement in an effective manner?

    - dox (legally obtained) - e.g. dox on hosting providers who don't take this stuff down when asked nicely to do so. We want to know more about the hosting companies, their owners, their bankers, their lawyers. Who are their local police force and why have they done nothing? Who is their local politician and what is their view? Is the hosting company's activity legal or illegal in that specific jurisdiction.

    - creating media - like the xcellent 'Anon shoots pedobear' graphic above.

    - political support. It shouldn't be hard to find some politicians to speak out in favour of this.

    - explaining Anonymous's position to journalists. Letters to the editor saying, law enforcement was doing nothing about this, so citizens of the net have fallen back on vigilante action.
  84. Anonymous Member

    Pedophiles moriendum
  85. Anonymous Member

    I might offer a simple observation that while many server builders seem to anticipate processor heat, they rarely address disk array heat -- but that seems like "grey area".
  86. Anonymous Member

    The hotter it is, the tastier it is. Nom nom nom nom
  87. Anonymous Member

    We Do Not Forgive!
  88. The Wrong Guy Member

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  89. Anonymous Member

  90. Anonymous Member

    Worth a read if only for the malapropisms.
  91. quinnnorton Member

    hey there anons,
    I'm a journalist with Wired, working on a piece about #opdarknet and the recent trend towards moralfagging amongst anons in various ops. I'm trying to understand not only what's happening in opdarknet, and how long/far it will go, but why it happened now. Any anons willing to chat with me about it, here or elsewhere?* I'm and @quinnnorton on the twitters. Quick description of my beat is here:

    *my standard disclaimer when working with anons: i don't want to know who you are. unless you are totally namefagged, if i find out your real name, i will drop you like a burning log, ie not talk to you anymore.
  92. Dragononymous Member

    Why do rats panic when you turn on the light in a room?
  93. Dragononymous Member

    AKA the why question is too simple to answer
  94. James Spader Member

  95. Anonymous Member

    So ask...

    re your questions above:

    What's happening? Is obvious, surely.

    How long/far? Who knows?

    Why now? Interesting question to which I don't know the answer. Perhaps other Anons can help.
  96. Anonymous Member

    Why would a journalist use a term like "moralfagging" ??

    Just saying.

    Anyway, it's about time the powers available to Anonymous were used to expose and destroy pedophile networks.

    The gift of anonymity should not be misused by those who take pleasure from the rape of children, they should be named and shamed, and regardless of legal implications they should be dealt with by the community as they see fit.
  97. Anonymous Member

  98. Anonymous Member

  99. Anonymous Member

    OK so Quinn has a nice smile, so I'll bite.

    My own take on Anonymous/OWS/DarkNet is that there are no real huge boundaries between them.
    Anonymous was born out of a need to exact retribution, and the mask was initially a simple calling card to extract further humiliation from an Anonymous "target".
    The targets may have broadened but the essential message is the same.

    Scientology tried to fuck with our internet, attempting to shut down the Cruise video. It was punished, hard, and continues to be punished nearly four years later, resulting in several high level execs quitting and zero new recruits since their corrupt and fraudulent empire was ridiculed and exposed, and secret documents distributed for free.

    Naturally such a win is empowering. In light of Wikileaks' situation with Visa and PayPal, the targeting and shutting down of those companies was justified.
    Same goes for HBGary Federal. They stuck their dicks in the hornet's nest, they got stung.

    The more Anonymous gets to "win", by destroying and humiliating these self-important corporate entities, the more powerful it becomes.
    So it was inevitable that in light of organized protests against mega-corporations and banks, that the only real weapon against these big firms was Anonymous.

    One very interesting aspect is that - again my opinion - Anonymous on the whole rejects conspiracy theorists, moonbats like Alex Jones and David Icke are in fact the enemy of Anonymous, and so are the tiresome drum circle chanting hippies who believe they have a divine right to attend every protest and arrogantly install themselves as earth's chakra-healing protectors.

    So the OWS situation is interesting but somewhat removed from the traditional methods employed by Anonymous.

    Operation DarkNet is a project that could lead to the prosecution of a number of people who enjoy watching babies being raped.
    One might argue that this is the primary function of Anonymous - to expose the evil online crime networks that the governments should have done 10 years ago.

    Same could be said about the Mexican drug gangs now apparently being targeted.

    What will be interesting when DarkNet gets the full list of subscribers to the baby rape websites - how many of them are politicians, clergy, high level business people.

    One of the many benefits of Anonymous activity is that it is immune to lobbyist groups, so you can bet anyone well-known linked to DarkNet's pedophilia exposé will have their lives utterly destroyed in a manner that the governments of the world would be too scared to do.

    It stands to reason that if the FBI or whoever were to have listened to Anonymous back in 2008 and had raided the Scientology headquarters in Clearwater and Hemet, then things would be very different.

    As it is, in spite of clear evidence, the government has proven to be cowardly in its approach, and this has served to increase the cruelty and retribution factor now that Anonymous potentially has access to the largest list of long term pedophiles the world has ever known.

    tl;dr - Any cop, politician, company CEO or media star who is proven to have been accessing the baby rape websites - EXPECT US.
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  100. Anonymous Member

    All too often the law is far to weak to deal with such people in the manner that that they should be treated.
    If the law fails, Anonymous is there to pick up the slack.
    One thing is for sure - these pedophiles, no matter how powerful - will never be able to remain anonymous.

    It's one thing to advocate breaking laws, it's another to articulate the inevitable contempt for law if law is not working.
  101. Anonymous Member

    Research reveals she also has nice tits and good taste in t-shirt slogans


    although personally I'd consider those tattoos rather ill-advised, but then what the fuck do I know.

    She seems to know her stuff on Anonymous.

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  102. xenubarb Member

    Whoa. Now I understand how this op ran. Sort of. IOW, not posing as kiddie bait on chat rooms, but a reach into the very core of their web to pull out, not a wabbit, but a Perry.

    Anon, if you can pull out a subscriber list, that could conceivably change the face of our communities overnight. If 'To Catch A Predator' has taught me anything, the inclination to fuck other people's children resides in a cross section of America; from truckers to pediatricians, from district attorneys to students.

    I'm sure you're already well aware of the potential, but I like thinking about stuff like this and the impact it could have if "opinion leaders" are tapping that underaged pr0n.
    And bishops, and boy scout leaders, and mayors, and senators, and the local car dealer, and...and...

    It sounds like this Perry has skills. This is certainly a bigger challenge than the derp Scilon sites, and I wish you all success. Not just for the children, but for the lulz of watching the mighty fall by their own nasty inclination to watch children being raped.

    Do you think any of them are sleeping soundly these days?
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  103. Anonymous Member

    I hope a great many are considering suicide, it would be the most honorable course of action given the imminent doxing about to take place.
  104. Anonymous Member



    points like
    just mean nothing at all. The world uses Apache.

    WLTKM about Formless Networking LLC.
  105. xenubarb Member

    People who wonder why anon doesn't take this to the authorities should ask themselves; if their own work found a subscriber list, would you hear about who was on it?
    No, likely you wouldn't, because these people cover for each other as a professional courtesy.

    Anon gonna hurl it out into space and let it settle about the world as it will.
    I have great hopes that there are lots of clergymen, politicians, and other "opinion leaders" on that subscription list.
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  106. Anonymous Member

    Waiting for DarkNet to go after a police sting site...
  107. Anonymous Member

    There is a range of actions involving sex with children that deserve a range of punishments. The punishment should fit the crime.
    Someone watching child porn is not in the same category of criminality as someone producing it, and most certainly does not deserve to die for it.

    People who are sexually attracted to children did not ask for that, and there is no cure. Some of them realize that they can never satisfy this need, and must suffer in a state of permanent sexual frustration. Some of them resort to child porn as a form of relief, even though they would never hurt a child. Should someone caught watching child porn who has never personally touched a child have their lives destroyed? I think there is room in a tolerant society for mercy and understanding for people who suffer from pedophilia but who do not wish to cause any harm. The issue is not black and white, and it should not be up to the mob to decide on what is just and fair.
  108. Anonymous Member

    That person is perpetuating a demand for child pornography. If there wasn't a market, there wouldn't be a supply.
  109. Anonymous Member

    Yes, which is why child porn should be illegal. But the punishment for being a user should not be the same as the punishment for being a provider or a producer, yet this Anonymous operation makes no distinctions.
  110. Anonymous Member

    What if it was all created by computer graphics animation?

    Good, bad or really gross and sick?
  111. Anonymous Member

    And perhaps someday when I have the time I'll ponder the ethical intricacies regarding those distinctions. Until then, neither do I.
  112. Anonymous Member

    Then if you are hurting innocent people or if you are causing people to be punished beyond what is legally justified, you are acting in bad faith, unethically, and you may even be criminally or civilly liable if someone gets hurt.
  113. Anonymous Member

    I ain't doing nuthin sweetpea. Couldn't hack my way out of paper bag. Just commenting on a post that I found offensive.
  114. Ridiculous generalisation about every law enforcement agency in the world.

    The police officers I know definitely do not cover for anyone, 'as a matter of professional courtesy' or any other reason, on offences such as child porn.

    While of course there are some corrupt police - as there are people in any profession - let's not create a conspiracy where none exists.
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  115. quinnnorton Member

    ok, but why didn't it happen earlier? just right opportunity? i mean, i know anons have been hating on cp since the *chan only days.
  116. quinnnorton Member

    1679_69f3.jpeg [/quote]

    Here's a pair of great tits:


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  117. PresidentShaw Member

  118. Anonymous Member

    This is an older Op dealing with same stuff. It may just be that Anon has recently grown beyond chan roots to the extent that there are a significant group of people who are not jaded about cp and looking for something productive to do. Doesn't necessarily mean 'moralfags' are taking over Anon forevs, but if you look at what's happening with OWS there's definitely something in the air right now.
  119. xenubarb Member

    I'm not talking about LEO. I'm talking about the people to whom they would turn if there were important people (i.e. their buddies) on the list. Ever notice how much shit we'd never hear about if there weren't leaks?
  120. Anonymous Member

  121. Anonymous Member

  122. who then?

    Where I am, the police are independent of politicians - which I assume is who you mean?

    I know that's not the case all round the world, but as I say, let's not create a conspiracy out of thin air.

    Unless you have dox? for this supposed cover-up?
  123. xenubarb Member

    It doesn't matter if you produce it, star in it, or consume it. Somewhere down that trail, a child is hurt for your amusement and entertainment. So I don't give a rats ass what you're doing, if you are perpetuating this abomination on any level, you are guilty and should have your testicles fed to you flambe.
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  124. xenubarb Member

    I've read enough about scurvy politics locally to know how it go.
    Name comes up on list
    Gets recognized and passed up to the police chief, who probably talks to the mayor, on up the food chain until they reach the level at which coverups are achieved.
    Seen it many times.
    Not saying it'd be the case here, but likely so. Best to put it out there so we can pick over it with our greedy eyes.
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  125. bluebirds Member

    DarkNet is awesome, Keep up the good work
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  126. AnonCoke Member

    Why? By being a user, you support what they're doing to the children. And if this is a "Pay-to-watch" site, you support it even more, since you give money to the people that's doing this stuff.
  127. Anonymous Member

    Why should a user of cp receive a lesser punishment that a producer or distributor? Same reason that a user of crack cocaine receives a lesser punishment than a producer or distributor. The punishment must be proportional to the crime.
  128. Anonymous Member

    Well, if we get them arrested, convicted and into prison...

    While I'm normally against the death penalty, I have to confess to giving remarkably few fucks in this case.
  129. PresidentShaw Member

    Anonymous is not a court of law

    And I believe there's something about not forgiving in there as well
  130. Anonymous Member

    Likewise, I think it's far better that he died a slow and violent death than released from prison to rape more kids.
  131. Anonymous Member

    There is no alternative to punishing criminals other than police and courts. That everyone is equal under the law is a founding principle of a civilized society, and should never be undermined. I do not want anyone deciding that they are smarter than the law whenever it suits them, and acting to punish without due process.

    What if by some accident someone accuses *you* of looking at cp, say because your neighbor hacked into your wireless network? You wouldn't want your life to be ruined. Due process is the best way to make sure that innocent people do not get punished. It's not a perfect system, there is no perfect system, but I'd rather have a jury system than having vigilantes make snap judgements on who is innocent and who is guilty. And I'd rather see 100 guilty people go free than put an innocent in jail, or put to death.
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  132. Anonymous Member

    No, I totally agree with you there.

  133. Anonymous Member

    This guy was convicted and admitted four counts of rape and 12 other sexual assaults against a schoolgirl. He was not innocent.

    And I'd rather see 100 convicted pedophiles killed violently than one child sexually assaulted.
  134. The Wrong Guy Member

    anonymouSabu The Real Sabu
    #opDarkNet will be releasing logs of actual pedophiles utilizing Lolita City's services. 190 IPs from actual users of the site. And IP map.
    5 minutes ago
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  135. The Wrong Guy Member

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  136. Anonymous Member

  137. xenubarb Member

  138. Anonymous Member

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  139. Anonymous Member

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  140. Anonymous Member

    It was a brilliant plan that took much effort and I approve of all of it but the public release of the IPs. These should have been quietly and anonymously handed to law enforcement, at least in the US, Canada, and Western Europe. Aren't there also special international police task forces to prosecute CP crimes?
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  141. Anonymous Member

    Law enforcement too slow. This was done for great justice.
  142. Matukun Member

    Lets take a sniper rifle and then make party :D Or not?
  143. James Spader Member

    Not. WWP does not allow the advocacy or planning of illegal activities.
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  144. A question:

    If an ISP is informed that CP has been downloaded at a particular IP address, does it have to take action? If so, what action?
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  145. I'm also interested in the answer. Is it nation dependent? If so, any Canadians knowledgeable on the matter?
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  146. I have only a vague recollection, but something went by several weeks ago on the News Front. It was connected to the bundles of new legislation that the Federal Government is moving forward with.

    Within those bundles, if memory serves, is something about law enforcement becoming freed from the traditional practices of obtaining warrants in order to conduct search and seizure of materials suspected of being involved with crime. This includes computers and Internet Service Providers, again, if memory serves.

    Best to search for this on Michael Geist's Blog which has very good search functions:
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  147. Thanks JBN. The other issue would be the ISP Terms of Service separate and apart from legal action or lack thereof.
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  148. James Spader Member

    I've moved dox to the Mod Forum for discussion as to whether it's appropriate to have them posted here. It's my understanding that these are easily found elsewhere on the internet.
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  149. Anonymous Member

    The legal system is not perfect, especially when it is a member of that system that commits a crime. That is not a reason for anyone to take the law into their own hands. The correct response when the legal system fails is to bring pressure to bear to correct the system.
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  150. Dragononymous Member

    In the words of the spokesman of the Dutch Public Prosecutor;
    Someone get me out of this mad-house country.
    The dutch police did basicly the same thing the past few months with 12 other onion sites, and now we get this shit.
  151. Absolutely. :)
    And one way to do so is to pass along pertinent information to other interested parties who may also wish to bring pressure to bear on the system.
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  152. Hmm.

    I guess we have two potential situations here:


    - the IP address is a consumer internet connection belonging to an individual (and of course the billed individual might not be the one using the connection for CP),


    - the IP address is part of a corporate, governmental or other IP block owned or used by an organisation or company.

    In both cases the law of the country concerned is obviously relevant; and also:

    - in the first case (an individual) the ISP's AUP is also relevant (as is that of its upstream provider).

    - In the second case (an organisation) the upstream provider's AUP is relevant, but so are the organisation's own policies - e.g. policies on illegal activity and internet usage. I wonder whether a corporate or organisational entity might also face legal liability for allowing its network to be used in this way, even if the individual person doing the CP downloading can't be identified. There would certainly be some PR implications.

    tl;dr: Do any of the IP addresses on the list belong to organisations of any kind, as opposed to household internet connections?
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  153. The Wrong Guy Member

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  154. Anonymous Member

    Operation DarkNet is that pressure.

    The governments of the world have had ten years to sort this shit out. They have achieved almost nothing.

    Therefore those internet users with the tools to seek and destroy the pedo websites have done so, and have exposed some of its users IP details.

    In cases of severe child abuses & rape being carried out for the gratification of a tiny minority of sick bastards, there is no time to wait for incompetent government agencies.

    Any attempts to condemn Operation DarkNet by the governments of the world should be treated with the contempt and indeed the suspicion that they deserve.

    This is justice. And the pedophiles were repeatedly ordered by Anonymous to remove all child porn from the networks involved.

    They refused. So they knew to Expect Us.
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  155. xenubarb Member

    I'm sorry, turnitovertoauthorities wat?

    Ever hear of the DC Madam, Heidi Fleiss? Yeah...she was in Washington DC. She got busted. Of course they got her client list, but nobody ever heard how many congress critters and other politicians were on it. Total cover up to save the careers of those who know they'd lose 'em if it came out they were consorting with hookers.

    This is better. No hiding, no cover up. Just a lot of noise and finger pointing, hopefully resulting in a suicide or six.
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  156. Sehom Member

    Well done other anons who are the geniuses behind this a lot of people are backing us
    Thanks for restoring the honour of us
  157. AnonCoke Member

    So they ended the #Op? Hm... Kinda sad, really. I hoped they would give the IP's to the law or something. It feels so unfair that these creeps get away with what they are doing. But I guess WE can always give the IP's to the law inforcement, cant we?
  158. Anonymous Member

    I'm sorry - ended the op? What did I miss?
  159. AnonCoke Member

    that's what I got, when I read the newest post on pastebin.
  160. James Spader Member

  161. Anon PTS Member

    See #138 ITT.

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  162. Anonymous Member

    Food for thought for the irrationally exuberant:
  163. Anonymous Member

  164. bluebirds Member

  165. Anonymous Member

  166. Anonymous Member

  167. 00anon00 Member

    See that thread in the garbage pile
  168. Hi All, hopefully I'm in the right place for this. I work for a hosting company who, from time to time, gets used by individuals disseminating child pornography. Once discovered, the sites are promptly deleted and images removed, but no further action is taken. I've been in contact with the authorities, and ASAC, but no one can help.
    The situation is frankly sickening, it would nice to see some justice been delivered for a change.
    Is there anyone who can assist with this?
  169. Anonymous Member

    Have you tried getting ahold of Dexter? I heard he works in the Miami area...
  170. Anonymous Member
    USE THIS ^^

    Additional sites:
    To report an incident involving the possession, distribution, receipt, or production of child pornography, go to the website operated by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). Your report will be forwarded to a law enforcement agency for investigation and action.

    Report Child Exploitation
    - Use the Cyber Tip Line or call 1-800-THELOST
    - Contact FBI Crime Against Children coordinators

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  171. Anonymous Member

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  172. Anonymous Member
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  173. grebe Member

    So Operation Darknet was a State Police operation, likely in concert with the FBI cybercrimes unit. Sabu, an Op Darknet principal, had been turned by the FBI a few months previously.

    Anonymous, you got played.

    Personally, I'm disturbed. Of course I hate the exploitation of children as much as anyone. But I have to hate police powers unglued from reasonable due process even more. FBI agents inciting Anonymous to run search and seizure operations without warrants will not end well.
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  174. Anonymous Member

  175. Anonymous Member

    But lots of people call their operations "Operation Darknet".
  176. The Wrong Guy Member

    That's right. What else would you call lighting a candle, turning off the lights, and asking your lady to slip on a pair of black fishnet stockings?
  177. Anonymous Member

    There is only one way to deal with pedophilia..

    A knife to the nutsack and bullet to the brain..

    Mod edit : No.
  178. Anonymous Member

    We do not condone illegal acts on this forum.
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  179. Anonymous Member

    Even if we agree with them.
  180. Anonymous Member

  181. Anonymous Member

  182. Trolldoys Member

    Hi guys !

    i don't think to take down TOR is a solution .
    Pedophilia existed before TOR and probably after
    the only way is to listen to our kids and take care of them .
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  183. Dragononymous Member

    Are you insane?
  184. Anonymous Member

    Chemical castration is a solution put forward by pedophiles themselves who want to stop their urges and lead a regular life.

    But the state won't allow. Why??
  185. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Cruel and Unusual punishment.

    Don't look at me for why... I am all for castrating them. Granted my way would be much more painful.
  186. Anonymous Member

    Fair dues.. i was a bit harsh, but illegal or not the laws in place do not, im my opinion do as they should..
  187. The Wrong Guy Member

    Anonymous hacks pedophile website - Operation Darknet returns - National Anonymous |

    As our first official attack for #OpDarknetV2, we bring you something that we are sure you will enjoy. One of our members managed to find an SQL injection vuln on a pedophile onion website that goes by the name of Kindzazachan, he breached the servers, and now we bring you the leak of data from the website. We warned you pedos, we told you we were coming for you.

  188. Dragononymous Member

    that was shit, but send a message
  189. The Wrong Guy Member

    Here's a follow-up, from Pastebin:

    We anons were once again wandering through the darknet, and again found lolita city and freedom hosting, the pedophiles have grown stronger since our previous attacks, they grow stronger every day. As history has shown, our attacks were not futile, anonymous put a gaping hole in lolita city and freedom hosting and gained widespread media attention causing the press to constantly mention lolita city on the news, outing them as the sick pedophiles they are. Although our attacks were successful, it seems the pedophiles are intent on keeping their undeserved place on the internet. This is absolutely unacceptable, the disgusting content on over 40 child pornography sites grow larger and we will not sit back and watch, we will make a stand once again with the destruction of freedom hosting, lolita city, and any other website geared towards the trading of content with rape/pedophilia. Tor is not our target, only the sites hosting the child pornography are the targets. We shall return with bear rugs. Chris Hansen is coming. Expect us.

    #OpDarknetV2 engaged.
    #OpPedoHunt engaged.

  190. Herro Member

    Someone find that picture of the guy that met chris hansen and got him to sign a picture of pedobear. Shit was funny.
  191. Dragononymous Member

    No offense, but afaik, that message was first.
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  192. grebe Member

    I really hate to say this, cuz nobody takes the pedo's side in these fights, but...

    1. There are a lot of shades of gray out there. For example, 18 year old boy having sex with a 15 year old girl.

    2. A lot of guys find young women of around 16 years of age pretty hot.

    3. There's a bit of overlap between the wiring for the perception of "female" and "childlike" --smooth skin, shorter, weaker, etc.

    4. A certain percentage of the population are going to be attracted to children no matter what we do.

    5. Lots of people are able to keep their freaky tentacle sex fantasies in their heads without having to fuck an octopus in real life.

    6. Something seems off about Op Darknet.
  193. Dragononymous Member

    1 - 3
    The images spread in the dark layers of that site are nowhere near childlike, 15-16 year olds.
    You wish they were.

    4. See 5.

    6. Something seems off about Anon too
  194. Anonymous Member

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  195. grebe Member

    I didn't look at "that site," and I'm not sure where it is. I was talking about pedophelia in general. Technically an 18 year old male having sex with a 15 year old female would brand the boy a pedophile. Yet I would hate for that label to follow an 18 year old kid for the rest of his life, considering the hysteria around the issue.

    Pedophiles can live normal, monogamous lives in spite of their strong sexual arousal in response to mental or real images of child-like partners. It's only a small percentage who try to enact their fantasies in spite of the upset it causes that we have to worry about.

    Publicity wars are good for galvanizing widespread agreement. But we've already got that. Everybody wants to protect the sexual innocence of children until they're old enough to exert some control over the expression of their own sexual feelings. So a "war on pedophilia" strikes me as a convenient way to win popularity points with voters, probably at our expense.

    Anti-pedophelia campaigns, like anti-terrorism campaigns, can be wedge strategies used to justify greater government surveillance of citizen Internet activity. And it seems bloody easy to plant a .jpg of child porn on anyone's computer using a malicious web site. So I'd rather the public kept a cool, non-hysterical head regarding pedophilia.
  196. Dragononymous Member

    1. I agree with you.
    2. I agree with you
    3. That might be true, but then again you haven't seen the pictures.
    4. Agree on the tinfoilthinking
  197. grebe Member

    Yeah no thanks at looking at the pictures. I'd rather someone else did that and posted an example without exposed genitalia, if it would help to illuminate this discussion somehow. What has been seen, etc.
  198. Dragononymous Member

    Sorry but that stuff gets me banned.
  199. Zak McKracken Member

    there are /b/etter place/s/ to explore that not/i/on.

    I do recommend you send this /r/equest to the experts on 4chan.
    And please post the rest of the apologetics, to get an idea what 'Anonymous' thinks of the situation. Preferably when using < 9 proxies, or none at all.

    Extra points if you can manage to throw in that you're a moralfag chanologist.
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  200. Dragononymous Member

    Yeah great, lets invite them to ruin this place Zac ..
  201. Zak McKracken Member

    It was a warning.
  202. grebe Member

    Well, did I say anything you disagree with, Zac?
  203. I came when you said that
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  204. I think someone like this isnt a black, white or grey
  205. Others might argue that Anonymous' primary function is to exist, and for various Anonymous to do whatever they will, while other Anonymous will or won't in accordance with their individual wont.
  206. This is my favorite OP in all of Anonymous!
    fuck the pedos and the child abusers!
  207. I dunno. The Habbo raid was pretty lulzy.
  208. Well this one speaks to me on such a personal level since one of my little sisters was victimized when she was 13, plus children are our only salvation from the state of affairs of the world.

    Pedophiles and child molesters/rapists need to be castrated and hung by their genitalia and be made to feel inadequate for the rest of their lives, just like the kids they hurt will never feel right ever again.
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  209. I was being sarcastic. I've also had close family and friends who were victims of abuse of various types, including sexual abuse, though I've also seen physical and psychological abuse. I disagree with castration and torture. Doing so not only permanently harms innocent people who are convicted, it also demeans us as a people without doing anything to further protect society. If you think a penis is needed to sexually abuse someone, you're sorely mistaken.

    As an aside, I prefer the term "child predator" used by Perverted Justice and other experts. The term "pedophilia" refers to an attraction to prepubescent children. "Hebephilia" would be the accurate term for someone who is attracted to children in the 11 to 14 year old age bracket with a minimum of 5 year's age difference, according to the DSM. Then, there's ephebophilia, which applies when the female victim is between 14 and 16 and the predator is at least 5 years older. For boys, that age range is from 14 to 19.

    Tl;dr: Torture fails and it hurts people, and for the sake of accuracy, just call them child predators. You'll cover all of your bases that way.
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  210. I know you were not being serious silly!
    But I cat help feeling the way I do about this, because all the bad things that have happened to my sister have bleed over into the rest of my family and have destroyed us one way or the other, had as a root my sisters rape and consequent denial of my mom and my family to prosecute my uncle that raped her, going in so far as saying that my sister bought it onto herself.
  211. Sorry. I wish I could say I haven't seen similar happen. It's particularly fucked up when the predator dies and the surviving family still loves him or her in spite of what they'd done. I don't think it's an excuse that a lot of predators are mentally ill, because they still should seek treatment. There's the tendency, and then there's the choice to act on it. One is very sad, especially considering the root of it, and the other is tragic, and criminal.
  212. The Wrong Guy Member

  213. Anonymous Member

    But BoyChat is still up.
    Updated constantly with information, news and targets.
    Altho this FB and twitter pages advocate the hacking of target websites, I will mention that on this forum we do not condone anything illegal no matter how much we feel the target sites deserve it.
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  215. The Wrong Guy Member

    Published back on July 12, 2012:

    To dox a predator: Anonymous leaks PII of alleged pedophiles

    Anonymous has released the email addresses, IP addresses, and postal addresses of internet users who have accessed websites known for distributing child pornography and connecting pedophiles. The attack, dubbed Operation PedoChat (or #OpPedoChat) by Anonymous, has quickly caused controversy in Europe, where many of the leaked addresses are located.

    The leak also includes some messages between users of the sites, including one that is potential incriminating for Belgian political figure Hans-Peter Luyckx. The leaked information alleges Luyckx is behind a message that reads “I love 9, 10 and 11 year old girls. Can someone help me to find them?”

    More at

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  216. Anonymous Member

    Seems to be a lot of far-right bastards that get their kicks online by viewing child abuse.

    Hope he kills himself if its true. What evidence is there?
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  217. Anonymous Member

    Pedochat has been around for like a month now you faggots
    Operation is claimed 'doubtful' by multiple members involved after multiple false claims already.
    Rumor goes half of the claimed 'peados' are from a stolen database of an online sexshop.
  218. Anonymous Member

    Dox plz about "false claims"
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  219. Anonymous Member

  220. Anonymous Member

    I can assure you as someone heavily involved in this op that all the anons involved are nothing but passionate and believe in this op with all their hearts and souls.
    As for the rumors, why don't you come down and see for yourself whats true and whats not.
  221. Anonymous Member

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  222. V3nD3774 Member

    Great guys ! it is an honour to be part of this.

    Let me know how can i help.
  223. Find your way to voxanon irc server and go to this chan #oppedochat.
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  224. V3nD3774 Member

    I am quite new in this world, can you please shed some light re how to reach this irc server ?
  225. Anonymous Member

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  226. V3nD3774 Member

  227. V3nD3774 Member

  228. The Wrong Guy Member

    Pole dancing classes for kids? WTF!?

    Published on Sep 11, 2012 by NMATV
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  229. Anonymous Member
    This is when pole dancing went &quot;mainstream&quot;
    Thank you Kenneth Star, for one more scam.
  230. You dick. :D <333
  231. The Wrong Guy Member

    I started this thread, and I intend to finish it.

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  232. Anonymous Member

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  233. Colin Member

    Sounds like a great idea! If you'd like i could make some fliers or cards or something along those lines! Just tell me what you'd like to have on the card and i'll get right to work
    come join us on fb and drop the page a message so we can get the talks started.
  235. Colin Member

  236. V3nD3774 Member

    let's keep up the good work we are doin...
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  237. V3nD3774 Member

    hi all, any news here ??
  238. Stigmata88 Member

    Why doing so ?
    It's stupid.
    Deleting porn won't bring back those children.
    It will avoid it by erasing evidence and clues to find them back.
    Many of them are still in jail of rapers house (probably like the sister of a close friend...)

    If you want to do something, track them, watch all those movies and find them back.
    Catch them if you can
  239. dmarksbarber Member

    Pedo bear - isnt really something that can be gotten rid of, the same with the pictures that are on the internet, someone somewhere will always either remind the internet of them, or upload them to a place where people can see them again.
  240. Stigmata88 Member

    pedobear is cultural, like Forever Alone
    It's just massively stupid too think about deleting it from the net
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  241. Colin Member

    Pedo bear is just a joke... It shouldn't be taken seriously. Although child pornography is very real and wrong, pedo bear is just a joke that should be taken lightly
  242. Agreed. Pretty much every instance I've seen of the Pedobear image was in a sarcastic or "that's fucked up" manner, sometimes both at the same time.
  243. Colin Member

    And also I was just thinking. I know that child pornography is wrong but the thing is, wasn't anonymous fighting for the un-censorship of the internet? Just remember when Tunisia blocked wiki leaks, remember the fights and the protests we had and how angry we were that the internet was being censored.
  244. Lrn2Anonymous. Some Anons hate kiddie porn and censorship. Other Anonymous couldn't give two shits. I'm sure those Anons, if they even care enough to think it through, realize the two are not necessarily incompatible. With kiddie porn, children are the victims, and it is in society's interest to shut it and its producers and consumers down. The initial crime is the production, and those child predators should be found and prosecuted. Next, we have the distributors and consumers who profit either tangibly or intangibly from the commission of the initial crime, which is another crime. I happen to believe both should be hunted to the ends of the earth by law enforcement, and that the producers should receive the worst sentences.
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  245. Colin Member

    Look I know what your getting at, but eliminating kiddie porn wont stop anything. Children will still be victims of these terrible acts no matter what. Whether on or off the internet, we cant stop things like this.
  246. Kilia Member

    Eliminating kiddie porn will help some, and some is better than nothin.
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  247. Anonymous Member

    Have you as a young teenager ever been picked up in a van by a man wearing black-gloves and realized that you had then made a mistake as you saw the door lock on your side of the van?

    Have you ever been to an adults home where they talked about making videos while showing you the beautiful women you would get to have sex with along with photographs of other young people who did videos?

    Both of these things occurred to me can't say it was pleasant to remember that time in my life.

    Luckily for me I ran away and escaped as the pedophile was distracted others are not so lucky.
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  248. Anonymous Member

    Eliminating pedophiles will make the planet better.

    Expose them, and someone will kill or maim them if they don't kill themselves.
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  249. Kilia beat me to it. The fact we can't eliminate all of it is no reason to avoid taking measures to eliminate as much of it as we can. That said, I find it sickening that some who are busted for mere possession of kiddie porn have gotten worse sentences than the child rapists themselves.
  250. Colin Member

    What im saying is there isnt a chance to end this on the internet, but we could stop it outside it. Find out where these people live and where they run there businesses. Protest outside those businesses. Make it hell for them to live.
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  251. Anonymous Member

    We can only do what we can do. I am not a policeman, I can't arrest anyone. But if I can help smoke out the child abusers, than by God I will!
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  252. Anyone that seriously thinks that OpDarknet is the work of "anonymous" is right partially, it was a joint operation between "anonymous" and various feds. "anonymous" as we know has died a while ago, before sabu and lulzsec, before WITP and some time after the Ryan Cleary incident. It's #opnewblood. i TOLD them it was a stupid idea... the whole idea of diluting "anonymous" for more cannon fodder to legitimize the botnet DDoS was the thing that started the entire downward spiral.

    Good riddance.

    ~ Dagnos_ -- "retired" anon now i2person
  253. Emma Peel Member

    That's nice, dear.
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  254. I don't want child predators to be killed or maimed. I want them brought to justice and imprisoned. That's a nastier fate in the long run.
  255. Anonymous Member

  256. Anonymous Member

  257. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientology Minister Accused Of Molesting Thetans | The Onion


    Ordained Scientology minister Frank Linehan being arrested for sexually molesting alien body thetans

    LOS ANGELES — The Church of Scientology plunged into scandal Thursday when Frank D. Linehan, a prominent minister who has helped thousands of parishioners move up the Bridge to Total Freedom and achieve Clear, was arrested on 471 charges of molesting alien thetans.

    Police said Linehan, 56, was arrested after a federal investigation revealed this week that he sexually abused dozens of body thetans in the past year and possibly more than 400 thetans over his three decades with the church, in most cases when the murdered alien spirits were left alone with him in auditing rooms after being exorcised from their human hosts.

    Most victims were between 60- and 65-million-years old with some as young as 58 million, investigators said, prompting accusations of serial abuse that have shaken the church to its core. If convicted, Linehan could face life in prison for his crimes, according to California Attorney General Kamala Harris.

    “The thing that makes this case so troubling and so shocking is the total abuse of trust,” Harris told reporters at a press conference outside the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre in Los Angeles, where police believe the majority of assaults took place. “These are unbelievably horrific cases where someone abused their position of power to target those who are defenseless. No one in the community could believe someone could do this to a thetan, a thetan who is voiceless.”


    One of the alien life forces Linehan is accused of fondling

    “Both as an attorney general and as a person with possibly hundreds of murdered alien souls clinging to her body, it shocks the conscience,” Harris continued. “But I’d like to take this opportunity to tell everyone that we are doing everything in our power to protect young immortal spiritual beings and pursue this case to the fullest extent of the law.”

    Federal prosecutors say that Linehan forced a reincarnated essence of life to perform sexual acts on him as early as last week, just days before he was taken into custody by authorities. During that encounter, the minister allegedly assaulted a 62-million-year-old thetan that had just been exorcized from a parishioner during a Level OT II solo auditing session.

    A videotape of the incident recorded by Linehan and obtained by police shows him laying soft kisses upon the alien spiritual being until it becomes frightened and cowers in the corner of the room. Before the thetan has a chance to escape and latch onto another human host, the minister and Class 12 auditor wrenches the omnipotent entity from a fetal position, unzips his pants, and forces the eternal presence to perform oral sex on him for the next 25 minutes.

    “The footage was extremely graphic in nature,” said Det. John Carr, who uncovered “hundreds and hundreds” of compromising photos of the immaterial souls on Linehan’s computer. “What I saw on those tape was beyond anything I had ever witnessed. Nothing had prepared me for it.”

    “You trust these people with your thetans, and they abuse that trust,” Carr continued. “Those thetans, they didn’t deserve this. And some looked like they couldn’t have been reincarnated more than a thousand times or so.&quot;

    The latest revelation comes as federal investigators in Los Angeles say they have “credible evidence” of cases of sexual abuses committed by Linehan as far back as 1978, suggesting a decades-long coverup by church officials. Employment documents confirm that over the past three decades, Scientology leaders have repeatedly transferred Linehan to new compounds and allowed him to continue working with thetans, even after a 1982 conviction of fondling an alien soul in the back of a solo auditing room.

    At the Celebrity Centre on Thursday, practicing Scientologists and Suppressive Persons alike gathered to demand that that the church excommunicate Linehan and formally apologize to the thetans.

    “On behalf of everyone in our church, I would like to apologize to all the body thetans and clusters that have suffered so grievously from this horrible abuse,” Church of Scientology leader David Miscavage said in response to the protests. “Thetan abuse is never excusable, and we are shocked and saddened by the molestation of everlasting life forces detailed in this investigation. But I urge all of you, in this time of uncertainly, to continue your solo auditing and help our church renew its commitment to the care of forlorn alien spirits.”

    While Miscavage’s apology has been accepted by some, others have reportedly not been so forgiving. Religious experts say that no matter what the church says in defense of Linehan, the scandal is likely to have far-reaching consequences for Scientology, with some predicting it may have lost a generation of followers.

    “The church needs to reassure people that they can be trusted again, that people can leave their thetans with them and not worry that they’ll be injured or raped,” Duke University professor Elizabeth Hoffman said. “If you can’t trust your clusters of alien body thetans with the Church of Scientology, then who can you trust them with?”

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  258. snippy Member

    You had me until this:
    Like that would ever happen.
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  259. AnonModz Member

  260. FloGold Moderator

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  261. Howard Hunt Member

    Wow thread....just wow
  262. Anonymous Member

  263. rickybobby Member

    Help educate me on why this is a WIN. Honestly. I am disturbed that our government infiltrated a Tor hosting service, didn't just take down said service, they kept it going and used a vulnerability to unmask IPs of users. It's sad that I don't trust my government to use that information wisely and justly, but I don't. I just don't. Wasn't there a better way to do this that didn't invade the rights of others?

    Tell me what you see that I don't. Our government is using the hideousness of child porn and the fear of terror to erode our privacy, invade our lives, and track everything we do.
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  264. Anonymous Member

    Doing a TL;DR for your fails me at the moment so I suggest a search of - #OPeration Darknet - on WWP or the entire Internet.
  265. FloGold Moderator

    There I fixed it for you.
    If you rather put the privacy of some jack off child molester before the shutting down of an entire empire of child abuse and pornography then you need to just go an hero somewhere.
    if you really cant see past all the shit you're bawwing about to see how this is an epic win then I refuse to waste my time explaining it to you.
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  266. Howard Hunt Member

    Please understand i mean no disrespect,,,, but I thought the whole point was to expose and remove pedos. anonymous doesn't have a jail house some where to put said pukes.
  267. Anonymous Member

    Rights of others?
    Oh, do you mean the rights of grown men that think its ok to have sex with children? and even go so far as to make a national holiday about it for themselves?

    Oh please... Go fucking kill yourself rickybobby
  268. Howard Hunt Member

    Wait....there is a sick fuck holiday?
  269. Howard Hunt Member

    Did I miss that somewhere on this tread?
  270. Howard Hunt Member

    Thread......getting late
  271. Anonymous Member

    google alice day bro...
  272. Howard Hunt Member

  273. Howard Hunt Member

    It won't put me on some list will it?
  274. FloGold Moderator

  275. FloGold Moderator

    i got you a link to a blog all about the sick practices of pedophiles. it is safe to read through.
    just click on the link above this post.
  276. rickybobby Member

    Child pornography is bad. I get it. I am not fucking defending CP, and I am sorry if my post made you feel as if I was attacking you. I am not. I am also not bawwing. I am a reasonable, rational human being who sees things a little differently and reaching out to get some enlightenment from someone I thought would engage me honestly and openly. Slapping me down with an ad hom attack is not productive.

    I don't go on the darknet; all my knowledge comes from those who report on it, such as yourself. That is why I asked you. My understanding of the situation is that there is some collateral damage here that ISN'T child porn or other badness. Dude was busted. Win. BUT... the feds kept his sites up so they could harvest IPs of people who were using the darknet. People who were NOT using childporn or drugs or anything else illegal. They just wanted anonymity. How much of our right to privacy do you feel we should sacrifice in pursuit of child porn?

    And FloGold, this isn't my area of strength, I have not spent as much time on this as you have. Can you not just take a fucking minute and help someone who isn't as well versed in this as you are? Gees, help a sistah understand why this is an epic win and totally worth ignoring the erosion of FOI, or why it is NOT an erosion of FOI? I would do the same for you if you were looking for info from me, and I wouldn't be an asshole about it, either.

    I would LOVE to feel good about this rather than uneasy. But I feel uneasy. Your insulting response doesn't do anything to make me more comfortable with what went down.
  277. rickybobby Member

    Thank you.
  278. Howard Hunt Member .again. What's truly sad is they are a collective. Somewhere in this thread someone argued the crack head vs dealer argument. No not the same,if you want to kill yourself ,fine. And these pukes all gather on the corner and poison the world.only now they can come right into Lil sue or johnny's pocket. Buy any means stop them.
  279. FloGold Moderator

    Im sorry Ricky, but this is very personal to me as both of my little sisters where prey to pedophiles and are now in their adult lives fucked beyond repair. I did not mean to over react but there is always someone out there be it in here or in other mediums i frequent that is all to eager to try and shot me down. As for your fears about what this all means I really dont know what to tell you. Its like a very fine and sharp double edged knife. that is one of those dilemmas that's Ive lived with since day one of this OP. I dont know what else to say. yeah it sucks tor mail was compromised but im sure there is someone out there who will make something better and throw it out to the live
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  280. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Rickybobby briefly- the ip address the FBI collected were people engaged in a crime, it isn't a matter of the government spying. The bad guys were downloading CP from the site, the FBI collected the information. The FBI continuing to run the site for 2 weeks...IDK that chills me.
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  281. Howard Hunt Member

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  282. FloGold Moderator

    just checked the silk road on tor and even they are freaking out a little over this.
  283. rickybobby Member

    Why?What is wrong with you that you are unable to engage in a dialog about the intersection of personal privacy rights, freedom of information in this increasing complex Information Age, and the said rights we give up to various government entities to keep children safe from predators. Wouldn't it be easier if we just let the "authorities" control and monitor ALL internet traffic so they can insure that NO child porn exists on it? Why not just give them carte blanche to search any home at their discretion (particularly all puppeteers, clown, and boy scout leaders) so they can uncover any possible child abuse behind those doors? This is an ONGOING discussion that all civilized societies have in order not to devolve into either anarchy or a police state.

    Why is this not a legitimate question? I am NOT talking about protecting the rights of pedophiles, I am NOT interested in protecting pedophiles, and I AM interested in protecting children. I am simply not as educated in this particular issue as I had assumed that some of you on this forum were, and asked what I THOUGHT would be people fairly well versed on the topic to help me understand WHY this was necessary, and if they THOUGHT that perhaps this had gone a bit far. To take down 20 to 25% of the darknet (see previous article link) to get this guy? To harvest IPs of many people/sites who did nothing but set up sites or use sites outside the "monitored" internet?

    This was a teachable moment you missed, fuckers, by attacking me. I am sure I am not the only one concerned. Again, I DO NOT WANT TO PROTECT PEDOPHILES. I am willing to make reasonable compromises to protect the rights of the vulnerable in our world. But I DO also want to protect FOI and individual liberties, and get unwarranted random government intrusions out of my life. You guys flubbed a good opportunity to educate and win people over to your cause.

    I am sorry I rained on your damn parade; it really wasn't my intention.This story had caught my attention (and yes, I fucking searched it using a more private search engine than google, thank you), and I thought I would wander over here and see what it was about. I will take the one link I was given (thank you, FloGold), and slink back over to FOI and Chanology, never to darken your doorstep again. Consider me properly chastised; carry on with your fist-pumping party.
  284. rickybobby Member

    This is what I am talking about (quote from Gawker article):

    And I realized this morning, after I posted late last night, that perhaps this is not the correct forum to discuss this. The question is not whether it was good that this guy got nabbed (sounds like it has been a long, hard battle to get to him), the question is what damage has been done to the darknet as a result, and if eviscerating the darknet is a good thing or not. It's more about the future of the darknet and where it SHOULD go, rather than CP, and this thread and you guys are focused on CP. Mea Culpa.
  285. rickybobby Member

    Thank you. I will take your recommendations and school myself. I am a Mom, I am not unsympathetic, trust me. If this had happened to one of my kids I would have certainly not hesitated to go outside the law to protect them, as would most of us decent human beings. I am trying to become better versed in the intricacies of these complex issues so I can make educated decisions on what I will support as an activist and what I will not.

    Child porn is BAD. Abusing kids is BAD. Rising up in indignation against human predators is what good human beings do. I want to support GOOD laws and GOOD actions to help stand up to bad people. I want to do my homework so I can make good decisions about what good and bad interventions ARE, without awful unintended consequences.
  286. rickybobby Member

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  287. Anonymous Member

    I don’t know if this speculation is correct, but is it possible that without OpDarknet the FEDS wouldn’t have managed to crack the server….? Details are hard to come by but, at least it seems to me, folks cracking the server helped set up the FBI for finishing the job – there were more than a few server info dumps iirc.
    It’s a perfectly legitimate question but, as you will soon discover, this subforum is populated by a lot of unreasoning emotionally-driven mob-mentality-style folks who tend to defer to the lynching rather than the thinking. They also seem to get quite upset whenever any assumption upon which the lynching rests gets challenged.

    When you post relevant and legitimate questions or raise legitimate points, and then dickheads go partial retard as they have in ITT, I recommend giving every bit as good as you get. Fuck them. Far too often rights of the innocent have been pissed away through fearmongering and hating and lynch-mobbing to sit back and allow such bullshit to go unchallenged – so I say fuck them and let their unreasoning emotionally-driven mob-mentality-style be met with the lack of respect and visceral bitchslapping it truly deserves. Ymmv.
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  288. Anonymous Member

    I missed that this was the FoI forum. Now I'm even more disappoint.
  289. Anonymous Member

    I understand.

    Sabu was involved in darknet. That alone gives me pause in celebrating.
  290. FloGold Moderator

    Its fixed now and in the proper subforum

    once again i apologize for flying of the deep end. I love you all
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  291. Is ************ a convicted pedophile? Can you share any other evidence on this man? It has recently been brought to our attention that ************k in the UK is a convicted pedophile and was sacked from a school in the area for indecent exposure. He has also reportedly been arrested for having indecent pictures on his home computer. We need more evidence on this man, can you help? Let us know who he is, where he lives and what he has done.

    Find us on Twitter @ReportAPedo
    or email us **mod edit**

    And remember .. The pedophile is the one you least expect. The one who earns your trust. They can't hide forever. We are watching.
  292. Softkitty Member

    So how you wanna do this. Act young then send the info to the police??
  293. Anonymous Member

    What Dox? Just a repeated video of a fight in front of a gym.STFU.
  294. Anonymous Member

    Strange thing, pedohaterz, but the name you report doesn't appear on your twitter. Your post is edited until you offer something more than speculation.
    Mod Edir YT removed
  295. laughingsock Member
    Simply disgusting, any and all of these scumbag less than human participates should be shown no mercy. Customer nor providers have any regard for the lives they ruin. The Brazilian government should be put on notice by the international community that action is required to halt this perverse trend. The soccer community should also boycott this event as well as the the teams who will undoubtedly ignore these facts out of greed. This would send a clear message that this will not be tolerated. Surely something with real weight can be done to expose the guilty or shame the government into action. Both would be ideal.
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  296. laughingsock Member

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  297. laughingsock Member

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  298. Anonymous Member

    I support this cause 9000%. Pedophiles are scum. i hate that I got grouped in with the child molesters when I made the mistake of not checking ID at a party when i was 19. So, yeah, I have a huge hatred for them. Grrrr!
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  299. laughingsock Member

    Well that's nice, i have a huge hatred for them because they destroy lives and crush the very souls of innocent children. All for profit and disgusting, perverse control fetishes.
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  300. Anonymous Member

    I understand completely. I think pedophiles ruin lives as well, and i just don't understand what would make someone want to do such a thing. It is mind boggling!
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  301. Anonymous Member

    See this is what I feared was the outcome of your content here. We have gone from your tale of horror to sarcasm about about outrage against raising the bond of a man who is charged with using his son in child porn. Are you saying we should not express outrage? Sorry for your loss. Tell me again about pedophiles.
  302. A.O.T.F Member

    Causes and biological associations

    Although what causes pedophilia is not yet known, beginning in 2002, researchers began reporting a series of findings linking pedophilia with brain structure and function: Pedophilic men have lower IQs,poorer scores on memory tests,greater rates of non-right-handedness,greater rates of school grade failure over and above the IQ differences,lesser physical height,greater probability of having suffered childhood head injuries resulting in unconsciousness,and several differences in MRI-detected brain structures.They report that their findings suggest that there are one or more neurological characteristics present at birth that cause or increase the likelihood of being pedophilic. Evidence of familial transmittability "suggests, but does not prove that genetic factors are responsible" for the development of pedophilia.

    Another study, using structural MRI, shows that male pedophiles have a lower volume of white matter than a control group.

    Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) has shown that child molesters diagnosed with pedophilia have reduced activation of the hypothalamus as compared with non-pedophilic persons when viewing sexually arousing pictures of adults.A 2008 functional neuroimaging study notes that central processing of sexual stimuli in heterosexual "paedophile forensic inpatients" may be altered by a disturbance in the prefrontal networks, which "may be associated with stimulus-controlled behaviours, such as sexual compulsive behaviours". The findings may also suggest "a dysfunction at the cognitive stage of sexual arousal processing".

    Blanchard, Cantor, and Robichaud (2006) reviewed the research that attempted to identify hormonal aspects of pedophiles.They concluded that there is some evidence that pedophilic men have less testosterone than controls, but that the research is of poor quality and that it is difficult to draw any firm conclusion from it.

    A study analyzing the sexual fantasies of 200 heterosexual men by using the Wilson Sex Fantasy Questionnaire exam determined that males with a pronounced degree of paraphilic interest (including pedophilia) had a greater number of older brothers, a high 2D:4D digit ratio (which would indicate excessive prenatal estrogen exposure), and an elevated probability of being left-handed, suggesting that disturbed hemispheric brain lateralization may play a role in deviant attractions.
  303. Anonymous Member

    No, I am not saying that at all. I think your outrage is fully warranted! Im not defending anyone. It's all about circumstances really. There is a difference between a 60 yo man molesting a 4 year old and 2 teens having consensual sex (when one was lying about age). Sorry, kinda off topic.

    I just find it stupid that the government groups those 2 scenarios as the same thing.

    I was not being sarcastic at all. Fuck that guy.
  304. Anonymous Member

    This is funny, because when I got out of prison, I had to spend 6 months in a halfway house, and they made me go to mandatory group counseling with other sex offenders. After 2 group sessions, the counselor contacted the probation office and said that I did not belong there and they cut me off. But in the short time I was there, I saw/ heard some of their stories, and it was pretty fucked up. It's like they do not realize why what they did was wrong/ immoral. One guy didn't know why he was wrong molesting the kids he was babysitting. It's fucking crazy. They just have a different mind set. They don't have that switch in their head that tells them that they shouldn't jack off in public. It's fucking weird. It was definitely an eye opener.
  305. laughingsock Member

    Yes, of course there is a huge difference between a 19 year old and a 16 year old fooling around and a sick fuck raping his own son. And yes I found that comment to be rather poorly phrased to say the least. It sucks that happens to you, but it couldn't have possibly destroyed your faith in humanity, crushed your ability to have a normal relationship, or make you sleep with the lights on. Don't get me wrong, your over 9000% support is appreciated. This topic requires a bit of tact. Is all I'm saying.
  306. laughingsock Member

  307. Anonymous Member

    At the start I thought you were a Ethical Pedophile. I know someone this happened to and it involved a powerful daddy. I'm sorry for your loss(years). Welcome to OpInnocence.
  308. Anonymous Member

    Go team go. ^^
  309. hasnulife Member

    Nice to see Anons going after true evil instead of tunneling scientolofreaks ( I think their chances of reaching their grand goals are gone). Privacy being attack under the guise of pursuing criminals is still effective in terms of gaining public support , especially below the bible belt.
  310. Disambiguation Global Moderator

  311. hasnulife Member

    Public perception of Anon linked groups in red states like the one I hail from ranges from laughable to criminal. Some just see a group of criminals who don't want to be disturbed by government encroaching on their illicit online activities. More anons should voice their disgust at the sickness of pedophilia.
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  312. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Thanks. Agreed.
  313. laughingsock Member

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  314. What about freenet child porn links, should be banned too ! Thoses scumbags, piece of shit don't deserve to live.
    Sorry my awful english :/
  315. I have been watching your videos on Youtube, reading about you in the news and found this site and read, I can't but love what you're doing...! If I knew how to, I would do nothing less but do the same, make life ALOT harder for pedophiles and child abusers, etc etc.

    You got my support!
  316. Anonymous Member

    Oh hai guise. Ummm i found an onion link that needs run out of teh webbys forever. I clicked on what i thought was a gore site. NOT SO MUCH, it's actually a active pedo site for the worst of teh worse.
    These sick fucks are trading OC and chating up about how the love to hurt children. Toddlers. I'm not going to provide a link but their name is "scream bitch". How can we or I shut them down?
  317. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Cross post:
    Hi Disgusting
    These pervs have to be reported to law enforcement
    Cybertip line, give what information you can about the onion.

    This is up to you. You are the only one who has the information. Recruit your friends to help with this. Its a long slow slog. It has to be done and its easier with company.
    All the years I've spent doing this was worth it. Once I got a pedophile recruitment ring stopped in England by using cybertip line. They worked with CEOPS.
    This part of Anonymous isn't the investigate and DDOS part.

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  318. Anonymous Member

    Can i get in trouble for sharing the link? And i certainly will not revisit or download anything from there.
    Also thanks for responding.
  319. Anonymous Member

    If you can talk to a lawyer about your question about the link, you'll be taking precautions. Without legal advice, my advice is Don't.Share.The.Link!

    There's a guy now incarcerated for something like 63 months for sharing a link. His name is Barrett Brown.
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  320. Anonymous Member

    I'm familiar with Barrett browns case. He was made an example of because he was a bit arrogant. I'm a long time lurker here and other places. I just didn't know who else to ask.
    Thanks for understanding.
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  321. Anonymous Member

    Question everything! ;)
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  322. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Sharing a link is dangerous, the FBI has arrested and charged journalists for sharing a link (Barrett Brown, and I think Jeffery Hammond)
    Please contact the FBI at cybertipLine. You can report anonymously.
    Barrett Brown wasn't made an example because he was arrogant. I'm surprised you think that.
    This is really really important that you report to CyberTipLine. The FBI has been very successful at arresting an Admin for a child porn site and then using it as an IP trap and prosecuting the pedos they catch. Your IP is there already unless you used a proxy. Report it and you are safe.
    Thanks for doing this.
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  323. Anonymous Member

    I don't know Barrett Brown i only know the clips I've seen and that can be the only explanation for the thought stepping he has received.
    But iget the point. I really can not look the other way on this one. And i've seen some shit on teh webbs.
  324. Anonymous Member

    Screenshot_2015-02-13-13-14-26.png Screenshot_2015-02-13-12-45-51.png
    Sickos reported.
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  325. A.O.T.F Member

    Excellent work, Disgusting.

    I wholeheartedly agree with Disambiguation .. Thanks for doing this.

    The FBI Had better do it's fucking job, and take these sick fucks out. Instead of covering shit up, and giving "a dodgy fucking deal to sick fuck pedophile billionaire, Jeffrey Edward Epstein "

    You copy that FBI!?
  326. Hey
  327. Anonymous Member

    I still don't know what to think of the guy. Some sources say he full of win, some say he full of shit.
  328. A.O.T.F Member

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  329. I truly believe MOST of us on this planet respect a child's right. So many of these PEDO websites show how humans are violating those child's rights. I also know that the entire planet doesn't all agree with at what age is it OK to have sex with children. Here in the states it might bounce a year or two here and there for an age of consent but can we all agree on say 12yrs. and under is simply wrong? Can we ALL agree to draw a line in the sand and state that if you have sex or put kids in a sexual environment at or below that age that a life time in prison is the punishment? I prefer death be the punishment but I'm biased. Someone in one of the threads mentions babies, that behavior cannot be condoned in any format. I applaud what all has been accomplished by ANON, I am grateful to those that have stepped up to go beyond what the government programs have been doing. I even applaud those politicians who have helped write Bills/Laws to combat such. However I write this today because this child pornography has been going on way way too long. I am trying to raise more awareness as it should be. All Government entities should have this in their TOP 5 things to do. It certainly is one of mine, but I am just a man, I am not computer savvy so all I can do is write letters. Yes I have turned in many websites, to a handful of international and national agencies. Yet here it is 10 months into 2016 and you can still type in PEDO and come across forums where they sell and trade DVD's, magazines, photos, and stories of child porn like some do with baseball cards. People that's 5 years since this thread started!!!!!! The human race doesn't need this, kids shouldn't be treated as such, and those responsible need to pay the highest penalty. Best regards.
  330. Do fuck off.
  331. Again
  332. White Tara Global Moderator

    Sorry, in the interest of fairness Non Calle responded thus to a spammer post that has been subsequently removed. My apologies to Non Calle, sometimes its a bit difficult to judge when and if we should remove posts responding to spammers to avoid accusations of censorship. :oops:
  333. psylonet Member

    this guy currently stalking a 16 y.o all info is up to date, fellow anon requesting people to help make his life horrible. thanks guys
  334. DeathHamster Member

    Not your private army.
  335. psylonet Member

    I understand that not looking for a private army just fighting against hunters that hunt the innocent. I was made aware of the thread and was sharing it. No worries. Not looking for any type of army or what not. Be safe
  336. DeathHamster Member

    You posted unconfirmed personal info via a dodgy Soviet Union site. You give no dox for the stalking. You want everyone to pile on, presumably with illegal methods (which we don't do here).

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  337. psylonet Member

    have a great day, be safe.
  338. psylonet Member

    if you dont know the facts then dont talk about something you dont know about, i spoke to a moderator and its taken care of, thanks, have a great day. be safe.
  339. You are a total dipshit
  340. psylonet Member

    Be safe! Hope you find peace in your life and the ability to respect others that are in the same fight. Till then be safe and good day.

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