AnonSparrow Flash Raid: Maryland - 189.0. Anonymous Scientology Protest

Discussion in 'Anon Sparrow' started by Cheappassion, Mar 1, 2011.

  1. Cheappassion Member

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  2. He is great. The Churchologists hate him and think he is evil and misguided. Their loss.
  3. Xenu Is Lord Member

    He is now heroically known as S.P.arrow
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  4. Miranda Member

    Welcome back! This made my day. Do we get an update, or is it a secret?
  5. 3rdMan Member

    I imagine his lawyers are already going: "GODDAMMIT!" But oh well. Glad to see he is finding ways around it all, lol.
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  6. LocalSP Member

    WooHoo! He's back at it.
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  7. hushpuppy Member

    Awesome to hear Sparrow's voice again....
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  8. adhocrat Member

    SParrows are Free SParrow
  9. This man is just so full of win.
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  10. Anonymous Member

    Lol, sciguy almost loses his lunch when Sparrow first shows up.
  11. Anonymous Member

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  12. amaX Member

  13. RightOn Member

    stress test = fail
    As much as it is nice to see some familiar faces from the glorious cast of the org members from the DC org...
    it is sad to see that they are still in and still zombie-like :(

    Is it me? or does the recorded voice for the traffic light sound like Hubbard?
    At any minute I thought I was going to hear "his name was Xenu"
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  14. Xenu Is Lord Member

    I thought the exact same thing. I was wondering if S.P.arrow had his box and was playing OT3 at first.
  15. Orson Member

    (Did a site search for this and did not find anything, posted 3 days ago on YT. Mods please merge if there is a thread already.)

    Recorded 3/1/11 - Silver Spring, MD
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  16. lokimotion Member

    "Walk sign is on to cross Wayne Ave."
    There are talking crosswalk signs now. Mind = blown
  17. Bipolart Member

    Ha! Love it.
  18. The cowardly, controlled staff behaved like victims of shock and awe.

    Who has been "handled"?, lol.

    The doubt was creeping in rapidly.

    WB to DC area protesting, Sparrow
  19. xenubarb Member

    Silver Spring is uncomfortably close to Ft. Meade and NSA. Don't like the thought of them feeding off our intel community grunts! (But when I was at Ft. Meade, SS was something you drove through to gtfo)
  20. RightOn Member

    yup already a thread on it.
    I mentioned in the other thread that the recorded voice for the traffic light sounds like Hubbard
  21. Orson Member

    Ok, where is that thread? I looked. Link plox
  22. RightOn Member

  23. Orson Member

  24. Scatman Member

    Barb, there's nothing to worry about. The OSAfags know that the intel community is telepathically controlled by the Marcabian Fleet.
  25. Anonymous Member

    Wonderful ... but creepy! I know the cult feeds their people on a diet of lies, but not being able to speak to someone still amazes me. When I had my intro to the cult, I was asked if I knew anyone who didn't support Scientology - friends, family, anyone. What they were doing was introducing me the the paranoid world of disconnection. So, if you know someone with "counter-intention" (do not want cult) then you magically lose whatever they promised you, like power over time and material things, etc. It's a loophole and control method. Ilienate you from anyone who does not like the cult, keep you in line, keep you paying or working for lunch money (dollar menu). Then when you say you don't have amazing super powers, they blame you for having someone in your world who must have this counter-intention. Pay to redo the courses. This twisted irony, I feel, came from Hubbard's study and practice of black magic. He's just changed the name spell casting to counter intention.

    tl;dr - nice to hear your voice, sparrow!
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  26. Robocat Member

    They must have told his old associates that he'd become a banker, or something horrible.
  27. Intelligence Member

    Go SParrow.!
  28. Discernment Member

    To close to home base for sure.
  29. Anontacular Member

  30. Cheappassion Member

  31. Daverator Member

    If you consider 25 miles away "close." The CIA is even closer to Silver Spring than Ft. Meade.
  32. Anonymous Member

  33. Anonymous Member

    I wouldn't worry too much.
    Boris is close to all three.

    And T-Rex is under orders to stop feeding off OSA grunts, so he will be safe.
  34. Intelligence Member

    Good job SParrow! I love your style. Big Hug. Until we meet again:)
  35. 191.0 Anonymous Scientology Protest

  36. Anonymous Member

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  37. Poor George........... " I like your swingcoat, it's upstat"
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