AnonMomAnon2 Arrested at July 6th Clearwater Raid

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by Anonymous, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    sorry I made a typo in the pics post above
    the pics above caption reads Antonio Avila not Alvia. I screwed uo the "v" and the "l"

    so is this the same guy? WTF? is his REAL name?
  2. Anonymous Member

    We have Antonio Avila, the ever steadfast Waterson wonderboy, on duty on the white lines all day....every day, come rain or come shine. When we arrive at the LMT, he's the one who films us...he's the same one who follows us through the streets of Clearwater with clam-cam in hand shooting endless footage of the same people doing the same thing over and over and over again.
  3. Anonymous Member

  4. anonymous612 Member

    On the right:

    Holy shit, it's Barney the concierge from like a billion years ago. WHY SO AGE POORLY BARNEY.

    From that same site:
    "Doc Flag". Still love his eyebrows. I'd quit protesting if he wiggled his eyebrows at me the right way, I swear.
    This man has no teeth. Like, at all. Just for the record. Camera guy #2 in Xander's vids.
  5. RightOn Member

    Six took a trip down "what they used to look like and where are they now" lane lol!
    so it looks like they are MUCH older looking with missing hair and teeth and they are still there lol!
  6. anonymous612 Member

    Let me see if I can find a photo of Barney these days. It's + the weight of a small child and - a third of his hair.

    ...and there we go.

    Related: We may have had a Lindsay Colton sighting the day of AMA's arrest. Not sure (aged really, really badly), we'll have to compare photos.

    EDIT: And actually, guy with missing teeth looks exactly the same as he does in that photo. It's hard to age even more poorly when you already look like that.
  7. Interrobanger Member

    I do not know this person but it appears his full formal name uses a Latino construction.
    Given name + Surname + Mother's maiden name (Antonio + Avila + Heraldo)

    It appears that for court purposes he provided his "last name" as "Avila Heraldo" (surname + mother's maiden name) and his "first name" as Antonio. The court prints the name as last then first, thus becoming Avila Heraldo Antonio. For less formal situations he would drop his mother's maiden name and say he was Antonio Avila (Given + Surname) as he did in the questioning quoted above. Avila is a common Latino surname.
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  8. Interrobanger Member

    Is there a civil tort beyond just the restraining order? The court has it listed as Section 023, Case type REP VIOL, Type FD.

    I presume this civil case is in addition to the criminal arrest on a felony battery charge.

    A hearing was set for August 4, 2011. Is that hearing for specifically the temporary injunction or for a broader concern?
  9. Anonymous Member

    CHP Officer Darren Meyer said:
  10. Anonymous Member

    I don't get it? ^^^^
    so they have the same last name? VERY common name.
  11. Anonymous Member

    Albeit a teeny bit less common today, than yesterday.
  12. xenubarb Member

    Dennis Clark can beat on people with impunity, why not AMA?

    I reckon if this had gone anywhere we would've heard about it.
  13. RightOn Member

    the Gold security guards were never charged for that brutal arrest (even tho there was a settlement long after)
    nor the guard who shot epic swords guy
    and what about "kicky mckister" in DC?
    and more.
    hmm seems to be a trend here. lol
    well it's not really funny
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  14. anonymous612 Member

    I gotta say, Antonio's coming across as kind of a wuss.
  15. Miranda Member

    He must be so humiliated.
  16. Anonymous Member

    He should have taken his ass kicking with a grain assault...
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  17. Anonymous Member

    no, not if it's for the greater good.
    you know upstat and all that

    but I think he should change his name to fit the BAW to Antwatio Avulva instead of Antonio Avila?
    see what I did thar?
  18. xenubarb Member

    They're not scared of girlz...that is why they target wimminz rather than big anon male types. The absurdity of this particular event is jaw-dropping. At least Danny had a bruise to display. Poor Antwatio better stay away from John Carmichael. He can thmell things...
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  19. Smurf Member

    First, middle, last name: Heraldo Antonio Avila (per the court record). He goes by Antonio. DOB 12/27/78. He has an older brother named Marco who's also in security.
  20. anonymous612 Member

  21. Cudgel Member

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  22. fallingspider Member

    Even if they were familier, can they ignore a complaint of this type without atleast some investigation?
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  23. 00anon00 Member

    Back to the legal issues of AnonMom2
    These are snips from her ExScientology Kids story.

    Are you kidding me? They call us "wogs"?
  24. DeathHamster Member

    Hubbard also called us "Garden-variety humanoids". (It's right in the Tech dictionary.)
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  25. Anonymous Member

  26. HOC Member

    If you want to contribute, please do. If you don't kindly move along.
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  27. Miranda Member

    Reluctantly, I'm splitting this thread. Discussion of AMA's current situation, strategizing, and updates should go here. Discussion of the discussion itself, discussions about individual users, slapfights, and discussion about wwp in general should go in the other thread.

    I am not doming either thread. There have been useful points made from various points of view. In no way is moving the derail meant to discredit "dissenters." I hope people will continue the discussion of blindly taking sides, vs. weighing evidence, in the other thread. This discussion has needed to happen for a long time.

    The other thread has some very useful discussion, mixed in with a lot of crap. If one of the other mods wants to separate it out or to take another approach, more power to you.

    I hope this will allow the original discussion to proceed without too much difficulty. Please report any trolling and if it's not constructive mods will remove it. (Constructive meaning, contributing to the discussion in a thoughtful way--we will never all agree.)
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  28. Saul Goodman Member

    Is there a date known that AnonMomAnon2 can speak about the case? I might have missed it, but wondering.
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  29. Anonymous Member

    Thank you for recognizing that.
  30. Anon PTS Member

    Not a date, but an (uncertain) event...when her lawyer says it's ok, which is presumably when all legal issues (both criminal and civil) have run their course.
  31. Tadatada Member

    So like in 12 years or so? Thanks for clearing that up.
  32. Miranda Member

    It depends on factors no one can control, such as when all of the lawyers have prepared what they need to prepare, when the dates are set, and what the lawyer advises AMA2. And yes, I realize you realize this.
  33. Tadatada Member

    This is what amuses me most.
  34. Savi0r Member

  35. Anonymous Member

    Thread always gets edgy when people have to wait.
    I know that it must be hard for her to not be able to speak, but that's one of the downsides for know-it-alls like us. What to do while we wait.
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  36. Miranda Member

    Okay. From AMA2 (and her lawyer), the first dox, with love:



    motions3001.jpg motions4001.jpg
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  37. Saul Goodman Member

  38. Tourniquet Member

    Best of luck, AMA2! With Luke representing you, you might not need it :)

    Call your proctologist, Moxon.
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  39. Miranda Member

    Nice to get some news. Do our legal people see anything of note in this document?
  40. Smurf Member

    Awesome. Demands a jury trial. Luke is going to run Antonio's ass through the meat grinder... he's not going to be able to hold Sarah Heller's hand for comfort. I hope Luke depos him and fries his ass.
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