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  1. Where the fuck is AnonSparrow and who the fuck will help him, I have a room in my appartment for him if he can make it here. I love him, I miss Him and I bow down deep for him. Alsoo he is an obnoxious sod
  2. Hey fellow if you are reading this I don't care if you are "doing some stuff" go on and get your act together. I love you to bits you mofo
  3. Fucking copypaste !!!!! kill the guy

    It seems I cvan not have tears for loss or anything but I do miss him, It suprises me that everybody else is so quiet about it. I have asperger so maybe i miss something of social significance
  4. Anonymous Member

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  5. Anonymous Member

    He's doing well, and doesn't need a room in anyone's apartment. He's busy building his life. I'm sure he appreciates your kind, (albeit creepy) offer, though.
  6. You could go to AA meetings together!
  7. Tribute to my friends Return:

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  8. AnubisMTL Member

    Tried to contact Sparrow some time ago and left a PM hoping he'd see it someday just to check up on him. He'd call me every now and again in the past and I was wondering what happened to him. If someone actually has a way of contacting him, tell him "Johnny" says hi and to check his PMs here.

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