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Discussion in 'Other Countries' started by Dean West, Apr 5, 2013.

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  1. Dean West Member

  2. rof Member

    Yes, us and facebook.

    You call that a knife?
  3. I see people making pages all the time. 99 percent of them are doing it for likes and are fans boys of the idea anonymous... Million pages the same why make another one
  4. auzie anon Member

    i have seen your page. you post the real stuff.
  5. Anonymous Member

    This thread should never have been necro'd.
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  6. A.O.T.F Member



    Commiserations Aussie Anons. You must all be shaking your heads in disbelief yeah.
  7. auzie anon Member

    i think you will find that this is of closer representation :p

  8. Does anybody know when the Million Masks March is happening in Melbourne? I know it is on November 5 just not sure what time!!
  9. auzie anon Member


    Commiserations Aussie Anons. You must all be shaking your heads in disbelief yeah.[/quote]
    80% of the people i talk to say they did not vote for abbot... and yet he is still in power... god help us all.
  10. Abbot in power, we are doooooooooooomed, but he 'might' turn out to be a decent prime-minister, might.
  11. coelacanth Member

    by the bye, newfriend, this thread is:

    -several months old (check the dates)
    -almost all the posts actually mocking the OP

    There may well be a resurrection of the Australian cohort of anon, but probably not here.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    It's disappointing that some decent Aussie groups have died off, particular the Sydney group. Even more so after Xenophon and the effort that went into that project, which had some seriously talented folks involved.

    Failbook is a double edged sword when it comes to using it as a tool for anonymous activism, particularly when it comes to organising a localised group. The barrier for entry on using Failbook is really really low, removing almost all of the technical barriers needed to provide a functioning online hub for a given group. Sadly, with that lowered barrier any nutjob or idiot can set up a page and proclaim it to be the home of the 'Anonymous Lower East Bumfuck' group – and often with disastrous results.

    Still a shame about the Aussies.
  13. Don't let it die guys, we are here but we need someone to take the first couple of steps for us!
  14. Yes we are still here, I am thinking about trying to find more like minded individuals to join us and make our presence in Australia known more widely.
  15. Don't think, do. If you have the capabilities, then please, do. For the sake of the 99% do.
  16. auzie anon Member

    you would be surprised when you ask people if they have heard of anonymous. i know quite a few people who support the ideas
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