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  1. Needing more active members in New Zealand. I am aiming to increase awareness in the South Island, but also want to keep in touch with the North Island members too.
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    Kia ora my brothers
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    This is the only New Zealand thread I could find .. Hope it's cool to post this here.

    PGOx3-ps_bigger.jpg We Know The Truth ‏@endarken 3 hours ago
    3yrs ago we started #TPPANoWay hashtag. It is arguably most successful hashtag in NZ history. Now we are 'threats to national security'

    Police door knock 'known activists' ahead of TPP protests

    5:07 PM Thursday Jan 28, 2016

    Police are checking in on "known activists" around the country ahead of TPP protests later this week.
    Scout Barbour-Evans, a Dunedin transgender activist who goes by the gender-neutral pronoun "they", said an officer knocked on their door about 10 this morning.

    The officer wanted to know what the plans were for anti-Trans-Pacific Partnership action in Dunedin, Scout said.

    Scout compared the situation to the Springbok tour, saying the increased surveillance feels akin to 1981, particularly following the presence of armed police at Prime Minister John Key's State of the Nation speech in Auckland yesterday.

    Prominent anti-TPP protestor Professor Jane Kelsey said such monitoring of critics to the controversial agreement was "entirely predictable" behaviour from the Government, and shows the "disrespect the Government has had throughout to people's right to voice their dissent about this negotiation and this agreement".

    "This is perfectly consistent with their attempts to shut down democratic engagement with, almost anything, but certainly with the TPPA."

    The Government was attempting to make a law and order issue out of the opposition to the agreement, she said, by painting those in opposition to it as radicals who posed a national security risk.

    "One of the problems they've had is that the opposition has been a groundswell throughout the country of ordinary people from ordinary communities. If you look at the people who've been engaged in the marches it's been grandmas and grandpas and people with pushchairs," the University of Auckland law professor said.
    "That's an image the Prime Minister I'm sure is quite desperate to dislodge.

    Continued -

    And here's this total numpty - Cameron Slater, and his hoard of Ork minion Trolls.
    You know, The guy that Anonymous didn't quite get around to finishing off! ... He'll Keep.


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