AnonOrange takes on Moxon in court hearing...

Discussion in 'GoldBase' started by Anonymous, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Well...there are people who are OK with the ends justifying the means and will support AO and AGP no matter what they do, as long as they also work against the cult. But it remains true, they alienated many people that could assist them more or work with them. And they chose this method for some odd reason. I remember when early on, AO was PMing people like me to work on a plan to go after you and Mark L because he was convinced you were both OSA or scilons or something. Being wary of people is one thing, but wanting to plan something to "out" you guys was another. It is that kind of not-well-thought-out plan that helped to make people wary of him. That and creeping out femanons.
  2. Smurf Member

    I'm in no way justifying their past shitty behavior and I often called them out on it earning their wrath. AGP attacked me with such velocity on ESMB that he was permanent banned, as was AO for other reasons. While it's true that both have alienated alot of people, they also have their share of fans. Mark Lowell has been assisting AO with his legal case against the cult and attends all of his hearings on the case.
  3. bAnon Member

    I'll take that wager. Of course you'll have to provide your favorite request....dox.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Allies change.
    "good" guys misbehave and get sent to the doghouse.
    "bad" guys do things that don't suck sometimes.

    I don't think its fair to expect every Anon to forgive or liek the "Wonder Twins", but its just as pointless to try and enforce Disconnection - by those who find the Twins useful in some part of the global strategy. Ends don't justify means if the means are sufficiently retarded, but AO and AGP (and smurf, and you, I, and your mom) are people, not just "means" alone.

    I don't have any current plans to support either one materially, or more than token moral support, but I'd like to reserve the right to re-evaluate that at some later date, should AOGP turn out to be scummy enough to constitute "A NEW TARGET" or show themselves decent enough to be allowed to sit in the back of the bus.
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  5. Smurf Member

    Lurk moar. Anons have posted on WWP they've contributed financially to AGP...
  6. bAnon Member

    I've been around here a bit Smurfy, and I lurve your vids, but when you say...

    I say, I'll take that wager.
  7. Smurf Member

    Lurk moar, lazy. :-P
  8. Anonymous Member

  9. Anonymous Member

    For me personally...I don't participate in threads when it is merely a thread saying something good that AO or AGP did. But if someone in the thread says something untrue about how these guys relate to is troll bait for me, I admit. They are not people I would ever choose to be around.
  10. Anonymous Member

  11. xenubarb Member

    I lol'd hard

  13. blownforgood Member

    Yeah, I will get right on it.

    When I was in scientology, it was as big as the whole world. Bigger.
    Nothing else in the world was happening except for scientology.
    It all revolved around that.

    Now that I am out. I can see it is as tiny as it is. Nothing revolves around it. It is off to the side and most people do not even notice it at all. Those who do, do so for a reason.

    There are probably more people robbing banks than there are scientologists.
    Until these people start busting out of there and going straight to the FBI, you will be hard pressed to see anything happen anytime soon.

    When they screw up and slip up and get caught with their hands in the cookie jar, hopefully enough things have been exposed that the FBI is still paying attention.

    The wheels of justice turn slow. Pull up a chair and be patient. OJ Simpson killed his ex-wife and her friend in 1994. The same guy that helped him get away with it is the same guy that spawned the Kardashian sisters. It took 14 years and OJ trying to steal his own shit back from someone in order for him to end up behind bars. Moral of story - the road to justice can be a long windy bitch with serious junk in the trunk. It sucks. Get over it.

    Yeah more people coming forward would be great. For every one ex-member saying how shitty things are, there are 50 people still there saying how the sun shines out of DM's backside and how he spends his spare time saving small injured birds that have lost their way.

    And BTW, I do not have the FBI on speed dial as some may think.

    Until next time...
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  14. Anonymous Member

    BFG, can you dial 911 from Gold??
  15. Marc, do you ever sleep? You were on that show until 1 a.m. and then posting again a few hours later? You are a god damned superstah!

    I agree with your philosophy. A true criminal sociopath usually only gets caught after years of perpetrating multiple crimes. Most victims are too traumatized, too willing to look the other way and want to get past the experience, so it is the rare victim willing to speak out. It would be nice to think that the FBI will make Davey, et al, pay (and eventually other Rays will be coming out of his ass, and Bubbas, and Dicks), but in reality the FBI probably only has a handful of agents monitoring the situation only by talking to those rare victims. Law enforcement usually only moves when they know they can prove beyond a reasonable doubt in front of 12 idiot jurors.
  16. xenubarb Member

    Al Capone was a murderer and extortionist, among other things.
    Twas tax evasion that brought him down, and syphilis that finished him off.
    An excellent example for DM to follow!
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  17. Smurf Member

    Yeah, well some of us don't want to be in man diapers and getting around in a walker to finally see great justice being done, Marc. :)
  18. Anonymous Member

    I expect cirrhosis will get DM long before the FBI!
  19. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Just today I was thinking it'd been a while since I'd seen anything from you, and I logged in myself for the first time in a few weeks, and here ya are. :)
  20. xenubarb Member

    The little weasel smokes like a bandit, too. On top of his assmar, li'l Wheezy has also spent a LOT of time on the Fleewinds. Half of that time was spent inhaling.
  21. Scientology will get DM long before the FBI and cirrhosis, just like it got Hubbard.

    He'll finish his life curled up in a fetal position in nothing but a soiled diaper as he gets tranquilizers injected in his ass, just like Hubbard did.

    Insanity is the final outcome of Scientology.
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  22. Anonymous Member

    Cancer, cirrhosis - is it wrong of me to hope that something eats that physically repulsive dwarf-fucker from the inside out? That piece of puke has no fucking redeeming qualities whatsoever!

    Oh and I hope Laurisse gets a good old dose of snatch rot!!
  23. Anonymous Member

    Some people such as LRH are born insane.
  24. Anonymous Member

    It's genetic.
  25. Anonymous Member

  26. Herro Member

    I miss mutante :(
  27. JohnnyRUClear Member

    "All are born mad. Some remain so."
  28. and some become operating thetans.
  29. Anonymous Member

    "L. Ron Hubbard himself was and is trying to civilize white people and make them better human beings and take away from them their reactive minds. … Mr. Hubbard recognized that his people have to be civilized," Farrakhan said to a cheering crowd.
  30. Zak McKracken Member

    Gee, I like where this is going!

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