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Discussion in 'Flash Raids' started by Durutti, Mar 13, 2011.

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  1. Durutti Member

    So May 25th is Scientology's 'Integrity day' holiday. Epically ironic isn't it? So we thought it'd be pretty apt for Anonymous, the true believers of integrity, to have it's own Integrity day on the 21st. We've planned protests for Scientology centres in London, Brimingham and Manchester. Addresses and times will be announced closer to the day.

    We hope you will join us.

  2. AnnieOnOmas Member

    Nothing north of the border planned?
  3. Durutti Member

    There's 1 cult centre in Scotland, in Edinburgh. Could include that into our plans. We wound up with just the 3 due to not wanting too many but I suppose one in Scotland is a pretty good idea. How well attended do you think it'd be?
  4. new guy Member

    Keep this thread bumped op.
    And paste this thread onto London/manchester planning threads.
    But I am interested so let me know.
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  5. AnnieOnOmas Member

    uuummm with my 5 seconds of planning one ,aka as moi!! but with my split personality that makes 2 for the moment.
  6. Anonymous Member

    Integral post is integral.
  7. Gary Moore Member

    The thing is ....DEAD CULT IS 99.9% DEAD!! the UK!

    Be honest - CSI is a mere FART in a hurricane in the UK!! IT IS A FUCKING JOKE IN THE UK!

    So when EXACTLY will the FBI grow some?!
  8. Durutti Member

    Edinburgh is now included. Kiltfags, get on it.
  9. AnnieOnOmas Member

  10. Anonymous Member

    Who's 'we'? Like do you attend other protests? Will the planners be at all of these protests?

    Also, you say holiday - what does it actually entail? If it's a 'don't come in to work' holiday then it'd be the most useless time to protest. If it's an event, do you have intel on when the events are?
  11. Durutti Member

    'We' are irrelevant. I do attend other protests, due to being an Anarchist.

    The holiday is hardly a Christmas or Easter, they don't celebrate it with an event, it's more a day of reflection and contemplation, meaning potentially an increase in Scilons visiting the cult on the day.
  12. Durutti Member

    Question, which is the better cult centre to protest in London? The regular one or the celebrity one?
  13. AnnieOnOmas Member

    Celebrity one might get slightly more attention if you know who goes to it and report it in the media, but i feel more compelled to say the normal one as its the celeb asshats that help encourage norms to join up
  14. Anonymous Member

    The new celebrity centre (which has never seen a celebrity) is the best one to raid.
    It's a short walk from TCR.
    It's been raided twice and the sci's just hide.
  15. Durutti Member

    I don't think I've heard of a British celebrity being a Scientologist?

    Thanks for the feedback, think we'll go with the celebrity centre.

    Bit of a fucking nuisance trying to organise these not knowing the city's but it's just a matter of researching and advice.
  16. Anonymous Member

    Looking forward to it allready.
  17. Durutti Member

  18. Durutti Member

    Ok Anons, here's some details of the planned demo's. We just need to organise meeting places for each city then we're golden. Anybody who hasn't already, be sure to read this thread It's a fantastic guide to raids, dealing with members of the cult etc.


    42 Leinster gardens
    Greater London
    W2 3AN

    Nearest tube stations

    To the west there's Bayswater tube station, about a 10 minute walk to the cult centre.

    To the south west there's Queensway tube station, also about a 10 minute walk from the centre.

    Cult centre phone number

    02072622000 (only for queries and questions, be polite and inconspicuous)


    Winston Churchill house
    8 Ethel Street
    West Midlands
    B2 4BG

    Nearest train station

    To the south east is Birmingham new street, about a 5-10 minute walk to the cult centre.

    Cult centre phone number

    0121 643 8894 (same as above, be good!)


    258 Deansgate
    M3 4BG

    Nearest train station

    To the south is Deansgate rail station, about a 5 minute walk to the cult centre.

    Cult centre phone number

    0161 834 6463


    20 Southbridge
    City of Edinburgh
    EH1 1LL

    Nearest train station

    To the north is Edinburgh rail, about a 5 minute walk to the cult centre and on the same road.

    Cult centre phone number

    131 555 5075
  19. Durutti Member

    On a recruitment drive. A few people are needed to sort out the last few details in each city, preferably people from each city and who will be attending the protests.

    Basically, as you can see by the above, most of the details are sorted. Just need pre-raid meeting places etc.

    Also, need people to start spreading the word about and getting more traffic onto the Twitter and facebook sites.

    I've been mad busy so this has been being neglected, hence the need for assistance.

    Anybody from London, Birmingham, Manchester or Edinburgh who wants to help me out, inbox me.
  20. Anonymous Member

  21. Durutti Member

    No takers then? This'll probably fall flat on it's face then. Ha. Oh well.

    If anybody does want to take over the organising of this day then give me a shout.

    Otherwise, this has been full of fail. Feelsbadman.jpg
  22. MIB

    Picket flash raid 101 // Questions email -

    Please "Flash Picket" at 12:00(noon) or 6pm-7pm M-S
    1308 L Ron Hubbard way, CA 90029

    These are the times when the victims go outside for a minute.

    Freedom of Speech and Religion
    Where is Shelly Miscavige?
    Medical? / Social Security? (Sea Org)

    Ron Miscavige - Book
    Jenna Miscavige - Book
    L Ron Hubbard jr. - Book
    Quentan Hubbard - Suicide
    Mary Sue Hubbard - Prison
    Where is Shelly Miscavige?
    Where is Heber Jentzsch?
    What happened to Alexander Jentzsch?
    Who killed Kyle Brennan in Clearwater?
    I didn't join Scientology to stop Freedom of Speech (this makes them think about why they joined)
    Idle Orgs, buying Real Estate for David Miscavige. Where is a Clear, where is an OT?
    Find out both sides, and decide for yourself - Youtube Scientology - Google Scientology
    Under what circumstances will Scientology not help you? (no money or questioning the church)
    Scientology Pro Abortion / Anit-Gay / and fights Freedom of speech.
    Calls in bomb-threats to this day. Has been for 40 years.
    Is it okay for a Sea Org member to assault people?
    David Miscavige assaulted 30 people with witnesses. Why is he still in the Sea Org?
    Why not have a 20 or 40 year contract? A Billion year contract is unenforceable! It's a Fake Contract.
    Wikipedia say the Sea Org does not exist as an Organization. Are you in the Sea org?

    Your Rights: You have the Right to Assembly / Freedom of Speech

    Block ingress or egress of parishioners or staff.
    Do not harass staff or public. Noise Pollution / Harassment / Menacing / Intimidation
    This group is seasoned;Will Lie, Distract, and have you arrested to the best of their ability.
    Be warned, Only the Determined need apply. They hire Talon Security, ex Sheriff (plain clothing)
    P.I. License #18180

    Best Practices:
    Bring a camera to film your actions as well as theirs.
    Bring a friend to support you as a witness.
    Stand at the bottom of the street in front of the cafe and across the street from AOLA.
    Run a conversation between you and your friend, which covers the contents of your signs and what you would like to draw attention to in Scientology.

    please repost this on your social media, or appropriate forum
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