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Discussion in 'Production Studio' started by Disambiguation, May 22, 2014.

  1. I do that but I tend to leave a slime trail.
  2. rickybobby Member

    Fill it with sand to provide needed friction during sex.
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  3. rickybobby Member

    I fucking LOVE this thread, almost as much as the Castle Tintagel thread.

    I volunteer to take the questions and answers in this thread and put them in publishable format.

    I wish was half as clever as some of the posters ITT.
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  4. hmmm, sandy pussy, never thought of that option, thanks RB
  5. Bobby McGee Member


    Well I will Vote for you to do it RB.. Warning.. It will be Cray Cray..But how freakin funny
  6. rickybobby Member

    Just make sure to use that sterilized "playground" sand you can buy at Home Depot....
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  7. Bobby McGee Member

    Dear Anonymous,

    I used to be a teacher, but now I ain't got no class. What should I do? Desperate in Dallas
  8. Oooh shit how do I get non sterilised sand out of my pussy?
  9. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Retrain to something that fits your skill set and personality. Corrections? Dominatrix?
  10. rickybobby Member

    Douching works and it helps people.
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  11. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Good idea!
  12. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    I'd give this a thumbs up but its so icky.
  13. Bobby McGee Member

    Well I already have the Whips and chains.. all I need is the Balls..
  14. meep meep Member

    Dear Anon
    I have a very embarrassing skin condition. I have groups of acne spots on my upper back, chest and bottom. I can wear bare midriff shorts and a halter, but it has to be a turtleneck. I can wear a swimsuit if it has a high neck and isn't a thong so my butt cheeks are covered.
    These are big drippy acne spots that pop when anything presses on them so my shirts and pants have little wet spots.
    What is your fashion advice?
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  15. Bobby McGee Member


    Meep Meep.. I think what you are wearing is a lovely fashion statement and it also serves your purpose.
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  16. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    A month ago I was contacted by sub vocal messaging. Although the entity seems unthreatening it is not exactly friendly. I don't know what to discuss with it> there are questions about the weather and Earth movement and something like "vapors" or "steam". I answer the questions as best as I can. I would like to start a true conversation and be able to ask questions of it. The time of conversation is limited. What should I ask it?
  17. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Dear anon
    I started a garden this month and want to have heritage vegetables. I bought heritage potatoes and started with them- cut them by the eyes and planted them. They grew well until suddenly they wilted and died. The guy in the Garden Department at Home Depot said that is why there ware GMO vegetables that are resistant to plant fungi and wilting. Should I stick with GMOs or try heritage seeds again?
  18. Kilia Member

    Dear Spacious,
    Shake some talcum powder on it, sweetie. I hear it does wonders.
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  19. Kilia Member

    Dear Bobby,
    Have you ever tried Finishing School? Now that will teach you to have class in abundance!
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  20. meep meep Member

    How can I get a better job?
  21. Kilia Member

    That's what I would like to know too.
  22. rickybobby Member

    Keep the questions and answers coming, folks!
  23. rickybobby Member

    Still working on the moist vagina.....
  24. rickybobby Member

    Um.... that didn't sound right, did it....
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  25. If you were a hermaphrodite with a small penis and a too big vagina and you had to have a sex change, which sex would you choose? What is you were attracted to women- would you choose to have a small penis or be a lesbian?
  26. Next questionIf you had really large breasts, so large that men fell off bar stools when you walked into the bar would you get a breast reduction?
  27. Men! you'll never know what it is like to carry the equivilent of a quarter of a bag of cement, permently attached to the front upper half of the body. Every movement is on the off beat. I've never liked you, or your family. It's over. :p
  28. Thanks for the tips guys, I had heard that Talcum powder was associated with twat cancer so no can do Kilia. RB non sterilised sand out, keep working though cuz vagina still overly moist.
  29. rickybobby Member

    Cornstarch. Try cornstarch.

    Although... I have never heard a man complain about an overly moist vijayjay
  30. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    I liked the visual of the slime trail.
  31. meep meep Member

    My lover offered me a bottle of my favorite wine or oral sex. I thought it was a joke and took the wine. As it turns out it was not a joke and now I'm getting nothin'. Nothin' no oral, anal or vaginal. How can I make this right?
  32. meep meep Member

    At the same time I am having a problem with my home lighting. I want to replace the florescent lights with incandescent but you can not find incandescent any more just LED and those twisty bulbs or Natural Light and in Natural Light my complexion looks blue. What do I do?
  33. meep meep Member

    While I'm here I have another big problem. My feet got too hot in neoprene shoes and now my feet smell. How can I make the smell go away?
  34. meep meep Member

    Another thing while I'm here anyway. Sometimes things people say on this forum are very rude. I'd like a polite way to point this out to them without coming on too strong.
  35. meep meep Member

    Anonymous get to work I really need help esp about the sex thing.
  36. rickybobby Member

    We all know that yellow is opposite blue in the color wheel. Use yellow foundation to counteract the blue light and you will look normal.
  37. rickybobby Member

    Well, if you are a woman, you have a wine bottle-----
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  38. rickybobby Member

    Bless your heart.
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  39. rickybobby Member

    Carry an old fish with you at all times. No one will notice the smell coming from your feet.
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  40. Whats the best way to lie to people? I've heard you look them in the eye, or you look down. So. What.

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