Anonymous delivers ultimatum to Westboro Baptist Church

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by hushpuppy, Feb 18, 2011.

  1. Z@Q Member

  2. Anonymous Member

  3. wwwdotgodhatesfagsdotcom/fliers/20110219_Open-Letter-to-Anonymous.pdf

    proxy up or you might be backtraced
  4. Z@Q Member

    proxy AND tor
  5. cookiemonsta Member

    They have just gone and taken parts out of the bible to feed their campaign.
  6. Suddenly, this makes WBC a bit less lulzy. Abusive brainwashing dickhead abuses and brainwashes his own kids. I'm glad at least a couple of them have gotten out. Otoh, I think I'll laugh anyway. HAHAHAHAHA! WBC, United States Champion IRL trolls 12 years running.
  7. Anonymous Member

    ohh.. so you mean that was serious?
    not some weak trolling attempt by anons with common sense to dissuade other anons from this battle destined to bring the WBC more media attention and the collective of Anon more bad rep?
  8. Anonymous Member

    This is one of the dumbest things Anonymous has done in recent times. It is absolute hypocrisy to support Wikileaks and free speech, and then on the other hand silence religious minorities.
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  9. Anonymous Member

    and finally the point ive been trying to make since this lame thread started emerges...
  10. Faggot Police Member

    So....we're in a war with god?.......
  11. Who's talking about silencing them?
    It seems more like most people are just interested in annoying them and giving them a hard time. Let us not forget that if they have the legal right to be obtrusive and obnoxious, then so do we.
    I like this idea simply for the fact that the more time they spend dealing with "us", the less time they have to plan picketing the funerals of good people who's families don't deserve to be treated so cruelly.
  12. MeatPuppet Member

    So you don't like the God Hates Fags folks; Great, no one does. The problem is that choosing to censor them is backwards thinking. Are we not all about freedom of information and anti censorship after all. The thing to do it to hit them where it hurts. Crack open their website and discover all you can about them. Dig up the dirt, as I am sure they have plenty of it, and then use it against them. I wonder what their Tax records are like? I wonder about the skeletons in their closets. Seems to me that anyone who obsesses with homosexuality as much as they do, has some latent homosexual identity issues. Their own failures will undo them, IF you can bring them to light and then exploit them. Trying to censor them and keep them darkened, will end in Failure. It only brings them the attention they seek. Better to expose them to the light of day.
  13. hushpuppy Member

    Oh FFS, the original ultimatum was a set-up!

    From AnonNews:

    AnonNews have classy writers.
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  14. MsOrangensaft Member

    I love this letter. And hopefully, the WBC thing will blow over soon so we can argue about more interesting things. :) That being said, for the record: Phelps is totally a child molester. BUT WE DEFEND HIS RIGHT TO BE AN ASSHOLE IN PUBLIC :D
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  16. TinyDancer Member

    Pull your head in and stop behaving like a patronising git.
  17. Anonymous Member

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  18. Anonymous Member

    Which bit of IGNORE THEM do you not comprehend?
  19. Anonymous Member

  20. so do we have unrefutable proof that the lametards at WBC wrote the initial anon letter addressed to themselves?
  21. it was not us
    if you really read into it
    it is not a writing style any of the other anon press releases.
  22. we cant. that would be doing the sensible thing
    and when have we been know to do anythig sensible
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  23. Anonymous Member

    This is so fucking stupid.
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  24. Z@Q Member

  25. LocalSP Member

    1) The WBC wrote the letter to themselves

    2) If not, don't start something that you can't win.
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  26. Z@Q Member

    i would agree with 1) except I dont believe anything unless I have proof or see it with my own eyes. That kinda does away with that
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  28. Faggot Police Member

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  29. Anonymous Member

    This is fucking stupid.
  30. Xoanon Member

    yes thank you

    i'm getting some homestate stuff together
  31. Xoanon Member

    btw link existing posts of the whole Wisconsin throw down, so I don't have to be a newfag lulz cow and make a post?
  32. A.Non Hubbard Member

    Every 2-3 months some twat comes here asking us to DDOS WBC or to protest against them. It's like asking a level 74 Tauren Hunter to do something about level 2 plainstriders.
  33. Anonymous Member

    Is that the Game?
  34. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    I hate to say this but I have yet to see this:


    I fully agree. Fighting the Westboro Batshit Cult is like squashing cockroaches... Nothing valuable in its actions and doesn't amount to much win doing.
  35. Herro Member

    Hey chill out. I was just posting an awesome song.
  36. A Challenger Member

    Ah, he be aight herro, he just care alot about him heritage. we gots a g-ma from nawlins, wez a bit protective bouts it.
  37. Anonymous Member

    For those unfamiliar with 'Merika,

    First, we accepted their surrender.
    And THEN we kicked their ass.
  38. Anonymous Member

    Oh so sorry, I did not know you were the boss of me.
  39. Anonymous Member

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