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  1. Extremist riot Pigs: disrupt a peaceful gathering of people enjoying some really good music. If there had been more people there, the pigs would have gotten their fucking arses kicked!.

    Welcome to "CUNT! David Cameron's Tory England"


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  3. :: UK TEK 2015 :: POWER TO THE PEOPLE ::

  4. With all its political bluster, Anonymous can't shake its 'prankster' past

    A study shows that the media regards the online collective as 'pranksters' even though its various elements take part in social action and political causes.


    Can a prankster ever grow up and become an activist? For Anonymous, the answer is no.

    The loosely organized online network has been involved in political causes since 2008, but a recent media study printed in National Communication Association’s Communication Monographs found that Anonymous, try as it might, can’t shake its origin from 4chan, the online bulletin board known for its raunchy content and outlandish posts.

    The study that was authored by Adam Klein, a Howard University academic who specializes in media studies, looked at every news story written about Anonymous along with 56 operations – or Ops as Anonymous dubs them – the collective launched between June 1, 2012, to June 1, 2013. The news articles in question came from 44 different outlets in 10 countries.

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  5. Refuse to collaborate

    Protesting against the state of things

    Open Letter

    This is an appeal to friends, comrades and ‘organisers’ of protests. We appeal to all protesters & organisers of protests from whatever organisation to immediately cease from negotiating with the police in any form whatsoever and, for any protests currently being planned, that organisers withdraw immediately from communication with the police.

    The police have become the protest organisers. It is they who organise what happens on the day, who goes where, what is said and not said, how the protest acts, behaves, moves and demonstrates. We have now not only a state sanctioned but state organised protest. Be effective and you are liable to mass arrest. Deviate from this meticulous state planning and you’re liable to mass arrest. We must not get used to this!

    The police have demonstrably stepped up their intentions against street protests and demonstrations. This is a planned strategy to suppress effective protest and is part of the total policing agenda of the police. For those who believe that effective street protests are not just about letting off steam or performing a state sanctioned role in the political system, but are one of the ways to begin to achieve radical changes in society, we cannot be debilitated by these new malign strategies of suppression - kettled, arrested, processed, released under threat of being hauled back into custody if we dare attend another protest in breach of bail conditions.

    The state and the police cannot be asked to stop what they are doing or behave more nicely towards protestors – Rights are requests for permission, and it is obvious to anyone at Whitechapel last week who witnessed the officialised extravaganza of police, UAF, Council officials and ‘community’ leaders all performing a protest for the cameras, exactly what that ‘permission’ to protest means.

    It’s been clear for a long time that this type of state sanctioned non-protest should be ended but now its not just a matter of frustration at their ineffectiveness but a matter of the safety of friends and of those we don’t know who come to protest on the streets. All the while that this type of non-protest is accepted, everyone else who doesn’t think it is legitimate, or who doesn’t know the rules of the police’s game, is liable to arrest.

    Negotiating with the police now means putting protestors in serious danger. Negotiating with the police is complicity in the suppression of protests and should be seen as such. Collaborating with the police implicates and endangers anyone who does not know of, or agree with, the state sanctioned plans of the march.

    The action we must take is firstly encourage and pressure all and any organisers of demonstrations, call outs and protests from any organisation from now on to refuse to negotiate with the police in any form. No negotiation of times, dates, rally points and routes of the march.

    While this probably does not prevent mass arrests absolutely - the critical mass cycle ride did not liaise with the police prior to their mass arrests for ‘unlawful procession’ - they are arresting us on mass anyway, by the hundreds. Can they arrest us by the thousands?

    Maybe they can, but what it may achieve is to unify the demonstrations in that we are all acting against the police’s efforts to suppress protest collectively. There can be no false separation of good and bad protestors, legitimate and illegitimate protestors that is used to weaken protests and social movements. No treating those arrested as not ‘really’ part of the ‘real’ demo, or as hijackers causing trouble for not obeying protest restrictions. The complicity from the organisers in this police practise of de-legitimising genuine protest must end. Acting collectively in this way means that we will all be illegitimate together.

    We know that this appeal will likely not be listened to by most organisations and bureaucracies that organise protests, but we must attempt to win back some space on the streets for protest ourselves.

    This is a direct appeal to not be complicit in endangering those who attend by collaborating with the police on the demonstration and cease all negotiations with the police immediately.

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    (One will find a downloadable copy of this book in the Books Books Books, Thread)

    Undercover policing inquiry: officers giving evidence might receive immunity

    Lord Justice Pitchford raises possibility of immunity from prosecution as he opens inquiry into covert infiltration of political groups


    Undercover police officers who disclose crucial evidence to a public inquiry into the covert infiltration of political groups could be given immunity from prosecution.

    On Tuesday, Lord Justice Pitchford opened the inquiry that will examine how undercover police officers have been spying on political campaigners and the public since 1968.

    In his opening statement, Pitchford said: “It seems likely that the inquiry will expose both creditable and discreditable conduct, practice and management. This is the first time that undercover policing has been exposed to the rigour of public examination.”

    He added that the inquiry “will need to examine any evidence of the targeting of individuals for their political views or participation in social justice campaigns”.

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    Psychologist’s Work for GCHQ Deception Unit Inflames Debate Among Peers

    A British psychologist is receiving sharp criticism from some professional peers for providing expert advice to help the U.K. surveillance agency GCHQ manipulate people online.
    The debate brings into focus the question of how or whether psychologists should offer their expertise to spy agencies engaged in deception and propaganda.

    Dr. Mandeep K. Dhami, in a 2011 paper, provided the controversial GCHQ spy unit JTRIG with advice, research pointers, training recommendations, and thoughts on psychological issues, with the goal of improving the unit’s performance and effectiveness.

    JTRIG’s operations have been referred to as “dirty tricks,” and Dhami’s paper notes that the unit’s own staff characterize their work using “terms such as ‘discredit,’ promote ‘distrust,’ ‘dissuade,’ ‘deceive,’ ‘disrupt,’ ‘delay,’ ‘deny,’ ‘denigrate/degrade,’ and ‘deter.’” The unit’s targets go beyond terrorists and foreign militaries and include groups considered “domestic extremist,” criminals, online “hacktivists,” and even “entire countries.”

    Continued -
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    GCHQ -

    What will they say when they have finally been kettled? Will they say - We were only following orders? Just as the Nazi's had done.

  12. video at link:
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    Anonymous call on protesters to 'bring a tent and a mask' as up to 70,000 are expected for Manchester Tory conference


    Up to 70,000 demonstrators are expected to converge on Manchester for this year’s Conservative party conference - including direct action groups with tents.

    A huge anti-austerity protest planned for the start of October could be the biggest ever seen in the city.
    The Trades Union Congress has called for a national day of demonstration against the government on Sunday, October 4 - while the Socialist Workers Party and activist groups such as Anonymous, Occupy and the People’s Assembly are all separately rallying their supporters.

    Up to 70,000 demonstrators are expected to converge on Manchester for this year’s Conservative party conference - including direct action groups with tents.

    A huge anti-austerity protest planned for the start of October could be the biggest ever seen in the city.
    The Trades Union Congress has called for a national day of demonstration against the government on Sunday, October 4 - while the Socialist Workers Party and activist groups such as Anonymous, Occupy and the People’s Assembly are all separately rallying their supporters.

    Underground activists Anonymous have posted a video online calling for people to ‘bring a tent and a mask’ to Manchester for the rally following the council’s controversial action to move on the city’s homeless camp.
    “We have come from the internet to show you how to change things,” says the masked speaker, adding: “Expect us.”

    The direct action group Occupy, which has been involved in several previous protests in the city, said in an online advert for October’s demonstration: “We’re going to make perfectly clear that they’re not welcome here.”

    Anti-austerity group The People’s Assembly has already held meetings to organise their action and have warned online that they plan to ‘steal the headlines and disrupt the narrative’ of the government, adding: “The anti-austerity movement will be the sea of red that surrounds the dot of Tory blue.”

    Trade unionists and Labour supporters are likely to make up many of the demonstrators.
    Lynn Collins, North West TUC Regional Secretary, said: “The rally and march in Manchester will have a clear message to the government that they need to change course and thousands will be saying no to austerity and yes to workers’ rights, no to austerity and yes to a pay rise, no to austerity and yes to valued public services.”

    The so-called ‘ring of steel’ used at previous conferences is expected to return once again for the event, which takes place from Sunday, October 4 to Wednesday, October 7.

    Source -

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    Jeremy Corbyn Daily Mail Armageddon is here..


  15. Will you be attending or will things be too hectic there?
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    We'll all be involved in the ultracoordinated motherfuckery. Will you?

  17. Always am.

    However we are eagerly anticipating meeting with you, we being the main body on the day.
    We have heard how you support us so vigorously and we'd love to extend our hospitality to your good self.
  18. At some stage when it's more convenient I'll sign in and pm you AOTF,?
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    Funny you should say that, as I was just going to say, that posting as a guest, garners one not one jot of credibility. I await with bated breath.
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    I'm not sure why they'd want to get really serious anyway. The trickster is my favorite archetypal figure...they disrupt social conventions and playfully get away with it.
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    ^^discredit,’ promote ‘distrust,’ ‘dissuade,’ ‘deceive,’ ‘disrupt,’ ‘delay,’ ‘deny,’ ‘denigrate/degrade,’ and ‘deter.’”

    How fucking predictable you all are.
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    KTUjHhQX_bigger.png Anonymous@YourAnonCentral
    Aren't you tired of living in a society that treats the victims of these criminals as being a refugee, displaced, or killed was normal?


    Let's Bomb Syria.. Worlds largest Arms Fair!!

    https:// mLPsnz-w_bM
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    Occupy Protesters Treated Like Terrorists By London Police

    Fuck Project Fawn and the horses they rode in on! We're so fucking sick to death of this sick fuck, right wing bullshit propaganda.

    DSEi Arms Fair London 2015: Activists versus Thales Bushmaster 08/09/15

    OCCUPY THE ARMS FAIR, 7-12 September, 2015

    Reasons to Occupy the Arms Fair - Refugees

    UK: Police arrest pro-Palestinian activist ahead of DSEI arms fair

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    Stop the Arms Fair Week of Action


    A coalition of 26 anti-war organizations known as “Stop the Arms Fair” has launched a week of action centered around a large military industry conference being held in London over the next week.

    The Defense & Security Equipment International event at the ExCeL exhibition center garners “over 32,000 attendees,” according to their official website. Over 1500 exhibitors display the latest military technology to “to level international military staff, major procurement officials, and the entire industry supply chain, from large prime contractors to supplying companies.” Companies are encouraged to show off their latest products to “win international business.”

    Continued -
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    Arms Fair: A huge thanks to Mark for the following updates

    Campaign Against the Arms Trade

    Horrific scenes at arms fair

    Sam the Quaker

    Pedagogy of the Oppressed at the Arms Fair

    Police turn up with cutting equipment

    OMG arms fair



    Wow unbelievable

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    Hacking Team are war criminals, DSEI are war criminals, their security is shit... They should have expected us.

    Arms fair's cyber security breached

    Anarchists calling themselves the 'Information Liberation Front' (ILF) have leaked documents to the Indymedia UK website, which show that they were able to gain access to Hacking Team's company EZONE account on the DSEI arms fair's website and register a fake exhibitor at the fair. DSEI is one of the world's biggest arms fairs and is taking place in London's Docklands today. Hacking Team is a cyber surveillance company, which is exhibiting at the fair.

    The security breach comes after several activists managed to breach DSEI's physical security and get into the fair (see here and here).

    This message was posted by the ILF with the leaked documents: “Hacking Team are war criminals, DSEI are war criminals, their security is shit... They should have expected us”.

    Hacking Team have been hacked before. The company, which sells hacking technology to governments, police forces and corporations worldwide, had its security breached in July 2015. 400 gigabytes of the company's private data was leaked, including a customer list.

    At the time the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Centro Nacional de Inteligencia in Spain, the Muhabarrat al A'amah in Saudi Arabia, The Egyptian MOD and the Turkish National Police were among Hacking Team's list of clients. Private companies such as Barclays Bank and Deutsche Bank were also Hacking Team customers. Elbit, the leading Israeli drone manufacturer, was in partnership with Hacking Team.

    The ILF leak also revealed the information sent to exhibitors at DSEI by Clarion Events, the company hosting the fair. This includes detailed site plans for the fair, details of speakers and events, security information, and information on how to import weapons to the UK to exhibit at the fair.
    Many government and army personnel participated in the fair, including Michael Fallon, the Defence Secretary, Philip Dunne, the Minister of State for Defence Procurement, and the Chiefs of Staff for the air force, army and navy (see here).

    The leaked documents show that DSEI exhibitors are able to request time with the hundreds of visiting government delegations during the DSEI arms fair, in order to promote arms sales.

    Source -
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    What the British are really laughing about


    The rituals and secret-keeping of Britain’s privately educated elites are a cornerstone of Conservative Party unity.

    Whether or not it’s true, the Internet has decided for the time being that British Prime Minister David Cameron probably put his private parts into the mouth of a dead pig when he was at Oxford. The allegations have been made by extremely well-connected Establishment figures, former Conservative Party Deputy Chairman Lord (Michael) Ashcroft, and former Sunday Times political editor Isabel Oakeshott, and the story is published in the Daily Mail, which makes this the highest possible tier of character assassination in British politics.

    Ashcroft’s goal is, according to the Mail, “revenge”. In the years leading up to Cameron taking office in 2010, the tax-dodging billionaire had donated over £8 million to the Conservative Party, bailing them out of debt after their disastrous election defeat in 2005. He had worked as Treasurer and later Deputy Chairman of the party, helping to manage them back to an electable public image under Cameron. Yet Ashcroft had expected that he would be given high office in exchange for this, and Cameron didn’t pay up when the time came. It now appears Ashcroft has spent the last five years compiling his new book, Call Me Dave, in which the pig story and other damning allegations about the Prime Minister are made.

    Outsiders to the British cultural landscape are focusing on the central detail that a leader of a G8 country screwed a dead pig, because it’s hilarious. But the howling laughter of the British themselves goes deeper than just schadenfreude at a man doing something disgusting and getting caught – this is about class.

    When Cameron was at Oxford, he was a member of several secret societies of rich young men. The most famous of these is the Bullingdon Club, after which Yale’s infamous Skull and Bones is fashioned. The aim of the Bullingdon Club is ostensibly to dress up fancy with the chaps, get blind drunk at an expensive restaurant or private dining room, and trash the place – because they can afford to pay for the damages without doing a day’s work. Among their known initiation rites, they are said to have to burn a £50 bill in front of a homeless person.

    Burning money in front of a homeless person isn’t just intended to be a nasty prank, it serves to train a Bullingdon boy’s senses, to make other humans seem somehow less. That David Cameron and his allies George Osborne and Boris Johnson have all done this, and that they have all presided over a sharp spike in homelessness in London and throughout the UK, are not coincidental. The MP who provided Lord Ashcroft with the details of the pig story attended one meeting of the expensive club but left in disgust because ‘it was all about despising poor people’.

    And thus part of the reason why the British are so ready to believe Lord Ashcroft’s story, aside from the fact that Ashcroft is a top-tier Establishment figure in a country with absurdly plaintiff-friendly libel laws, is that Cameron’s ideological training is already well understood by the public. There is nothing likable about such a background, particularly when the ruling class it produces is waging a war on the poor and disabled that would have made Thatcher blush.

    So to then hear that the guy at the top of that pyramid was peer-pressured into putting his dick in a pig’s mouth or risk not being included in a club of nasty, entitled people, it creates a much more satisfying reaction than mere laughter. A figure of terror becomes a figure of ridicule, a reversal like the boggarts in Harry Potter, who impersonate your worst nightmares until you can cast a spell on them that makes them look absurd.

    The pig scandal that now has the world laughing at Cameron wasn’t from the Bullingdon Club but the Piers Gaverston, less well-known (until this week), but with a reputation for bizarre sexual rituals and initiation rites. Where the Bullingdon boys built their fraternity around shared values of hating the poor, the Piers Gaverston was about sexual humiliation and the creation of shared secrets. Its structural function is as an agreement of mutually assured destruction between the rulers of tomorrow – I know your secret and you know mine, so let’s stay on the same side, yeah?

    This forms one of the core mechanics of the British ruling class – why reveal someone’s dirty little secret when you can keep schtum about it and control them? This forms the basis of the parliamentary whipping system, where the Chief Whip of each respective party is expected to have an arsenal of dirt locked away in their office so that when the time comes, their party leader can ‘whip’ rebellious backbenchers with threats that sometimes include leaking that story about you that you really don’t want to be leaked.

    In this elite culture not all corruption is financial. When it comes to the top of British politics, sound character and a clean record do not make you an asset. You’ll have a hard time joining unless they can confirm that you are scum – and can make sure that the public don’t know about it.

    In each case, Thatcher is now thought to have been warned by security services about the deviancy of these men, but is alleged to have studiously ignored it. When it comes to secret-keeping and elite power, it is not out of the question that in knowing they were child abusers, Thatcher would have had political leverage over these allies of hers, and so promoting them would have helped her strengthen her own power while in office.

    The parliamentary child abuse scandal is horrifying enough on its own terms, but beyond that it has also further undermined public trust in Westminster, already increasingly despised for being out-of-touch and unaccountable after financial crises and expenses scandals turn in a unsatisfyingly low number of scalps for voters to collect.

    Where this relates to Cameron’s little mishap is that the public are already exhausted to the point of raw antipathy with the way Westminster power works, as a marketplace of secrets among unaccountable elites. Our politicians might be screwing children, but the ones who could help us to find out about it are making sure that story is blocked. When that kind of behavior is the norm, the British public can’t really be blamed for believing that their PM put his knob into a pig to join a secret society. This, too, is probably normal to these people.

    Something grievously misunderstood by many members of the British ruling class is that they believe hatred of the ‘Bullingdon boy’ archetype comes from mere jealousy. The vast majority of the privately educated men who run the country really think that everyone wants to be more like them, and that therefore any criticism of elites comes first and foremost from envy.

    This is in large part because one of the core beliefs instilled into the 7% of pupils who attend Britain’s divisive independent schools is that of meritocracy. This despite the fact that not only can most people not afford to send their children to these fee-paying schools, the ones who do attend them end up getting an easy ladder up to high society. They make up a third of MPs, nearly half of all newspaper columnists, a majority of Lords, diplomats and senior civil servants, and over 70% of senior judges. It is common knowledge that the old boys’ network looks after its own.

    The Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne (also of the Bullingdon Club), was criticized by charities representing poor and disabled people whose economic and household security was ruined by his reforms. He dismissed them as “anti-business” and gave tax breaks to millionaires (half of whom, incidentally, went to independent schools) in the name of “fairness”.

    And David Cameron himself often likes to talk about the supposed existence of meritocracy in the United Kingdom. He, too, went to Eton before joining the Bullingdon Club and the Piers Gaverston. He is one of the most vocal Conservatives when it comes to championing the ideology of meritocracy, telling poor people and ethnic minorities that their lack of social climbing is because they lack “aspiration”, and that ‘free’ markets (that is, unregulated financial bonanzas, by his allegiances) “can make you a better person”.

    Separate from what he says, however, his government has significantly increased inequality and decreased social mobility, making it even harder for people outside of his privileged background to fulfill the meritocratic values he regularly trumpets.

    The wound of that hypocrisy was already festering before Lord Ashcroft punished him this week for breaking the rules of the ritual: that you will obey the people who made you, or you will be humiliated. This wasn’t, as some have said, young men being silly. Not if the secrets being kept are designed by powerful men to keep other powerful men under control. That kind of arrangement is the antithesis of democracy.

    And it is also the antithesis to the meritocracy they proclaim. Not just because it’s rich boys getting an easy ride to the top – we already knew that – but because David Cameron’s nasty little scandal speaks to a suspicion many people already have: that in British society, you don’t get to become Prime Minister because you’re talented or because you work hard. You don’t even get there just because you’re rich. You get there by traumatizing the homeless and skull-fucking a dead pig, and that ritual gives you power because you have demonstrated utter, pathetic submission to your fellow oligarchs.

    That is why we’re laughing.

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    Cameron's Christmas message hails 'Christian' Britain and praises armed forces

    In an address with some uncanny echoes of the Conservative party’s key general election message, the prime minister said: “If there is one thing people want at Christmas, it’s the security of having their family around them and a home that is safe.”

    UK homelessness rising faster among minority ethnic groups, Labour says

    Severe homelessness among minority ethnic communities has risen much faster than in the general population in the last three years, an analysis by Labour has found.
    In figures described as a national disgrace

    continued -

    He's out of touch with reality, and a complete fucking TWAT!

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    Wait wut? The UK's leaderfag fucked a dead pig with a bunch of guys watching? Damn I am late to the party.

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