Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

Discussion in 'Anon Sparrow' started by Radio Paul, Jul 16, 2010.

  1. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    Handshakes, of course.

    I think you're right. That is an easy enough mistake to make, especially if you're sleep-deprived, overworked, under pressure, or not eating well. Scientology staff lately? Probably all 4.

  2. Dra Member

    Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    I'm thinking that they pulled these stunts (threatening behaviour & SP declare) to try and keep SParrow away from their event(s). I think they thought that they could bully or scare him away from the event.

    Too bad that didn't work for them... snicker
  3. Anonse7en Member

    Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    Make sure you guys watch the last video he posted today.The same guy who assaulted sparrow says "I'm going to kill you" right in front of the cops, just goes to show how seriously Scientology now takes DC police officers, now that they know they can get away with basic assault.

    Honestly i am alarmed by how much the cops where willing to let the Scientology get away with today. Meanwhile the cops felt that they had to yell at protesters for using colored chalk good job guys saving the city from chalk. all the while Scientology is getting in the faces of protesters and moving protesters stuff and making threats in clear view of the police who do nothing.

    If any thing the video today shows the police standing by doing nothing, while Scientology both staff and public continue doing every thing they where warned not to do.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    Anonsparrow is a brave guy, but let's face it, those $cilons are insane.

    They're obsessed with the idea that SPs are the epitome of evil and should be destroyed.

    They don't care about "wog" laws, and so it's only a matter of time before one of them fucks up and gets slapped in the cuffs on camera.

    I think it's high time the opinions of LRH towards black people were made more public, it's certainly incredible to think that there are any black sciencefictionologists at all, given the old racist fart's views.

    The best way to fuck sciencefiction is often to quote LRH himself.

    Having said that, I don't think the hand on lens was assault at all, and the dog tag grabbing is just his word against the scifis... this is why you need two video cameras MINIMUM at upfront raids like this.
  5. Triumph Member

    Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    YouTube - anonsparrow1's Channel

    sparrows latest video 181.7

    play close attention at the end to what the man who grabbed Sparrows camera says.briefly before. he bends over and pretends to arrange some plastic around the foot of a tree..
  6. Sponge Member

    Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    Sometimes these publics come out that org all fired up and buzzin' high on scientology tech and ready to clear this fucking mudball dammit!

    Posted today on youtube, and related....

  7. Anonymous Member

    Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    Let's not forget Tiny Balls played the race card when Sparrow called him a "Slave", then re-iterated "Scientology Slave" when Tiny Balls got all butthurt. Word spread that Sparrow is a racist, be it trufax or not.
    Those two brotha's look like:

    1. Nation of Islam.
    2. Executive Security for hire.

    At least the giant one does.

    The main instigator needs to be Namefagged ASAP though. I'll tell you that.
  8. Anonymous Member

    Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    Watching Sparrow's videos over time, I've noticed that whereas in the early vids there were few if any non-white Scilons, just lately they seem to be getting some new recruits in from DCs black community. They don't look like buppies to me, more like folks from the less well off neighbourhoods, who are doubtless looking for ways to get on in life and susceptible to Scientology's bullshit claims.

    Some here are suggesting that the tough looking guys at this event were wearing suits to look like bouncers, but might it not just be the long standing tradition in the black community that you wear your best clothes to church? After all, if they are true believers, they do think it's a church.

    My impression is that those guys are fairly new converts, and don't really know much about COS. I also get the impression that they're from a part of town where any kind of confrontation is settled physically, and that makes me worried for Sparrow if they're seeing him as someone trying to mess with their 'church'. These guys aren't the white, middle class milquetoasts he's been dealing with up to now, who try and intimidate with a notepad. Keep up the good fight Sparrow, but do stay safe.
  9. Sponge Member

    Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    and before that...
    @ 5:00 "When it get dark, certain different things start happening when it get dark"
    @ 5:28 Does a mime, making a fist and punching into palm of his other hand.

    You think that guy would shut the fuck up because if anything happens to Sparrow then that guy will be a suspect whether he ultimately does anything or not.
  10. Anonse7en Member

    Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    Scientology has been using the race card since day one against anon, its just a matter of time before some ignorant public who believes the bs they are fed flies off the handle and really hurts the protesters.

    Honestly i was really surprised by the police presence and i am glad they are stepping up their game to create a safe atmosphere for protesters like Sparrow and RP. But what really alarms me is Scientology's blatant disregard for the safety of their members and protesters by feeding the flames of h8 by claiming protesters are members of the KKK, and encouraging staff and public the harass and intimidate protesters even in front of the police and video cameras. The police need to do their jobs and help educate Scientology on the difference between standing up for your cult, and inciting and condoning violence.

    I just want to end my post with a little message to the black man that said "I'm going to kill you" to anon sparrow. Sir you worse than the white policemen who turned the hoses on black protesters. You are worse than the white patrons who dumped condiments and food on black protesters who sat at white only restaurants. Every time you threaten a protester you spit on the face of every historical black leader who died fighting for human rights.
  11. Triumph Member

    Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    yes.. there were those thing's leading up to it..

    at the end of the Video theres the title "THE END" keep watching its brief... ..the audio is pretty clear, its something every one here should witness.

    .the guy is not only disturbing...but a real threat

    the Viva Vendetta rap is @7:29 in the video 181.6

  12. Anonymous Member

    Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    And exact text from Video 181.6 from same guy:

    "Viva Vendeta.
    Viva Vendeta.
    You'll never find me again.
    You'll never find me again.
    We will kill you.
    We will kill you.
    Viva Vendeta.
    Viva Vendeta.
    Viva Viva."

    Threatening to kill someone is a crime all in itself.
    Friends of Sparrow, please get this video to the police now. Hopefully, Sparrow will too.

    Please understand some people are not afraid of going to prison. At all.
  13. Anonymous Member

    Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    When I said Now, I actually meant something like Right Now! srsly
  14. tippytoe Member

    Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

  15. Anonymous Member

    Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    Why hasn't that moron sparrow told the cops, hey this dude just said he was going to kill me? You'll scream bloody murder when someone touches your camera, but you don't do anything when it sounds like someone said they're going to kill you? Stupid. I don't believe for one second that this guy is any danger to sparrow, but that is still something you should tell the cops about ffs.
  16. Anon99 Member

    Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    How do you know he hasn't?
  17. Anonymous Member

    Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    Sparrow hopefully has contacted the police.
    But until we find out lets harpoon the DC press.
  18. Anonymous Member

    Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    I fired a poon with a link to the post with the vids in.
    Fucking man the harpoons.
  19. TinyDancer Member

    Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    This needs to be sent to the cops.
  20. Anonymous Member

    Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    Sorry fucked link.
    I pooned the washinton post.
  21. XenuPhobic Member

    Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    This is it, in a nutshell.
  22. Anonymous Member

    Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    Tiny, include the "we will kill you" vid and text.
  23. theLastAnon Member

    Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    The comment comes around 5:19, but start it earlier than that. The YT comments suggest he says "I have someone to kill you" or "actually gonna kill you" but it's very muddled and hard to hear through the other noise.

  24. Anonymous Member

    Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    How about pooning the police first, media second.

    And Sparrow, if you're reading this
    , please let us know that you're okay, that you have people around you watching your back. And that you reported this to authorities.
    And if you need more back up or help, let that be known too.

    Damn, don't just post this stuff and leave it hanging like this. Need to hear now what's going on and follow up.
  25. anonsparrow Member

    Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    Hi there! Thank you for your concern my brethren.

    Yes I am ok and doing fine. Sorry for not participating in this thread thus far but I've been extremely busy with all the video editing and talking on the phone and stuff. Someone just told me about this recent post and so wanted to check in and say thank you!

    I TRULY appreciate everyone's concern and support in regards to this incident. I know it has many people very concerned about my safety. So I will be extremely careful (in general) from here on out and I'll be taking some other specific precautions as well.

    These latest events will not deter me whatsoever but I will be extra safe in how I go about my business. Again, thanks so much!

  26. Anonymous Member

    Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    I agree with you,but calling the police is up to sparrow.
    Glad you are ok sparrow.
  27. Squirrel Member

    Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    I think the African-American chap with the suit's name is "Mr. Big." He's fulfilling the meme of "big bald-headed black guy in a pin-striped suit, trying to look important."
  28. Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    D.C. Anons, Amazing Protest, the Public gets it, Scientologists come off as creepy cult-like creatures with Don King security castoffs.

    One actually making death threats on video, shit is gold, ty, moe-ron cult security thug (You bad, gangster,lol) . They make quite the Welcome Wagon for this "event".

    These highly religious members know how to entice the Public into Scientology's event, they couldn't give away "Free" hot-dogs never mind con any marks like they've been trained.

    Be careful, Sparrow, watch your back, man, this level of stupidity is downright scary.

    The word on the street in D.C. (according to Huggy-Bear) is keep the fuck away from manipulating, lying scammers.

    It seems D.C. Ideal Org. has less than 10 Public and 60 or more staff, major fail cult in action.

    Anonymous be Kickin ass in exposing abusive cult, WTG, well played Sparrow, Radio Paul, Telescope and others, TY. Grt vids.
  29. Noclaf Member

    Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    Not to go off topic but.. ok I am, what genre of music would you call what anons were playing?
  30. vaLLarrr Member

    Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    Entheta beats!!
  31. Anonymous Member

    Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    I was wondering myself about the rap song, never heard the Scientolololology rap before... I think playing OTIII was great, it scattered the clams, and it would be good to compile a "best of" LRH, with all his madness, and play loud!!

    What's the DC law on that, is it possible to get MOAR speakers and play it at a level they can't ignore??

    I did enjoy "You Are A Pirate" though.
  32. anonsoldier Member

    Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    Stay safe, Sparrow, I love watching your videos and you need to stay safe so you can keep making more of them!
  33. Anonymous Member

    Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    You are wonderful for doing this. Sparrow, you tough bastard. We're all behind you.
  34. ryangiggs Member

    Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    Kudos to the guy who brought the mic & amp.
    I'd like to see this used again.
    Playing Hubbard's greatest hits i.e. crazy-losin' it-wacko-blabbering.

  35. Anonymous Member

    Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    Not sure if this is the correct interpretation, but I think "Pronouncing Scientologists guilty of the practice of standard Scientology.” is a bad thing not because practicing standard Scientology is a bad thing, but because of the "declaring guilty" part. Scientology tech always has the solution, so when you accuse someone of using Scientology as it is intended, you're obviously highly critical of Scientology. Very bad and suppressive. Not an ex here, so I may be wrong.

    As to the threats I hope they are reported to the police and that the police will do something about it and maybe learn from this episode that when you allow seemingly small things to go unchecked, it's only going to get worse over time.

    AnonSparrow, please stay safe and calm.
  36. Anonymous Member

    Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    Hang in there SParrow and just do what you need to do.
  37. Anonymous Member

    Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    I have no doubt that the assaulting thug means business when it comes to acting out his threat to kill Sparrow because it's clear he has a very, very short fuse and not much impulse control. I'd also bet he's been in prison before for other violent acts.

    Really, the more I see of him, I think he's OJ Simpson's mini-me.
  38. Shellback Member

    Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    Not to put my tin hat on too tight, in Clearwater, back in June, a black fellow was observed watching the protesters very closely from the rooftop of the Ft Harrison hotel. I got the feeling he was listening to the protesters, some spoke to him from the street level and he seemed to react. (anyone recognize him?)


    After the protest I drove by the front of the FH and noticed our rooftop dude and two other black guys excitedly chatting with one another. They were all in suits too (which was very odd in the Florida heat.)

    I don't know what this is supposed to mean. I guess since Sparrow is a middle aged white guy he should be intimidated by a big black fellow. Seems to me this is in reality a cynical and not a little racist attempt by Scientology management to "handle" the protest problem. So far the Clearwater protesters have only been approached by high level (white) OT types and not even that very often.
  39. Anonymous Member

    Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    Based on your post, you're in no position to be calling out anyone else's racism unless it's in the 'takes one to know one' vein. If that wasn't where you're coming from, and you have some other point to make, you might like to edit your post.
  40. Anonymous Member

    Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    Agreed, I also think as much background information about these jokers needs to be gathered (of course addresses, etc., should not be publicly displayed). Does this guy have a criminal background? Public records can reveal a lot @ no cost.
    Clear picture of their faces, approx. height, weight, DOB.
    No body especially (with Scientology's history of fair game) should be allowed to get away with verbally threatening to kill & physically harm ANYONE!

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