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Discussion in 'How To' started by Larky, Feb 6, 2012.

  1. Larky Member

    Is there such thing. I have a lot of medical training, and one of my buddies suggested that I should be a Medic at protests. Anyone know anything about this please share.
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  2. Sonichu Moderator

    If you really require the services of a medic... I think there is something wrong with your protest plan.

    All though, it's not unheard of for people to be harmed by protestees while protesting, don't make a habit out of it.

    My advice would be to try and cos play as the Medic from Team Fortress 2. Not as serious, and much more lulzy.
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  3. Larky Member

    Sonichu, my friend said something along the lines of when riot police and soldiers use force against protestess and a general need for someone who knows what they are doing should someone be seriously injured. And thank you Jacky.
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  4. Sonichu Moderator

    I understand if Riot Police are involved but my point being that if Riot police are involved, your protest is doing something wrong.

    i.e. Going designated as the "Anon Medic" and carrying a first aid bag and everything is probably not necessary. Knowing how to treat minor injuries that may occur, or even bigger ones that you may need to help before Paramedics arrive is more in line with what you want. I have a feeling though you aren't exactly talking about protests in the USA.
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  5. Larky Member

    Other than looking at the package, is there really any need for Medics on the protest side? Kind of a stupid question, but Just wondering.
  6. Larky Member

    Lets just keep it at the fact that I've been to numerous places around the world and seen protests from both sides.
  7. WWP has several (four) Initiatives. A prominent one is the anti-scientology initiative.

    Anons have learned that the way to successfully protest the evil, vile cult is with legal and peaceful means. Good relations with the local law enforcement authorities have been established and maintained for a few years.

    Violence of any kind at Anonymous protests of scientology is usually, if not uniformly, been instigated by cult members.

    WWP has an Iran/Green Revolution Initiative.

    This forum serves as a clearing house for all kinds of news about the situations in Iran specifically, and the Middle East Countries in general.

    Petitions, videos, photos and news reports are published on a very regular basis. Because of the nature of the political forces at work in these areas, violence and incidents of people becoming injured in violent confrontations is commonplace. These are often reported on. However, WWP remains committed to legal and peaceful forms of protest.

    What you will find in the Anonymous Care Package, vis-à-vis First Aid Manuals, is information for a broad range of protest situations, including the the Middle East situations, and the more recent Occupy Initiative situations.

    The only time I have been injured at an anti-scientology protest, is when I mishandled a photo tripod, and the mofo appliance bit me and gave me a blood blister.
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  8. Larky Member

    Fair enough.
  9. Anonymous Member

    I do this.
    Medics are needed for health problems found in any crowd- light headedness/dizziness, dehydration, bumps/scrapes(band-aid type), etc. These minor health problems can be addressed by a medic and the protestor told to go home and rest.
    Medics are also needed in the case of pepper spraying. You should carry several Malox- water mix 50%/50% in a squeeze bottle for flushing out eyes, plenty of extra water for flushing the face and mouth. You might want a bandana soaked in apple cider vinegar for yourself if you get caught in the spray. Your job is to NOT get caught in the spray.
    Being a medic means you set up in one place away from the action where protestors can find you.
    Medics at protests should not be fixing people up so they can go back into the fray. If you do this you will lose your non-combatant status with the authorities. If you protest, you will lose your non combatant status with the police. Please do not do these things. Your actions will put me in danger.
    If a severe injury occurs DO NOT MOVE THE PATIENT. Call 911, ask for EMts, be specific about where the injured person is. I have never heard of an instance in which the EMTs did not respond at a protest. If someone knows of a incident like this, please describe it here.
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  10. Larky Member

    O very fun. Thank you very much.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    It is not fun.
  12. Larky Member

    Sarcasm buddy.
  13. Larky Member

    Its what makes the world go round. That and easy cheese.
  14. Anonymous Member

    The OP has a valid point,i have been to some scientology protests when there was a healbot on hand just in case.
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  15. xenubarb Member

    I've never had to use first aid or cpr at any raids. Hang gliding is another story. First aid works, and it helps people.
  16. Larky Member

    I swear. Now with all the medical gear, bottle of water, and tents, and chairs in my truck bed, it looks like an ambulance.
  17. another123 Member

    Next thing you'll know, lawyers will start lining up behind your truck, ready for the chase.;)
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  18. Larky Member

    Ode to joy.
  19. Anonymous Member

    No problem! Add a case of caltrops.
  20. RoflCockter Member

    i have the strong feeling that op thinks chanology raids are similar to occupy oakland riots :3

    wtf is that talk about combatant non combatant, bro did you even read the code of conduct for any raids that are planned via this platfform?
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  21. Anonymous Member

    You might also consider that your appearing as an equipped professional removes any Good Samaritan protections. Rendering basic first aid is a great thing. Depending on the state anything past that could run afoul of licensing boards and the like.
  22. Larky Member

    Its hard to distinguish a professional when everyone is wearing a Guy Fawks mask. OK yea Medics should wear black, but I could be a 16 year old teenage who just read the book and has no experience at all. Which I'm not. But still.
  23. RoflCockter Member

    well i guess if you come with full equipment bag and a bandana around your arm in red with a white cross it could seem legit. also chanology raids usually arent raids full of gazillion people it usually ranges between 10-30 anons, if you say youre a medic people wont forget :)
  24. xenubarb Member

    I carry latex gloves and a knife at all times. Ya never know...
  25. Enturbulette Member

    Ignore all the prickliness here, suspicion goes with the territory. It seemed pretty clear to me that you were referring to OWS and what will surely be going down during a long hot election year summer if you will be in the US. I don't think police riots will be limited to Oakland by a long shot. Best to simply show up at your local protest wherever you are in the world and offer to help. your skilz will be valued.

    From Wiki: A police riot is a riot carried out by the police; a riot that the police are responsible for instigating, escalating or sustaining as a violent confrontation; an event characterised by widespread police brutality; a mass police action that is violently undertaken against members of the public for the purpose of political repression. The term "police riot" was first used in the Walker Report investigating the events surrounding the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago to describe the "unrestrained and indiscriminate" violence that the police "inflicted upon persons who had broken no law, disobeyed no order, made no threat.
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