Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

Discussion in 'Anon Sparrow' started by Radio Paul, Jul 16, 2010.

  1. Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    You fucking hypocrite.
  2. SOJOA Member

    Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    Anyone hear back from any emails, letters, vmails, etc?

    Just wondering if there was a response from the police department.
  3. Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    read the thread?
  4. SOJOA Member

    Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED really need an F'ing hug. How much bitter are you? Maybe you need some help from CoS
  5. anonamus Member

    Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    No -WE thank YOU for having the guts to enturbulate the disgusting cult in the most epic way.
    WWP should make a "donations to anonSParrow" button. I'd sure use it in a fly..
    Stay safe!
  6. Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    what for?
  7. anonamus Member

    Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    what for? So Sparrow can buy the Basics all over again and again of course.
    No really, it can't be without some expenses what sparrow accomplishes?
  8. Anonymous Member

    Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    It's quite simple. The answer to your question is in the thread. Stop being a lazy cuntrag.
  9. Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    See, if I was really bitter I could have said this. How is what I said at all bitter?
  10. Anonymous Member

    Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    Two peanuts walk in to a bar.

    One of them was a salted.
  11. Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    Why don't you fags mods lern how to do this rite? Idiots.

    Yeah, ban.
  12. SOJOA Member

    Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    Yeah your right.

    I read it all and still nothing solid is listed clearly as to whether or not anyone heard anything. I only just got a letter from the Mayor about an hour ago stating that it was being forwarded to the Commish and they are aware of the subject....etc.....etc.

    Thats about it.

    Anyway Sparrow stay safe but dont give up the good fight.
  13. Diablo Member

    Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    Sparrow = Hero

    "here's a free hotdog...all we ask is that you join the church of scientology for a billion years!"

    quote of the month!
  14. Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    Change history Mods
  15. Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    Yup. Check you pms.
  16. shmakim Member

    Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    FYI, to officer 3915 FARRRRRRKKAAAAAAAAAS, who didn't think anyone would watch the video, AnonSparrow has posted 376 videos of his protesting activity, and the one featuring Officer FARRRRRKKAAAAAAASSSS ranks #3 of them all, with 3500 views and counting. <hmf>
  17. shmakim Member

    Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    I contacted AnonSparrow directly with exactly that question and he gracefully declined, stating that he was fine for now. Then again, we'd had no previous contact whatsoever, so he couldn't trust that I wasn't a Scilon trying to bait him.

    However if there _were_ a place to send donations, I'd be in.

    WAY. TO. GO. DC ANONS for that spectacular protest the other day.

    I'm, uh, way off in Saskatoon, Canada, where there's no Anon and no Scientology either, but I'm caught up in these videos and need to see what they're all leading to.
  18. Anonymous Member

    Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    I have also offered $ to sparrow and he has declined in the past. At some point he may need to pay for security and at that point he may need some help...Let us know Sparrow...we are legion!!
  19. anonamus Member

    Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    That's excactly my point. A donation collected directly from WWP and handed to Sparrow by ppl he trust.
  20. Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    Seriously, list one concrete reason anyone should do this.
  21. ChefXenu Member

    Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    its actually granite, but the footer is concrete...
  22. anonamus Member

    Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    Read the thread?
    Do you think it's free what Sparrow & Co are doing? And maybe he could use some extra domestic security especially now that he apparently has been threatened on his life by [STRIKE]a psychotic cult-nigger[/STRIKE] an african american whose TR's should be re-done.
  23. Anonymous Member

    Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    Read the thread, backatcha. He's not accepting donations. Unless he needed some sort of legal assistance, this is probably for the best.
  24. Anonymous Member

    Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    The Nation of Islam offers security services. They are usually large, African American, and dress tighter than a month of Sunday's, bow ties are usually prevalent ala Malcolm X. I am telling you I have seen these guys before in other non-scilon situations.
  25. CarterUSP Member

    Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    Nearly 400 posts, too many to read. I'm sure my opinion has already been stated somewhere herein already:
    - Assault - Yes, but not enough to hold up in court.
    - To the public in general, witness how 'the most ethical people on the planet' behave
  26. EyeOnSci Member

    Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    <3 SParrow and DCanons.
  27. Anonymous Member

    Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    Lol not even close.

    And lol at setting up a donation fund for sparrow. I mean, hasn't anybody learned their lesson from FormallyIn, AGP, Aaron Saxton ect ect. Enjoy throwing your money down a proverbial rat hole.
  28. Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    You said to call the cops when the guy said a barely audible comment, and not when the guy mimed shooting sparrow, then started messing with his person?

    That's hypocrisy.

    That donation notion is JUST ABSOLUTELY FUCKNIG RETARDED. I absolutely agree with you there.
  29. Anonymous Member

    Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    You don't see a difference between "I am going to kill you" and the other shit?
  30. Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    Let's see, one is threatening to kill him then getting into a physical confrontation, and the other is threatening to kill him.
  31. Anonymous Member

    Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    One is a clear threat, the other is subjective.
  32. theLastAnon Member

    Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    Sparrow has never asked for donations and has apparently rejected several offers of financial assistance. This is a good thing. Leave it alone unless or until something changes.

    For now, his safety is of primary concern.

    Begin derail: I think having any kind of fund raising operated by WWP that is not specifically for the operation of the site is a bad idea. WWP shouldn't be in the position of choosing to endorse specific protesters for support (or having to reject some of them for the same) by, for example, having a "button" to donate to them.

    If/when jew golds are needed for certain anons or situations, set it up separately but allow it to be posted in a thread with the appropriate disclaimers (eyes open, no expectations, no guarantees, etc). /derail
  33. XVILLAINX Member

    Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    Assault: An act, gesture, or statement which (In the eyes of the victim) suggests a willingness to do harm. I.E. The finger gun.

    Battery: Any unwanted forced physical contact between two or more people, This can include personal property attached to the victim's body. (clothing, jewelry, camera, etc.) I.E. The pulling of the camera and dog tags.

    I hope these definitions assist sparrow.
    Most people get assault confused and claim assault when they should have claimed battery.
    Technically this scilon commited A&B (Assault & Battery) which is NEVER thrown out if there is video evidence, and can be anywhere from a very high misdemeanor to a mid-level felony.
    I am aware of these laws because I was once arrested for battery, so I read up on my laws to see if I could save myself... nope.
    Its pretty much impossible to defend against assault, because it is all about how the VICTIM feels about it.
    Battery can be defended, BUT with video evidence of your magnitude, there is no way he will walk away without at least 6 months probation.
  34. XVILLAINX Member

    Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    oh, one more thing, you have the RIGHT to make a police report about whatever you want.
    If you say to a police officer "My bagel is soggy, i want to make a police report" that officer is required BY LAW to make one.
    so not only did this officer lie, but he broke the law.
  35. Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    Actually I'd say they are equally subjective.
  36. bAnon Member

    Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    You keep on rockin' on SParrow

  37. Triumph Member

    Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    both ..instances should be tied together..because it shows a continuance of abuse. even if it was days apart..

    if the man in question was smart..he would have kept his mouth shut..and dropped it..

    the whole "viva vendetta rap"..and the comments about how "Thing happen in the dark, and the fist pounding..were done as a part of a continuation of anything that happened previously.

    the "I will kill you comment"(was hard to hear where he bend down and pretended to fix some plastic around the tree) that came before the the "Viva Vendetta Rap" "where he clearly said we will kill you" mistaking what he said there. the second time..if anything it re-enforces what was previously said. (despite it being hard to make out exactly what he said)

    he was clearly taunting..his intentions and choice of words were used to intimidate

    the man did all this front and center of the camera. if you watch all the videos from the day of the protest.. he spent alot of time out front..and and also he taunted a couple other protesters

    The Man in question spent alot of time in general "front and center" throughout the day.
    kinda proves he was preoccupied with Sparrow and not so much with the event

    he treated it like his "moment in the sun".

    veiled threats or not..he hopefully won't act upon this.

    its a misdemeanor..but its not something anyone should ignore
  38. subgenius Member

    Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    If the police haven't seen this. They must.
    If they ignore this behavior, I will presume they are just stupid, until they show they are acting in bad faith.
  39. Shellback Member

    Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    The statement stands, I really don't know what you read into my post. A cynical attempt by someone to use race as a form of intimidation is racist IMO. Racism is a bunch of lame crap (also IMO.) People are pretty much the same the world over in my experience. Racism tends to be perpetrated by people who don't know better (also IME and IMO.)

    With most groups I would never believe it - if it is in fact happening at all. I could believe Scientology management would be that stupid.

    And yes, if you knew me better you would understand where I was coming from. Call me a racist - please!
  40. Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED

    If you worded your posts better we would understand where you're coming from.

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