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Discussion in 'Other Countries' started by Anonymous, Jul 25, 2013.

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  1. Hacke_App Member

    Lol bot that kind of cell
  2. meep meep Member

  3. Hacke_App Member

    Not that either
  4. meep meep Member

  5. Hacke_App Member

    XD i give up
  6. Anonymous Member

  7. Hacke_App Member

    XD the memes are real
  8. meep meep Member

  9. Anonymous Member

    I'm feeling charitible today... so I'm going to offer some advice.

    Instead of posting questions in the public forums, asking if there any anons around, you need to take a much more proactive stance.

    When new members show up asking if there are anons in a certain specific area, the WWP Membership is made very suspicious. This is because there are some very ill-intentioned individuals and groups that would like to know exactly where certain anons may in fact be located.

    Being proactive means lurking a lot more on the WWP Forums.

    Whether your interests lay with Freedom Of Information, the anti-scientology movement, or whatever, you need to make yourself known to the membership in many more ways than asking if there are anons in certain locations.

    If you have questions, ask those here...

    ... but don't ask if there are any anons in New Hampshire, or Connecticut, or wherever. It just won't go very very well for you.

    To get an overall orientation to the WWP site, I recommend this thread to you:

    G'day sir, or madam.
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