Anonymous Invincible

Discussion in 'Audio & Video' started by trinity prime, Oct 20, 2009.

  1. trinity prime Member

    Anonymous Invincible

    For inspiration and education. Friends and fam might *get it* quicker than lecturing them for hours about "Operation-fill-in-the-blank".

    The will is strong but the attention span is weak.

  2. HellRazor Member

    Re: Anonymous Invincible

  3. EyeOnSci Member

    Re: Anonymous Invincible


  4. afternon Member

    Re: Anonymous Invincible

    Noice- well edited and uplifting.
  5. Snake Member

    Re: Anonymous Invincible

    My parents hate The Matrix, Pat Benatar and amateur editing skills.
  6. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: Anonymous Invincible

    Really great video FTW.
  7. YAHRLY Member

    Re: Anonymous Invincible

    other than the song and the subject and the editting

    was awesome
  8. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Re: Anonymous Invincible

    Enjoyed immensely!

    Keep up the good work Trinity!

  9. Tenebrous Member

    Re: Anonymous Invincible

    Alright, I'll offer some constructive criticism for once. The nice thing about the vid is that you obviously had a theme in mind and stuck with it pretty much throughout so it's not difficult to understand what the video's message is.

    On the other hand, it uses too many of the same images in repetition which honestly gets kind of exasperating. The second thing, and this might be more of a personal preference than anything, is the song. Pat Benatar might have been edgy at one time, but that time certainly isn't now. It makes the entire atmosphere of the video seem kind of dated in away, even though many of the images are of current events. Also, the matrix clip at the beginning doesn't really go with any of the rest of the film's content. When you couple it with the music it's kind of like three seperate themes that are all trying to be forced into the same direction, but ultimately don't blend well together.

    Other than that, it's a solid beginning and obviously you put some effort into it. A little tweeking and I think it'll be great.
  10. WMAnon Member

    Re: Anonymous Invincible

    You show some promise here, but this isn't great.

    There's no actual content being delivered here, anyone outside of Anon isn't going to get what's going on at all; you use the same pictures and the same clips over and over; the end of the music doesn't sync up with the end of the content, and there is no need to thank someone who uglies up your video with his links on every picture.

    This is a decent start, you can do better next time.
  11. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Re: Anonymous Invincible

    I agree with the previous comments, and the slowly typed text at the end annoys me. I really liked the "energy" of the video though.

    Good things ahead, I'm sure. Looking forward to your next one. You are doing a next one, right? (Say yes.)
  12. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Anonymous Invincible

    OP has talent. Take note of the remarks made here - even by the domers in their so positive style - for your next piece. My main remark: as part of your material is short lived, there is no need to cut longer ones (e.g. bologna sandwiches). Each media has its own logic and video is not photography.

    Keep on the good work.
  13. Anonymous Member

    Re: Anonymous Invincible

    FWIW - as a person who is probably as old as many of your parents, I think using Pat B. is a good idea - they can relate to her and she WAS edgy when we were young whipper-snappers.

    I thought it was really good, OP!
  14. Anonymous Member

    Re: Anonymous Invincible

    fify ann
  15. trinity prime Member

    Re: Anonymous Invincible

    I don't have time to play so I'll pick a post that covers most concerns. This one has fair points:

    Some of this was intentional(to match the beat AND see an image it needs to be repeated in some places), some of it was WMM being evil. I'd come back to the project and discover images missing, music out off, you name it. I noticed this doing the last part and by that time the easiest way to fix it without ruining the last part was hacking parts in/out to fix the sync. There are two early places in particular I liked, but lost, in that process. I finally stopped this by "save as" every time , instead of just "save".

    Why was I using WMM? It's better than nothing. Used to have CS3, but don't now. *cries*

    It's called recycling. ;P

    You might be surprised to learn many old bands have a sizable younger audience thanks to the Interwebs (Youtube). But the reason I used it was my very scientific method of choosing project material: hear song somewhere, it gets stuck in my head, I can't get it out until I do something with it. :)

    Just a signature. It can be cut out easily by anyone who wants to.

    I was planning to do some tweeking, but not for a while now. See WMM. IF I was to go over it I owe it to my housemates and future parole officer to avoid murderous moods. :D
  16. trinity prime Member

    Re: Anonymous Invincible

    I agree. It was the only typing I could get at the time with the right color scheme to match the "matrix" expect us. There's a long story about how Youtube Beta destroyed my animated "matrix" background and I promised friends I'd have it at the end of a video... Guess it wasn't that long of a story.

    I couldn't find a similar "text to matrix" effect for the rest of the words. The closest thing was animated typing and the faster one only came in black and white. *shrugs*


    But not right away. I was torn between doing something on Operation Freakout and something about Scientology and child abuse next. Opinion is pushing me in the "abuse direction and I can't argue with it. It's just a downer. And will be a disappointment to people who hate Pat Benatar because she made the PERFECT song for it.
  17. trinity prime Member

    Re: Anonymous Invincible

    Not true ...based on the less scientific sampling of non-Anonymous friends, fam, and associates.

    True story: this video inspired someone to Google "Operation Snow White".

    The most powerful "get it" moment is "The Dead" montage, that seems to motivate people to search or listen more. Test it and report back. It'll be interesting.

    But what's probably true is no one will do that as much as I'd like if it's only on Anonymous boards. Propagation is always a bitch.

    Irritating, yeah, but good luck finding those images anywhere else. Nothing says gulag like in-your-face razor wire!

    K, long night...thx for the feedback...I'm outta here.
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