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Discussion in 'Resources' started by Still Alive, Nov 17, 2008.

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    I don't know if people here get this, but "deprogrammer" is equated with how people used to deal with family members in cults. This was like medieval medicine compared to how it is handled today, though the old methods saved many lives.

    It included kidnapping, unlawfully detaining people, and RARE cases of physical or even sexual abuse. Cults use these rare examples to discredit ANY attempts of families to rescue their children or adult members. To be truthful, deprogrammers were often not sufficiently trained in psychology to handle such things, and the PTSD of being in a cult was compounded by a whole new does of PTSD from the sometimes psyhco-emotionally harsh experience of deprogramming.
    Mind you no one has done this sort of thing for many years, but they don't care - it's a black mark to make people mistrust and loathe anyone trying to free people in cults.

    TODAY, helping the brainwashed -- which really is a measurable mental impairment that ought to be (but isn't) in the DSM -- takes the form of "exit counseling" and variations of it, all geared toward the victim participating freely in the intervention. There are also support groups out there, mostly run by ex-members of various cults.

    But here's the problem:

    "Deprogrammers" are just another label like "Psychs" to elicit a heavily-ingrained fear response among their sheeple. This is a good sign they are losing control. It means they will tell their people ANYTHING to keep us away from them. We're not just being mislead and paid by big pharm - now we are the SPs themselves.

    So I'm not so sure about the signs. Maybe for Lulz, but it would probably push the cult's victims farther from their ability to get help. After all, that's what cults do best, and the CoS are pros at it. Let's not help them inadvertently.
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    Re: Anonymous Deprogrammers - Scilon Boogeyman

    Soon they will say we kidnap scientologists and try to deprogram them...?
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    Re: Anonymous Deprogrammers - Scilon Boogeyman

    To be "deprogrammed" doesn't that mean you have to be brainwashed to begin with?
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    Wrapped in this negative PR is a beautiful opportunity for anons to pose the quesiton, "if you are not a cult why are you afraid of deprogammers?".

    I beg to differ. The allegations you are talking about, sexual abuse/physical abuse were made against Ted Patrick aka Black Lightning primarily during the late 60's through early 70's by an organization called the CoG.

    You may remember the CoG from the news a few years back. They were a christian organization that believed in having sex with children as young as one an two years old.

    The CoG and other groups attempted to cast Patrick as a villain, hence the nick name Black Lightning and the allegations of sexual abuse. I do note and acknowledge that Patrick did commit kidnappings and did serve jail time for such, but with largely reduced sentence of one year in the mid 70's.

    From Rick Ross's page on Ted Patrick:
    Suffice it to say that the allegations against Patrick and others concerning sexual and physical abuse have all been proven false.

    The moniker "deprogrammer" was coined by Patrick. The psychological specialty that deals with cult disengagement is now called "exit counseling".

    Although there are still people who deal with extracting family members and loved ones from cults like scientology the tactics are now largely staged as open interventions, much like convincing someone to go into drug or alcohol treatment and the counseling is voluntary.

    Patrick's techniques were controversial to say the least and during that time many people bought the idea of Black Lightning as a villain. Scientologists in the upper levels I am sure remember the news stories about this "crazed black man kidnapping white girls and deprogramming them". In the mid 70's this sort of deceptive ploy might work with all but the most stalwart of anti-cult advocates, and I am sure it is what the cult of scientology is awakening in the minds of people.

    Time marches on. Children born during Patrick's most active times would now be in their mid 30's. Most of the people reading this post will probably not have heard of Ted Patrick. A few will recall vividly the news reports about him and remember that deprogramming has to do with getting people out of cults.

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