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Discussion in 'Production Studio' started by -N-, May 12, 2012.

  1. -N- Member

    Hey, im kind of new to this forum. I'm a big supporter of Anonymous and im actually working on a campaign for Anonymous for the final project of my studies in college. This was my choice because i red on many forums that anonymous wants to reach the mass and the mainstream medias, so a print campaign would be interesting. I'm a student in Art Direction, so i dont care about the marketing part or whatever economical matter, i just want a concept, a slogan, an idea, to advertise anonymous, to show the mass who Anonymous is and what they do, and to invite them to support or even join the legion. Thx for helping me on the brainstorming, I think the ideas could be very interesting to achieve and of course i'd give my work in the end of my project to post on the web. (im planning also on doing a graffiti... but the focus is on billboards and these kind of stuff)
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  2. In the last 24 hours, I had to inform a new WWP Member that Anonymous is NOT a Nationality.

    Metaphors that I have used to assist having the idea make sense to myself - Anonymous is a Force Of Nature, and Anonymous Is Fractal.

    Be thoughtful around the Graffiti idea - it is illegal in many parts of the world.
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  3. Please refrain from trolling in the Production Studio. And if you get the time, please read the rules. Thank you.

    P.S. Derail Reported.
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  4. Dragononymous Member

    VaD, please...
    Fuck off...
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  5. Dragononymous Member

    You lost ages ago.

    Without being rude, research some old Propaganda styles and styles where Ché is involved.
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  6. Dragononymous Member

    That thing, also the game.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    "Anonymous" is a label.
    But when you apply it to yourself, you necessarily cease to be that.

    Don't think he was trolling, actually. But the anger is certainly misplaced.

    as is.
    as goofy as Anonymous, as ising isn't a bad strategy :)
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  8. Dragononymous Member

    Keep this place nice and tidy okay.
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  9. Zak McKracken Member

    here's a slogan for you:
    lurk moar.

    I mean that in the nicest way :)
    check out what other anons have done before,
    and see if you can figure out what you think works, or doesn't.
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  11. Zak McKracken Member

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  12. -N- Member

    Thank you everyone,
    but i know i have to research posters and works of others, i just opened this thread for a brainstorming on THE idea, THE concept to work on. It is not a single poster i'm doing, it's a whole campaign, which means i'm gonna have to do some billboards, pressads, journal ad, flyers, posters, leaflets etc... and they must hold the same "idea" or "concept" but not all be the same. I need something intelligent that people that doesn't know who anonymous is might understand, not a plain visual of a mask of the logo with a cool slogan.
  13. Dragononymous Member


    Take a survey.
    Find out what people already know.
    Once you know whow they think/what they know you know what you're up to.
    What to fight.
    What to change.
  14. WMAnon Member


    While I understand what you're going for here, I wonder if it's something that will have positive results in the end. Part of the power of the Anonymous brand is that you can't have it handed to you. It requires a certain amount of personal investment, initiative, and the right temperament to throw your lot in with Anonymous, and anything that makes it more accessible to more people by definition is going to water that down.

    I know I've pushed for recruitment, and I've done what I can to increase "brand awareness" among people in my life who will never be Anons but should probably know what's going on, so this might seem hypocritical. I just don't want to fall into the trap where we lower the barriers to entry so far that we lose everything that made Anonymous interesting in the first place.
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  16. WMAnon Member

  17. Dragononymous Member

  18. WMAnon Member

  19. -N- Member

    Interesting point of view, i'm really understanding what you are saying, and i approve . That is why the campaign do not have to beg, do not have to recruit people or say "heyyy we are there". I want to stay in the Anonymous mood, but there are some people that doesn't even know their existence (in my country only a few people know it... when I talk about Anonymous people are like "wtf is that? a sect?") so let's say i want to make people curious about it without falling in that trap you are talking about.
  20. Zak McKracken Member

    If newfag is scared of you, I think that's perfectly reasonable.
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  21. Dragononymous Member

  22. Zak McKracken Member

    Some information for the oldfags ITT:
    so there may be some real cultural issues N is hinting at, that are distinct from what the rest of us have found.

    If his profile is correct, he's in Lebanon.
    Do internet memes have any currency in the popular culture there?
    What do people know about net-folks? What are the popular stereotypes and biases?
    How do people feel about foreign memes and organizations?
    If Anonymous is understood as an American (or European) centric concept will people feel the same way?
    Would it be divisive or inclusive?

    The way that Anons perceive the "collective" is that we're a mix of everything.
    some persian, some israeli, some euro, some american, some taco-eaters;
    we mostly don't care. Is that believable or credible, in Beirut? Or does that even matter?

    American and Euro mass media describe us as "computer hackers" which is largely incorrect. A more accurate statement would be that Anons are "SMRT W/ COMPUTORR" in that we're relatively adept (compared to most of the population) in using the Internet to efficiently find information, and making our own personal computers behave themselves.

    Anonymous is many different sub-cultures. Most Anons aren't even activists or crusaders for "change".
    The activist anons can't all agree on which causes are worth tackling, however sub-sub-groups within the activist portion of the cake do tend to agree and stay relatively focused. Individuals tend to pick one or a few, and hang out with other like-minded faggots, and plan their derpitude together.


    N: if you're asking us to brainstorm on a slogan or a concept for marketing Anonymous to our own communities, everyone ITT has already been there and already done that and can't be arsed. We've debated these things to death before, and will do again. Often. But not right now.

    But if you're asking for ideas in starting up a new ad campaign on some foreign land where we haven't disseminated our lovely tech before... that's different. Because we don't have a clue. :) But it's also a more interesting question.

    So, here's a free a meme. Because I leik memes.

    "Divided by Zero" - It means that we are unified. But the meme comes from the mathematical idea that dividing by the number zero is impossible. Anonymous are divided by zero, so we are impossible, and cannot exist.

    Bill Hicks has some excellent advice on how to promote Anon:
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  23. -N- Member

    Zac McKracken u just have oriented me and said things that helped me in a way. Yes i'm from Beirut, internet memes JUST got here this year on a facebook page, there's a little group who also hacked the electricity governmental website from a couple of months to post an illustration (electricity SUCKS here), their name was RYV (Raise Your Voice). The adults are narrow minded and religious fanatics but the youth is waking up (not the majority... who still praises fanatic political parties depending on their religion or subreligion)

    So YES it is a local campaign, and my message is not the causes Anonymous defend all around the world but the WAY anonymous proceed in anonimity and using the internet and protests as a tool, because here in the country there is NO freedom of speech.

    Interesting video btw :p
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