Anonymous Logo in Vector / Illustrator format is in here...

Discussion in 'Production Studio' started by WagTheWog, Dec 15, 2009.

  1. WagTheWog Member

    Anonymous Logo in Vector / Illustrator format is in here...


    OK, I just spent shit-loads of time searching for the Anon Logo in vector format.

    As many related lings on this topic are dead, may I suggest that these GFX be made permanently available here on the WWP server? Or at least make this into a Sticky, if one like this does not already exist.

    Vector Graphics of Anonymous Logo & Elements:

    svgs (deltadesu)

    Related resources:

    EPS Graphic of Anonymous Logo:

    Animated Video (.mp4 file):
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    If I missed the location where Anon GFX runneth over, then ridicule me as is necessary... but please gimme the ling. Thanks guise!

    – WagTheWog

    SEO terms: Anon, Anonymous, Logo, GFX, Graphic, Globe, Flag, Vector, Illustrator, Suit, Man, Woman
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  2. TorontosRoot Member

    Re: Anonymous Logo in Vector / Illustrator format is in here...

    The large banner could be printed on a large blank flag.

    The other ones make great flyer images, smaller ones make a neat logo for a cap, especially the L (reminds me of a sports team, can't quite name it)
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    Stickied this thread.
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    Miranda... Now Is AValid TShirt...? First NO, Now YES...
    I Dont Understand .oO( maybe my english )

    En Fin...

    Big Things Come From Small Dreams...
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    yeah I see your point.

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