Anonymous Argentina: Scientology Book Burn with Petete and Eevey

Discussion in 'Finished Projects' started by EeveyFawkes, Nov 13, 2011.

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  1. EeveyFawkes Member

    Petete and I got rid of my old Freezone certificates and Scientology Books, (Dianetics and A History of Man) and personally I can't think of anyone else I would have rather shared that moment with seeing as it was Petete who opened my eyes and got me out.
    Thank you Petete,
    I love you <3

    Part 1

    Part 2

    For the whole story check out our blogs
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  2. I bet that felt therapeutic. Good for you.
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  3. EeveyFawkes Member

    Yeah, it did =)
    thank you
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  4. Anonymous Member

    good to see another Freezoner waking up!
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  5. Anonymous Member

    Good for you OP.
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  6. Petete Member

    You're welcome, thank YOU love.
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  7. Argentina Anonymous expansion! Welcome out Eevey (nice handle btw).
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  8. EeveyFawkes Member

    hugs & kisses
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  9. EeveyFawkes Member

    The Freezone is just the same as the church only smaller and with less money
    I wish more people would realize this

    Thank you Enturb =)
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  10. Sonichu Moderator

    Enjoy this internet caek I googled &quot;cake&quot; baked just for you!

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  11. EeveyFawkes Member

    aww thank you, good to know the caek is not a lie :)
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  12. Strixcoil Moderator

    Funny, I actually was talking about this videos some hours ago.
    I must say that, even though I'm happy for Eevey (hello there, nice to meet you), the fact of burning a book is (for my taste) hideous. I don't care if the book is shitty, I consider they shouldn't be burned.

    If the point was to kill what was making you feel bad, I think that it was already done way before the flames touched the pages. Ideas can be burned, even if in the movie of V of Vendetta they say you can't kill ideas.
    Books are just "messengers" of ideas, and you never kill the messenger.

    But again, that's just my point of view. Sorry if I'm not over cheerful with this, that's the way I was raised and shit, probably. lol

    Apart of that, good to know from you, Argie Anons. I thought you vanished, truth be told.
    I mean, I haven't seen any post lately from the Argie Anons, apart of Caleb.

    Edited because I felt I was being harsh. Sorry about that.
  13. Anonymous Member

    I remember the satisfaction I felt burning my old Quant Analysis texts and notes. With far less reason undoubtedly than Eevey had for her little arson escapade. To be fair she wasn't encouraging large scale scientology book burning. :)
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  14. Anonymous Member

    I have no problem with burning clam books. They are a good source of fuel, it's better than burning wood.
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  15. Anonymous Member

    The best way to dispose of Scientology books is quietly and without sorrow.
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  16. BUT WAIT, who's that lurking behind the caek?

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  17. Sonichu Moderator

    Jesus Christ! Get the SHotgun!!

    Oh wait... it's Xenu! Our lord and master! Pfizer promised you would return to us! Sorry Argentina Anons, Xenu deserves this caek, because he died for your sins! (or something like that) I'll bake you a new one.
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  18. Petete Member

    [redacted], we know its you, stop pretending you are someone else just because now you are [redacted].
    I guessed you was not going to like the book burning. Join the osa trolls, you will feel better between them since you obviously dont feel very good with us.
    Argie Anons never vanished since 2009 (before you, btw). You are talking to the guy who started it, who recruited you, (even when you say we dont recruit to the people who wants to join, great halp), and who will never end it. So if you dont hear about us, maybe the reason is that we consider that posting on the spanish side of wwp since you are [redacted] (and we dont like how you cut conversation without any reason) is a waste of time.
    I dont want to import drama, but you could try to stop acting like a fool.

    mod edit: dox redacted
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  19. EeveyFawkes Member

    Very interesting. Do not play with me, I was played with for 3 years by Scientology and frankly I do not need it from you of all people, [redacted]. Do not pretend to be my friend. You are not my friend.

    As for burning the books I feel no regret. Whereas if I had just gotten rid of them by giving them away I would have felt worse because it would mean that I was allowing those books to go on to get more people into Scientology. Unless thats what you want [redacted]? Is it?

    Maybe you should actually do some research on exactly what Scientology is and does to people. If you upon doing real research of the effects this cult has on it's members and no I do not just mean monetary wise but mentally and physically and you still think burning the books is bad I suggest that you look more closely at your own character.

    Personally I would love nothing more than to burn every scrap of every book that ever came from Hubbard and I feel no regret for that, none at all and I do not think I should.

    Deal with it.

    [redacted] leave me alone.
    [redacted] I'm not your friend, do not act like it.
    I have no regrets.

    mod edit: dox redacted
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  20. Petete Member

    And dont worry my love, she is just another jealous person (of the many) who tried to get between us, trying to ruin something beautiful (our love, this video), failing, of course.
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  21. EeveyFawkes Member

    Yup yup pay it no mind Anonymous its just a jealous troll
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  22. EeveyFawkes Member

    I know love thank you
    hugs and kisses
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  23. EeveyFawkes Member

    Thank you love <3
    and your absolutly right
    I think maybe she was an OSA troll from the start >.>
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  24. Petete Member

    Nothing changes anyway, a little stone in the long road
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  25. Petete Member

    To my enemies...
    For the Lulz, and for Xenu!
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  26. EeveyFawkes Member

    yup yup

    Go make some new disaster,
    That’s what I’m counting on,
    You’re someone else’s problem,
    Now I only want you gone,
    Now I only want you gone,
    Now I only want you gone.

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  27. EeveyFawkes Member

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  28. Petete Member

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  29. James Spader Member

    Don't import drama here.
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  30. Petete Member

    We are done, dont worry
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  31. HOC Member

    Removed the derail from this thread and am adding it to my watch list. I get pissy when I have to mod late so please try and play nice. :)
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  32. EeveyFawkes Member

    I was being nice &gt;.&gt;
    just wanted to share
    because after all sharing is caring

    Have a good night ^_^
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  33. Petete Member

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  34. EeveyFawkes Member

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  35. Tangerine Member

    Hey, what the hell is going on here? I have just gotten 6 reports today on this thread, and others yesterday. If you faggots need to have this shit deleted PM me now, or with other issues. This thread is a cancer magnet. Respect mods in the meantime. I'll wait for PMs.
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  36. just proving a point my dear.
  37. EeveyFawkes Member

    Thank you Tangerine,

    there appears to be several Trixie's in this thread

    (My little pony reference)

    View attachment The-Great-and-Powerful-Trixie-random-24346270-640-
  38. HOC Member

    Ok, a lot of people have now had their say. I have moved derails from this thread 3 times, so I'm afraid I am going to have to lock it for a bit.

    If you have any grievances with my decision please PM me. I hope this can be sorted out in a civil as possible manner.

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