AnonMomAnon2 Arrested at July 6th Clearwater Raid

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by Anonymous, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Back from protest. It got ugly and there was an incident.
  2. anonymous612 Member

    ^accidental and premature anonpost. Should read "Back from protest. It got ugly and there was an incident. I don't know how much more detail I can go into right now. Sorry."
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  3. Anon PTS Member

    Everyone safe? <3
  4. anonymous612 Member

    No injuries.

    OH, HEY.

    To whoever the fuck that cop was that thought (among other things, you asshole) I was too aggressive because I said I'd protest twice for every one time they stop us from protesting, FUCK YOU. Fuck you, you're the sort of reason we have to justify the rest of the CPD's decisions so often to the Anons. How's that for aggressive?
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  5. Not aggresive - fiesty

    But seriously please be safe. You can see some real desperation kicking in - not just in CW but worldwide. These people are crazy and the sky is falling in
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Are we to assume things are definitely not frosty Clearwater!
  7. Darth Xander Member

    I'm afraid I may have poisoned the environment. I'm sorry Six. Wish I was there to be the one pushed around and not you.
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  8. incog712 Member

    The environment was poisoned on the day the "United churches of Florida" quietly bought the Ft. Harrison hotel. The cult may well be gathering up some raaaaaaaaaage. It's their problem. What's going to be happening in downtown clearwater over the next year or so is something the residents of the Tampa Bay area have been waiting a long time for. Occupations seldom last for very long and this one has pretty much run it's course.
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  9. Anonymous Member

    Do your best, faggots.

    They will flip out and they will be under pressure but they know and you know, it's end days for the cult and there is nothing they can do to stop it.

    Keep safe, keep the cameras rolling.

    The rest is fate. Tick tock Miscavige. Won't be long now.
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  10. anonymous612 Member

    For the love of god, do not say "tick tock Miscavige." Seriously, don't. :( Magoo will hear you.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    So I didn't think homosexuals were allowed in Scientology, how come all those Flag guards are gay?
  12. Too late, 612...

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  13. Anonymous Member

    Accidental and Premature Posts. It happens to everyone. Honest. Get back in the saddle as soon as possible.
  14. Anonymous Member

    Stay safe, have fun, but these days, anyone diving down into the bowels and deeper mines of Scientology needs to properly suit up

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  15. Anonymous Member

    The crazy, is contagious?

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  16. Loki's spawn Member

    Small, but Mighty!:)
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  17. Anonymous Member

    The crazy isn't contagious, but the after affects of exposure to it can be damaging to your system.
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  18. AnonLover Member

    clrwaterfags bring it on ITT & bring out the crazy...

    glad to hear everybody's safe. you go girls!!!

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  19. LocalSP Member

  20. over9000OT Member

    Don't know what happened obviously but I've got my fingers crossed for you CWfags.
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  21. LocalSP Member

    I may have to move my trip to Florida up a bit. I may be coming to Orlando soon and I definitely want to make a trip to CW.
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  22. anonymous612 Member

    Thank you.
  23. Anonymous Member

  24. anonymous612 Member

    You see that lack of any more posts?

    That means nothing's changed. Patience.
  25. We're waiting for some news? The waiting game was my worst game, (even worse than Call of duty 6)

    THough I take it that 612 is going to post some kind of update?
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  26. Anon PTS Member

    Six, we support you and are anxious for news after your earlier posts. HOWEVER, you know what you can say and when you can say it. And I, for one, support you in that as well.

    Stay safe.
  27. anonymous612 Member

    I was leaving it for the more relevant parties, actually.
  28. AnonLover Member

    and while we wait - here's wishing more hot & bothered MALE cheerleaders to cheer during this intermission in available news...

    dedicated to cheering on brave clrwaterfags who are pretty damn cool and dont fear protesting in the belly of the beast even when the pressure is on!
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  29. Anonymous Member

  30. Darth Xander Member

    This is completely my fault. I should not have been so aggressive with them. Now AMA and Six are made to suffer because of it. I'm sorry ladies.
  31. anonymous612 Member

    Why the hell would you go and steal all my credit like that?! D:
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  32. lostatsea Member

    Bullshit. They were aggressive with you. You were a guy holding a sign in front of buses, which you had every right to do. It's just that doing this (and the particular message you carried) just happens to be the sort of thing they hate the most, so ya did good, kid. ;) AMA and Six are tough and awesome ladies, and I have faith in them.
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  33. AnonLover Member

    because he's a big closet clrwaterfag jedi fag (who should post pix) cheering you on from afar (pix with pom poms & mask plox) as we all are... and who should be passing the time w/ lulz for the cause while ever so patiently waiting for details

    wishing you ladies all the best with whatevs brewing.
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  34. AnonLover Member

    no sense speculating that sort of thing. Clrwater fags issued a Bring It On Challenge to the cult and it got a reaction.

    Until we know more - positive thoughts only plox... and lots of big gay cheerleader virtual support going out to the ladies who no doubt brought their A-game and persevered same as they always do.

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  35. I remain skeptical. I plan for the worse.... and considering there is alot of hubbub with Xander wishing he hadn't poisoned the water or whatever and other rumblings... I'm thinking something major went down. And until someone comes on and says something, I'm assuming the worse that maybe someone is in jail tonight.

    Though if that's the case, don't come on here posting pictures of a jail scene without any info. Quit being immature for a bit plz?
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  36. Anonymous Member

    cheerlader backup. sometimes good to know they're there, in their background.
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  37. Anonymous Member

    On the chat, someone is posting a link to a booking report. I'm not going to post it here. But holy crap...
  38. amaX Member

    I was arrested.

    50 get bb
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  39. Anonymous Member

    for reals or further fucking with us?
  40. amaX Member

    I was arrested. I just got out of jail.

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