Anonymous and democracy

Discussion in 'Freedom of Expression' started by VIRITUAL, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. themadhair Member

    Re: Anonymous and democracy

    Not a democracy. Maybe a meritocracy ?
  2. Nataku Member

    Re: Anonymous and democracy

    Certainly not a meritocracy. Why are we suggesting systems of leadership or governance for something defined by the very absence of such?
  3. Member

    Re: Anonymous and democracy

    This question is not really about "Anonymous" itself, but rather its actions and method of working and how this mindset can be implemented in society at large to affect change from and by "The People" rather then by the powerful.

    And i'm sorry to say this VIRTUAL, but I dont think that this is going to happen. Not anytime soon, anyway. Here's why: Anons tend to be far more like each other then you'd think.

    We may come from many countries, professions and backgrounds, but in the end we share a pretty accurate stereotype:

    We're mostly nerdy, computer savvy to atleast a certain degree, and share a questioning, sarcastic, cynical attitude toward ideas, power figures and events, as well as what most people take for granted as the "solid truth of things".

    We are not followers, and few of us try to be leaders (which usually gets them punished rather quickly).

    We do not take the words of famous or power figures for granted and question everything. We demand solid proof for claims - hence our demand for "dox" or "pics or didnt happen", links and etc'. If to borrow from Wikipedia, Anon's mode of thinking can be summed up as [Citation needed].

    It does not matter how known or respected you are: Back up your words or you will be ignored.

    This is important: Cynical questioning and refusal to merely accept words of trusted people and our issues with following leadership is not a common mindset in society. In the case that you described in America (Which I am not a citizen of, nor of the UK), your leaders have summed up that the people would rather be led by strong leadership and be merely given the sense of freedom and power to placate them.

    As annoying and disturbing as this thought may be, it is unfortunately true. Most people dont really give a fuck about things and would rather have some magical entity take care of this stuff. Wether this be a God of our making or a sleazy politician.

    Anonymous is different in the regard that unlike many cultures and movements, ours does not only have no leaders, but also abhor the idea of having one in the first place. This is novel and dare I say it - pretty darn awesome - but I do not believe that it will be applicable in the long run with "normal" culture: Simply because our behaviour, attitude, and mindset is a key factor in making this work - and this form of behaviour is far from being average in most cultures.

    tl;dr: Anons are nerds. Most people are NOT nerds. Anon's method of operation is not going to work IRL with "normal" people or your run-of-the-mill Activists.
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    Re: Anonymous and democracy

    I disagree. We may not be able to completely ebb and flow with people, seeing as how we're nerds and they aren't, but we do have on thing in our favor.

    Normal people are sheep. You said it yourself. We question everything. That's why we're here now. The more you keep the movement going, the more you get the word around, then it becomes general knowledge that Scilons = bad, anons = good.

    A protest gets picked up on the news. John and Shirley Q. Citizen are sitting at home watching the evening news and that's what they see. They see "Scientology Kills.", they see "Scientology is a cult." and slowly, it starts to take place in their mind. They spread the word just by mentioning "Oh did you see that sign yesterday?" and before long, these protests will no longer be needed. We may not be able to directly relate to the people we're protesting for, but they're paying attention. Scientology has gone from just a religion to "That cult that keeps getting protested".

    I started rambling, so I'm almost certain that doesn't make sense. Recap: We may not relate to them, but our point is getting across regardless.
  5. TypingChimp Member

    Re: Anonymous and democracy

    I still like my Mandelbrot set analogy. We're all united by a simple equation (Mandelbrot set: zn+1 = zn^2 + c; Anonymous: Co$=bad), but in each iteration, it becomes something different and unique and beautiful, and sometimes ugly, depending on the choices of each individual.

    We're anarchy, and we're chaos, and we're a new idea given shape, form, and life.

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