Anon Sparrow - Criminal Trial Scheduled to begin Feb. 22 2011

Discussion in 'Anon Sparrow' started by anonsparrow, Dec 6, 2010.

  1. SOJOA Member

    I dont think CoS has won. I view it more as the failings of the US legal system. This sort of shit happens all the time whether its CoS or some other corrupt organization.
  2. Zak McKracken Member

    Let's reframe it.
    For Scientology any and every possible outcome is necessarily a win.
    Why is every end condition a WIN?

    consider: do Scilons keep track of, and publish stats on their "loses"‽
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  3. Anonymous Member

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  4. SOJOA Member

    True that. :)
  5. Anonymous Member

    Because the scis have suffered nothing in this, and will simply try the same shit again as soon as they get the opportunity.
  6. DeathHamster Member

    It wouldn't surprise me if they dusted off their civil case as soon as this one on the public's nickel is (hopefully) bounced.
  7. RightOn Member

    This is also posted in the newer updated court info thread:

    Hey guise!
    In light of the new "charge" (*cough* wearing a mask) that was brought up against Sparrow...
    I have decided to run another auction. I am sure any funds raised will come in handy for him, with this new crappy development that COS pulled.

    The auction will start Monday March 7th and will be listed in the Anon Sparrow Situation Room. This situation room thread can be found under the Anonymous vs Scientology heading. It will run for two weeks. More detailed info will follow.
    Sorry, this auction is for US fags only. Due to customs, expense and the person mailing it out requested US only.
    If Anons to the North or Anons across the seas want to do their own thing, they are more than welcome to do a seperate auction. Perhaps another head crab acution? Yo Germanons!

    I will be auctioning off a couple of collectible amusing items. Which will be kept secret 'til we start it. (it's nothing crazy)
    Keep in mind, it is not so much the item that you may win, it's the help you are giving a fellow Anon.
    Of course you do not have to participate in the auction to help Sparrow. You can send a donation to him via money order straight to his address or through his Paypal account ay time. All the address info will be posted in the auction or PM me. All people who bid and lose can also still send in their bids to Sparrow.
    The winning bid can send a money order directly to Sparrow. (no need to fill in your name or address)
    Or you can use Paypal. Keep in mind, Paypal is NOT a safe way to go if you are not already name fagged.

    The last auctions were a huge success thanks to all the "mystery bid matchers" and all the others who bid and lost, but still sent in their bids. And of course the winning bidders were very generous with their top bids!
    The generosity of those who participated in those auctions, will never be forgotten by Sparrow.

    If anyone wants to add an item to this auction, please PM me. DO NOT post a picture ITT or list it ITT.
    Keep in mind, it will be your responsibily to mail the the item to the winner. And the winner will be able to see what area you are from by the postmark on the package, unless you mail it from another area.

    Larry Brennan is once again on board and he will be mailing the item that I am putting up for auction to the winner. Thanks again Larry!
    For those of you who don't agree with having another auction to help raise funds for Sparrow, you simply do not have to participate, and we would like to keep all negative and troll comments out of the auction thread.

    tl/dr version:
    New auction for Sparrow starting Monday March 7th and it will run for two weeks to raise funds for new charge.
    It will be listed in the Anon Sparrow Situation Room thread, which you can find under the Anons vs Scientolgoy heading.
    If you want to add an item to the auction, please PM me, do not list it here or post picture of it.
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  8. And if you prefer the Islamic calendar, I suppose the date would be 1 Rabi'ath-Thani A.H. 1432.

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