Anon Media? SOCIALISM!! Operation Guaranteed Income???

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Weasel Queen, Jan 24, 2011.

  1. Anon12960000 Member

    interesting.... let me think a bit more bout that
  2. yeah, There are a lot of conservatives in anon. too, just about everyone can find something about anon. that they like
  3. Anonymous Member

    Te fact that anon attracts both sides and folks from both sides believe they have found likeminded induviduals in anon is wonderful.

    Think about.
  4. veravendetter Member

    I think the fact that nutjobs, socialists, conspiracy theorists, communists, survivalists etc. can don a GF mask and claim to speak for the whole is an asset. It means in the 'relatively' slow media world we can never be pigeon-holed or backed into an ideological corner. Granted, there may be coverage from time to time we wish would GTFO, but in the long game, IMO this is one of our greatest assets.
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  5. none given Member

    Is it related to the idea of a basic unconditional contribution? That would be good. Not much, maybe 30 hours a week of good, hard exercise working on asphalt roads or clearing underbrush or something.
    I would like to see every person, no matter who stupid or unambitious have the opportunity to earn a cot and some bread simply by maintaining the infrastructure.
    It would be good education for those who never had the chance to learn normal adult discipline.
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  6. Herro Member

  7. Herro Member

    So does sports. It's really not that special.
  8. PresidentShaw Member

  9. none given Member

    That's a Hindi, look at the skull.
    The symbol means something totally different to him.
  10. Like the Tea Party but with a brain.
  11. hushpuppy Member


    You are anonymous if you do not disclose personal information. No more. No less.
    Stay legal on WWP.

  12. Anonymous Member

    [] Bible
    [] Flag
    [] Gun safe
  13. Anonymous Member

    You're getting creepy.
  14. Anonymous Member

    It's an American thing. ;)
  15. Anonymous Member

    I'm an American too, and anywhere - that is creepy.
  16. Anonymous Member

    Heathen sissy.
  17. Anonymous Member

    OP needs to gin up a website and host 'OPERATION POUTRAGE' where everyone can baaaw at what might be proposed by other anonymii that they disagree with on some issue or another. Extra points given for complete obtuse lack of understanding of issues, terminology and semantics based on limited brain capacity and an obstinate refusal to know anything whatsoever about the given subject before opening their gaping piehole.
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  18. Anonymous Member

  19. Hooray for america, rather than a torch, the statue of liberty should have a tomahawk(ranger promo: YouTube reference)
  20. Anonymous Member

    Did she raegquit?
  21. Shinythings Member

    ^^^ I like that. But that would mean, there is actually something wrong about unconditional income...
  22. Unanimouse Member

    I don't like the idea of unconditional contribution. It kills altruism. How can I feel like I'm doing something good for the community when I'm forced to do it? Plus, some people simply don't have the time between their job, their family, and whatever else they may do.
  23. Anonymous Member

    Lets just do away with money, everything is now free to everyone.

    We'll just force others to produce the quality goods for us, imprison those who disagree.
  24. none given Member

    Giving people things they have not earned is wrong. It hamstrings those who have to pay for it and cripples those who are rewarded for being useless.
  25. Anonymous Member

  26. Unanimouse Member

    True, but some can't pay for it. Some have to work day in and day out just to make enough money to get by. They can't go to school to get an education for a better job because they don't have the time. These people have more than earned it.

    So that leaves us at a crossroads: do we punish our hardest workers or do we reward our laziest?
  27. Unanimouse Member

    Oh, and one more thing: this might be a false dichotomy. I don't know. If there's a third option, I'd be interested in hearing it, because I honestly think that this dichotomy will only result in running in circles.
  28. Anonymous Member

    I think adding a third option will change that circle into an ellipse.
  29. Unanimouse Member

    Well, yeah, probably. The thought that an entire audience could be swayed is kind of out-there. Most arguments come down to dichotomies like this, in my experience. This is probably where we need to stop thinking and try them both out to see which one works best.
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  30. adhocrat Member

    All hail alternate universes.
  31. Anonymous Member

    Lol @ "let 'en starve or die of disease, not my problem" crowd.
  32. "You make your own reality" EST
  33. Anonymous Member

    What are things earned?

    You´ll does not give water or food to a person who don,t have??
  34. Lorelei Member

    Needless to say, Epic Ferret Guy (Murphy) approves of this. ^^^

    I think people still have trouble wrapping their brains around the concept of a collective noun (Anonymous) that is not a group, per se. Small thinkers can't get beyond it, unfortunately, and there are far too many small thinkers out there who are uncomfortable with the concept of an "opt-in" leaderless global movement that does not always represent uniformity of thoughts and interests.

    The good news is that people who are not small thinkers will realize that anyone can claim to be Anonymous and say whatever s/he likes, and that not every statement attributed to "Anonymous" represents the views of the majority of individuals who occasionally adopt the label "Anonymous."

    But you already knew that.
  35. Anonymous Member

    No, imho giving things to people they have not earned is right. Jesus did the same.
  36. Anonymous Member

    Taxes should be used for the public good.
    If they are being used to give everyone a guaranteed income, then they serve the public good, because
    i) crime rate will go down drastically, since people don't have to steal anymore or deal with drugs to get a basic income to survive. This has also the positive sideffect that less money needs to be spent on police and prisons.
    ii) parents who couldn't raise their children, because they needed 2 jobs to survive have now more time to raise and educate their children, so that the children have a better chance to become contributing members of society
    iii)people also have more time to do something for their communities or jobs that serve the public good, but for which haven't been payed for, like protesting against Scientology or freedom of information
  37. Shinythings Member

    Raise minimum wage?
  38. Anonymous Member

    Then we can all enjoy a Pout of the Week!


    Make it so.
  39. Unanimouse Member

    And then the big companies outsource and somebody else has to do the same job for less pay. That or illegal immigrants "steal our jobs".

    Of course I'm not saying that it's all bad. There are some people who would benefit from a pay raise and not have their jobs' taken by illegal immigrants or outsourcing. But are they in the majority?

    And finally, even if this wasn't the case that the jobs would go elsewhere, it doesn't really solve the problem. We still have very many very hard workers getting far less than the norm.
  40. Shinythings Member

    I think a solution may be some sort of world wide job regulation. I mean, the fuckers have not problem doing shit copyright treaties, I hope some day they can do better!

    Not feasible at this time, but I hope we can get there someday.

    Anyhow, capitalistic societies seem to be doing a bit of a good job at regulating themselves and achive more equal economic conditions for everyone worldwide, if the statistics in this video are true. Or maybe it is the socialist forces within capitalistic societies. I don't know really and don't care much, to me the info on the video shows we as a society are advancing on those issues, and show a tendency to look for better conditions for everyone. May be an emergent phenomena.

    (worth watching)
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