Anonymous Delivers! (anti-fair game)

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by halfdark, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. halfdark Member

    Anonymous Delivers! (anti-fair game)

    This was an idea that randomly occurred to me at work, and I wondered if it was do-able...

    Because we are all HACKERS ON STEROIDS I thought perhaps we could do a bit of information gathering on CoS members with a bit more of a personal flavour. Woah there! Put those pitchforks down! Hear me out!
    We select a CoS centre or known dwelling place, then we find the names of as many people there as possible, preferably on the lower end of the chain (the poorest and the ones most in need). We get into contact with friends, family and loved ones and get them to write a letter, or statement or something.
    THEN we gather up a small team outside the centre and call out the names of those we have letters for, press it into their hands, or even read it aloud to them through a megaphone! (with mail delivery dress/signs that read "ANONYMOUS DELIVERS" for lulz).


    I like this plan - it hits where it hurts, and just might actually get people to GTFO of $cientology. Discussion though; is it do-able? is it advisable? I don't think this one breaks any laws.

    hugs and kisses,
  2. LRonRipoff Member

    Re: Anonymous Delivers! (anti-fair game)

    I think this is an excellent idea.
    :guyfawkes: Anonymous Delivers!
  3. Re: Anonymous Delivers! (anti-fair game)

    This will be perfect for Operation Reconnect. However, that means we'll need intel on these SeaOrg folks early.
  4. alsocake Member

    Re: Anonymous Delivers! (anti-fair game)

    We will need intel on ALL disconnected staff, not just Sea Org.

    How to get in touch with families who have lost someone to $ci, and want to Reconnect? Other than the forums, of course.
  5. Re: Anonymous Delivers! (anti-fair game)

    I think this is one of the best ideas I have seen yet.
  6. widecat Member

    Re: Anonymous Delivers! (anti-fair game)

    I love this, even though they probably won't let these people come out. Film them refusing the letters and edit it together for a phenomenal win.

    What about offering letterwriters the option to also have their letters posted on a website? It'd be heartbreaking to read, but if we could link the general public there it'd really drive home the message on disconnection.
  7. Anonymous9251 Member

    This idea rocks. I don't know HOW we could pull it off, but we are 1337 hax0rxz, I suppose we can find out some information. I think if we can stand outside and say, "Bob! We have a letter from your (Wife/mother/son). It says she misses you, she has'nt seen you in years. She just wants to talk to you." That will really hit home. If "Bob" hears, it'd be hard to stay inside.
  8. I Member

    sounds like a good idea, although be very careful how you mention the people so that it can't be taken to be menacing.

    about getting ahold of the family people:

    put ads in local papers, or regional papers asking people who have family scilons that have disconnected to get in contact about helping them out.

    phone contact would be more likely to get responses, but CoS would get the number as well.
    email contact would be safer and easier to handle, but if we're wanting parents more than anything to get in contact, they may not want to email (that's a stereotype though, hopefully not applicable in many cases).
  9. AnonPyro Member

    This idea could honestly work - could someone make up a well presented flyer? I'll happily do as much flyer raiding as possible, if we did this in a number of cities we'd certainly get some good stories to bring to the public if nothing else.
  10. Member

    From a discussion held on IRC:

    - We can put a notice on Craigslist that we're looking for people who are willing to put up public letters to their disconnected loved ones.

    - We'll need to use our resources to figure out in which Org each of the "letter receiptients" are present at the time.

    - Spread the appropriate letters to the proper regional Anons willing to do the reading bit.

    - ???

    - CAKE

    Potential resource:
  11. anon5754 Member

    Google adwords gave out some free £30 vouchers at the end of last year, IIRC they expire at the end of this month.
    I've already used mine on some ridiculous prank, but perhaps there's some anons out there who could donate these free vouchers to Operation Reconnect?

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