Anonymous' Free Tech [Programs] (now with mod approval)

Discussion in 'How To Instructions' started by TheSpAnon, Feb 17, 2008.

  1. TheSpAnon Member

    Anonymous' Free Tech [Programs] (now with mod approval)

    Wasn't sure where to put this so mods feel free to move it where you think it would be best., Maybe get it stickied so everyone can read this?


    I saw a small list of virus/spyware programs earlier but have since not seen the list again, it was fairly limited anyways so I figured I'd do my own somewhat more expansive list on free programs you should have.

    [stop using internet explorer if you are and get firefox]
    Firefox 2 :
    Firefox 3 Beta [not all addons are compatible yet] :

    For noobs, make sure you have Adobe Reader:
    Help Archive Videos from youtube, video download helper:
    Help share websites fast sareaholoic:
    For advanced people, archive your sources with Zotero:
    Basic Video editor: ... ag=lst-0-2

    Anti Virus:
    Avast: ... 19223.html
    AVG : ... ?tag=lst-1

    Anti Spyware:
    Adaware 2007: ... 45910.html
    Spybot search and destroy: ... 22137.html

    Zone Alarm: ... l?tag=list

    Surf anonymously with Foxyproxy :
    or Tor [sometimes a pain in the ass to setup] :
    and Tor button [2nd part] :
    or Phproxy :

    Make Firefox more secure with no script:
    Key Scrambler [help protect against key loggers] :
    Hijack this! [advanced users]: ... l?tag=list
    Secure Browse, for noobs to lazy to clean cookies and etc themselves:
    A different kind of program, this opens the page on some one else server, scans it and tells you if it's safe to go to:
    open up maps without having to go to mapquest etc:

    Disposable email:
    gish it:
    temporary inbox:

    If there is a bad link or I copy pasted the wrong one in let me know asap and ill change it as soon as i notice.
    Also open to adding anything you guys have [looking mostly for free ones here]
  2. Anonamour Member

    Re: Anonymous' Free Tech [Programs]

    Bump for Stealth Justice
  3. Edge_ Member

  4. Re: Anonymous' Free Tech [Programs]

    Some more, all free, except where noted this is what I consider to be the best of the best, it's not just here because it's free.

    All of these are free to download and free to use, there is no shareware, and a lot of it is cross platform. There is also no bait and switch , and a lot is Open Source (unlike Scientology on both counts)

    Information gathering
    • Keynote - (Can chose Blowfish or Idea Encryption in File - Properties) - Fantastic flexible program for taking notes in tab or tree form. Absolutely invaluable! no more thousands of txt files strewn all over the place trying to keep notes. Sit's in the systray if you want too.
    • Zotero (Firefox Plugin) web research tool, take snippets from, annotate web pages live in Firefox, incredibly powerful (FF2 only sadly, no FF3 compatible ver till FireFox3 final)
    • FreeMind Mind Mapping software, organize you thoughts, their conspiracies, whatever. (Java based, cross platform)
    • FeedReader Excellent light weight RSS/Atom feed reader.
    • FeedDemon Another RSS/Atom feed reader, was previously commercial, went freeware from version 2.6 (with no ads still). Pretty UI, but much heavier on system resources than FeedReader.
    Web Browsers & Mail
    • Firefox 2 Current Stable (non alpha/beta) build of FF.
    • Firefox 3 BETA Current public releases of firefox 3 BETAS very stable, VERY fast, won't work with all plugins untill they are updated.
    • Opera The excellent alternative free browser
    • Safari 3 betas In the interest of fairness for any OSX users (WARNING Safari is phishing prone, I don't know if this affects safari 3 beta's, but consider yourself warned (highlighted recently by This Paypal Security Advisement)
    • Thunderbird If you like to use POP3 or IMAP mail (google mail supports both if you don't want to use a browser always)
    Firefox Plugins (general)
    • Adblock Plus hide ads from sites before they're even downloaded. (fine on FF3)
    • Filterset G updater automatically keeps adblock's blacklists updated. (fine on FF3)
    • Video Download Helper Download YouTube / FLV Video's easily, and more (fine on FF3)
    • WebDev Toolbar Can be useful for all kinds of things, not just web developers.(mostly fine on FF3, needs hack to run)
    • Google Browser Sync Sync Bookarks, &or History &or Cookies accross machines. DOES support Ecryption (FF2 only till updated FF3 changes storage system.)
    • FoxMarks Sync Bookmarks accross machines. DOES NOT ENCRYPT(FF2 only till updated FF3 changes storage system.)
    • Firefox User Agent Switcher Pretend to be IE, or Opera if a site is doing specific checks, personally I wouldn't bother giving them patronage for such lame code, try mimicking Google-bot for fun and frolics apparently though
    • Nightly Tester Tools This is the addon you need to enable the testing of old plugins in Firefox betas & nightly builds.
    • NoScript Don't let scripts/flash reveal your IP despite proxies. Also MASSIVELY increases Firefox security, blocks scripts from unknown domains.
    • FoxyProxy Used for rapid or automatic (based on url) proxy switching, use with anonymous HTTP proxies from lists below or Tor

    Proxies HTTP(s) & Tor (Don't use SOCKS for anonymity unless you've checked it is masking your IP, many fakes about)
    • Javascript, Flash and other plugins like google toolbar can be used to find real IP, check NoScript to disable them.
    • Tor Do read the List of Warnings and Platform Instructions NB. Tor is SLOW, like remember 56k modem SLOW, but VERY Anonymous if you follow the rules. You can try and speed it up in Firefox using this Tor guide
    • Auto-download and proxy list checking win32 client
    • SAS Daily Proxy List Pages
    • proxyfire proxy lists (CoDeeN filtered)look for Anonymous "HIGH" or "Elite" Proxies, these hide IP, but don't reveal to server a proxy is in use, use the given IP & port in browser settings, or with FoxyProxy FF Add-on. Many Proxies log your access, often you will be shown a page for (maybe for 10 seconds) that mentions this the first time you visit a page via the proxy, an example would be the CoDeeN HTTP CDN Service used on most (all?) proxies on port 312*. This would only be a problem if you do something illegal and they're asked for logs by law enforcement, peacefully protesting the Co$ is NOT Illegal.CoDeeN CDN Proxies do not let you POST so you can't log into things, or post, only read
    Quick Web/cgi Proxies (not as secure as Tor)
    • YouHide This one is the only one I've seen that has a privacy policy that states it stores no logs, or user data.
    • freeproxy big clickable list of proxy sites
    NOTE , web proxies and even TOR DO NOT ENCRYPT ALL YOUR DATA, if you are swapping real names, addresses, phone numbers any personal details etc, the info can be read on Tor EXIT nodes (the last stop before it's sent to the site your browsing/server your communicating with), they just can't pin it's location.
    • keepass Password management program, personally I just have a node in an encrypted KeyNote node, but keepass can fill out forms for you too if you want.
    • Trucrypt The best file/ partition / disk or virtual drive encryption there is, warning : lose the password, lose the data.
    • use to update blacklists for P2P / firewalls etc
    Bittorent is a PROTOCOL it is not the anthropomorphic personification of piracy, just as FTP wasn't 10 years ago!

    • Azureus Best most flexible client, cross platform, requires Java Runtime. (use with safepeer plugin)
    • utorrentTiny, superfast client for windows, tiny C++ stand alone exe keep uploads above 6k for max dl speed

      For Safepeer like function with uTorrent, use Blocklist Manager (link and guide in quote at bottom), export in emule format to
      OSROOT:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\uTorrent\ipfilter.dat (on Vista)
      OSROOT\Documents and Settings\UserName\Application Data\ĀµTorrent\ipfilter.dat (on XP)
      check options -> prefferences -> advanced -> ipfilter.enable is true in uTorrent

    • Pidgin Multiprotocol chat client (use for MSN, AIM, ICQ etc etc) use with below for complete privacy
    • Miranda IM Does the same job as pidgin but does it in far less RAM, better written but needs lots of time downloading plugins for full functionality, so pidgin better for most.
    • OTR encryption Off The Record encryption, secure, and deniable (they can't prove it was you) plugin for pidgin /miranda / trillian no good for Anonymous as everything's freely viewable on the forums but if your worried when chatting to other friends online (MSN is plain text ffs) , this is the way to go.
    • HydraIRC Free excellent IRC package (donations are encouraged a lot on the website but are optional) Not SSL capable yet, or as popular as as the excellent mIRC but mIRC is not free.
    Firewall (commercial firewalls are probably better, most if not all free windows based firewalls are cut down versions of a commercial version )
    • Outpost Firewall Free I just can't stand ZoneAlarm it crashes a lot, and doesn't uninstall properly, often causes people to be blocked from the net entirelly.
    • Comodo Personal Firewall Another alternative, I've heard it's good, only thing in this list i've no personal experience of it though tbh.
    Media (most if not allof the programs in this Media section have better commercial replacements ie: Sound Forge, Vegas, Melodyne)
    • Foxit PDF Reader Adobe Acrobat Reader is S***, slow, and very often crashes browsers. Foxit is a single EXE, and ultra fast. Uninstall Adobe Reader first, then let Foxit associate associate to PDF instead
    • ImgBurn The BEST CD/DVD Burner, tiny but powerful.
    • InfraRecorder Free CD/DVD/Bluray/HD recorder, more like nero interface.
    • 7zip Fantastic FREE OpenSource Compression program, pack and unpack 7zip, zip, rar and more, explorer integration optional.
    • vPatch Delta patch creation (GUI, does not compress patch for you, so would advise 7zip it after) can create patch EXE's.
    • xdelta3 Delta patch creator (OSS, cross platform) insanely powerful but command line patch creation (compressed if specified on command line) for difference patches on files up to 2^64 bytes (17,179,869,184 gigabytes.) It's a linux app port, so "--help" on command line , not "/?"
    OS's and tools
    • AndLinux Seamlessly run Linux apps in Windows (2k,xp,vista), this is an ubuntu based tool, that's a bit like WINE for Linux, but in reverse. no vmware required.
    • Ubuntu Linux Grab one of the best distros of linux and then your OS and all your software can be free.
    • Linux Distro Comparison Charts
    • Knoppix Live CD (run full os without even a hard drive) of linux, based on Debian.
    • Damn Small Linux Desktop LiveCD, similar to above but tiny (50mb).
    • Haiku Son of BeOs if you want to SUp4r g33k

    Google Docs Security Note - Don't get caught accessing TRAP docs with your personal email Google Account
  5. Re: Anonymous' Free Tech [Programs]

    tl;dr version: FIrefox fuckin' kicks ass
  6. TheSpAnon Member

    Re: Anonymous' Free Tech [Programs]


    lol, man i gotta get a mod to sticky this for people, i also need to go and add peer guardian here when i stop being lazy.
  7. rapterj3sus Member

    Re: Anonymous' Free Tech [Programs]

    don't forget NoScript

    Edit: disregard, cocks etc. didn't see it at first

    and installing a different OS like Linux or FreeBSD greatly enhances your security against trojans, viruses and spyware
  8. Re: Anonymous' Free Tech [Programs]

    Add Foxmarks to it, so that people can access their bookmarks from anywhere, since this raid requires shitload of bookmarking...
  9. Re: Anonymous' Free Tech [Programs]

    [Edit: shit, why didn't anyone tell me NoScript was an a great automated security system, lol...]

    David , lol, but could you hack out that unnecessary quote to keep the thread useful ?
  10. TheSpAnon Member

    Re: Anonymous' Free Tech [Programs]

    lol can i get a link to foxmarks, i cant seem to locate it for some reason. also the site is giving me errors when i go to pm so someone get a mod to stickie this damn thing lol
  11. Re: Anonymous' Free Tech [Programs]

    added foxmarks, but google sync is better it has encryption.
  12. Re: Anonymous' Free Tech [Programs]

    Bumping for justice... I r think u should sticky.
  13. Re: Anonymous' Free Tech [Programs]

    I agree this is stickyworthy
  14. TheSpAnon Member

    Re: Anonymous' Free Tech [Programs]


    lol but seriousy i still cant friggin pm, please contact a mod for meee.
  15. XenuChan Member

    Re: Anonymous' Free Tech [Programs]

    god how I love firefox!
  16. lmafo Member

    Re: Anonymous' Free Tech [Programs]

    FireCock is a piece of shit!
    I don't understand how ppl use FireFox...

    About security... i just use virtual image....
  17. Bunny Member

    Re: Anonymous' Free Tech [Programs]

    well,we seem to like having the ability to remove all ads via Adblock plus, Firefox's phishing filter wich has trumped IE's, the ability of ad-ons, and being able to load a page in o.135 seconds. (timed with fasterfox on wifi), and the lack of forced downloads (if you surf in less than sanitary areas)

    Can you load ANY non-blank page, in internet explorer, in a tenth of a second?
  18. Re: Anonymous' Free Tech [Programs]

    Don't feed the troll bunny, they never said they were an explorer fan, they're probably using Opera, Safari, or maybe even a diehard Lynx fan for s000pah sikuritah :D
  19. moose Member

    Re: Anonymous' Free Tech [Programs]

    Free Tech? Just don't use Windows. Use Linux!
    it's all free. (free to use, and free to d/l)

    if you are new to linux, then try Ubuntu
  20. TheSpAnon Member

    Re: Anonymous' Free Tech [Programs]

    but most people dont wish to use it, dont have the patience or knowledge to set it up and settle for windows, therefore lets try to provide them with tools to secure it.
  21. Re: Anonymous' Free Tech [Programs]

    bulk of ppl seemed to be win based, so i didn't bother b4, but I've added a tiny bit of stuff at the end. And added a note or two at the top :)
  22. Anondude Member

    Re: Anonymous' Free Tech [Programs]

    For information gathering, Paterva software's Evolution (now called Maltego) is a great agregator. It searches through a TON of different sites and gives you a nice tree structure to track that information. If you can, I recommend downloading the latest beta of Evolution because it actually has more functionality than Maltego (Paterva got a lot of complaints about its ability to search social networking sites, so they removed that functionality in Maltego). You have to look around for it, but the beta is still out there and of course Maltego is still a useful application.
  23. Re: Anonymous' Free Tech [Programs]

    Maltego looks very interesting but I'm not adding it to my list list till I've fully checked it out, + As it seems to be an online only tool now, in the circumstances I've got reservations until it's encryption status and any $cilon connections are discovered. Thanks loads for the tip tho.


    pls link if there's newer builds somewhere I've missed.
  24. TheSpAnon Member

    Re: Anonymous' Free Tech [Programs]

    haha sorrrry, my threads just simply aren't as cool as yours : (
  25. Peter Wiggen Member

    Re: Anonymous' Free Tech [Programs]

    Track down the firefox user agent switcher. (no link sorry)

    you can use it to disguise yourself as a google bot, and read some secret forums.
  26. Re: Anonymous' Free Tech [Programs]

    hah, cheeky, wouldn't have thought they'd have granted Google-bot any greater access than 'guest' though.
    I stopped using the agent switcher a long time ago, sites so badly coded they refuse to work without IE don't deserve the patronage. I'll put it up tho.
  27. Peter Wiggen Member

    Re: Anonymous' Free Tech [Programs]

    yeah, it dosent work as many places as it used too, but i still hit the occasional forum that allows the google bot to index it, while normally requiring registration to read any topics.

    And if your bored, you can set your browser to Anon-o-browser, and leave the OSA wondering what we are doing when we visit their site.
  28. Re: Anonymous' Free Tech [Programs]

    I think it would be wise to use a proxy to hide your IP if you want to play that game though.
  29. Re: Anonymous' Free Tech [Programs]

    Updated with a bunch of proxy stuff.
  30. anon34597 Member

    Re: Anonymous' Free Tech [Programs]

  31. cowdog Member

    Re: Anonymous' Free Tech [Programs]

    check out opera tor
    one click and ur surfing anonymous
    works from a usb stick too
  32. magicbob Member

    Re: Anonymous' Free Tech [Programs]

    If you're going to mention linux, you might want to add It's a small live-cd.
  33. Re: Anonymous' Free Tech [Programs]

    I did add some linux stuff earlier, but not DSL, added.
  34. Re: Anonymous' Free Tech [Programs]

    Added to my post : note on google document security.
  35. Anoninmyhouse Member

    Re: Anonymous' Free Tech [Programs] (now with mod approval)

    Sorry,but when it comes to proxies,I gave no idea what to do.
    Im using firefox, and I downloaded "FoxyProxy" if anyone could PM me a guide on how to get it to work, it'd be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks OP for providing all this, I was somewhat naked!
  36. anon14048 Member

    Re: Anonymous' Free Tech [Programs] (now with mod approval)

    Epic list is epic.

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