Anonymous currency.

Discussion in 'Resources' started by Futile, Aug 2, 2010.

  1. Futile Member

    Anonymous currency.

    I have a bad feeling there's something illegal about this, but I did it anyway :)
    bit of spare time on my hands so I made some Interwebs.

    Enjoy anon!

  2. lokimotion Member

    Re: Anonymous currency.

    Well, you can make your own currency. Though I would suggest not using the US dollar as the basis for it. And then there's the issue of how you will back the value of your currency.
  3. Re: Anonymous currency.

    The default currency is an internet.

    Here, you can have this one:

  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: Anonymous currency.

  5. Re: Anonymous currency.

    As if the United States government has anything to back the value of the US dollar
  6. Cudgel Member

    Re: Anonymous currency.

    They have a really nifty set of printing presses...
  7. Re: Anonymous currency.

    I would like to see Miscavige on the single. That way I can watch his ugly midget face rub against some stinkin' strippers box.
  8. Anonymous Member

    Re: Anonymous currency.

    WAIT! This is maybe the start of a good idea.

    Have you guise ever seen those fake, folded-up bills? When folded, they look like a $20 bill, but when unfolded, they turn out to be an advertisement.

    Could this idea be good for Anon? It'd be along the lines of YFTC.

    Or, does that sort of thing piss the finder off . . . add to litter . . .also cox?
  9. Anonymous Member

    Re: Anonymous currency.

  10. Futile Member

    Re: Anonymous currency.


    I'll see if I can get something like that done? sounds very do-abe to me.

    I will appear soon with the goods :)

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