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Discussion in 'Planning' started by american_revolt_anon, Feb 8, 2013.

  1. i am trying to organize a protest on a local university witch is also a church and a school it has taken over my city and controles all things even has it's own law group all the top polictical people speak there can't tell you how many times a week i see blackhawks and air force one or ones like it at our small airport anyway im near lynchburg va and plan on protesting liberty university it will be peacefull and our state does not allowe masks so what do i do and it will be leagal ill get the permits if i can just need 20 or so people and some help you can get ahold of me on here or my site in the forms on there or contact page.
  2. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Lets start from the beginning:

    First: Masks: If your state or local laws says no, then there isn't anything you can do, other than do as they ask. I personally can't see why you'd need to hide your face though in this case.

    Second: Coming on here and asking members to go to an unknown website is akin to going to a FBI message board and asking, while displaying your name, address, all phone numbers you have, email, etc. where you can find CP and Snuff films and showing them your collection of it.

    IOW: People are going to approach with extreme caution and may not visit your site.

    Third: I am having a hard time making sense of what exactly you are protesting on your post. (Sorry, I am not going to visit your site until I have at least 50 net condoms on and feel more stupid than usual and extraordinarily drunk (to which my boss wouldn't appreciate at all))

    Are you protesting the school because the POTUSA is visiting a lot? To that I say: Why? Maybe he loves your area? There's no reason to protest that. Visiting with protection is par for any Prez visit course.

    Are you protesting the corruption of this Church College? Can you kindly name some incidents with dox to support these allegations? I live in a Bible College town. Hardly see any reason to protest them as they leave my ass alone...

    TL;DR: Please provide more details and some check-able/creditable documentation to explain your grievance.

    Finally: If your protest fails to materialize AND you have a valid grievance, perhaps you can look into finding other like minded people in your area. Direct them towards your site via flyers or cards in areas people visit. Maybe that'd be more anonymous than a protest?

    Granted, it'd be more helpful if you could give us a better understanding as to what is going on there and what you feel is wrong.
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  3. fishypants Moderator

    ^ that

    OP: It is unclear what your planned protest is against.
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  4. Jerry Falwell Jr.’s attempts to forge Liberty University students into a dominant political machine and take over the city of Lynchburg (Va.) have been thwarted – for now.
    In Lynchburg’s municipal elections yesterday, a slate of candidates closely aligned with Falwell fared poorly, and a Liberty University student who ran for a spot on the city council came in last.

    Although some new faces are coming on to the council, the Lynchburg News & Advance reported that the results essentially maintain the status quo.
    “City voters collectively split the ticket on their ballots, picking one candidate from the Republican slate and two independent candidates endorsed by groups such as Lynchburg First and the Lynchburg Democratic Committee,” reported the newspaper.
    Falwell had hoped to stack the council with candidates who would do his bidding. He hopes to expand Liberty University and is angry that the current council will not grant him an unfettered right to grow as he sees fit by lifting zoning requirements.

    Three candidates aligned with Falwell – Hunsdon Cary, Ted Hannon and Don Good – ran for council, seeking at-large seats. Only Cary won. In addition, Lynchburg Mayor Joan Foster was reelected; Brent Robertson, a Liberty student who ran for the council, came in last place.
    Falwell had hoped to use Liberty students to sway the outcome of the election. He has done it before. In November of 2009, Liberty students voted heavily in a race for state delegate, unseating incumbent Democrat Shannon Valentine. (Liberty used a university-owned student newspaper to attack Valentine and promote her opponent, Scott Garrett; AU reported the matter to the IRS.)
    Valentine had been leading the race until returns from the precinct where LU students vote came in, when she fell behind to Garrett, who ended up winning the race by about 200 votes. Falwell took the credit and vowed to use Liberty’s ballot-box clout to influence city elections as well.

    But Falwell’s machinations sparked concern among many city residents. On April 30, Elliot Schewel, a former state senator who represented the area from 1976-1995, wrote a column for the News & Advance warning about Falwell’s manipulation of LU students to achieve his goals and pointing out that Falwell doesn’t even live in the city.
    Among other things, Schewel scored Falwell for unethical behavior. He noted that Falwell had secretly videotaped a meeting with Mayor Foster and refused to admit that his actions had been out of line. Schewel warned that the Liberty chancellor seeks to be “chancellor of Lynchburg as well.”

    Schewel was especially appalled that Falwell had claimed that both Valentine and Garrett were invited to speak on the Liberty campus. In fact, Valentine had several times requested to speak on campus and was denied.
    Falwell responded with his own column, insisting that he had invited both Valentine and Garrett to speak on campus and asserting, “I am not endorsing any candidates in the upcoming City Council elections and neither I nor Liberty University have ever tried to tell students for whom they should vote.”

    This spurred Valentine to respond. In a letter to the newspaper, she flatly accused Falwell of twisting the truth, observing, “I was never invited to speak at Liberty University last fall. In fact, not only was I not invited to speak, my requests to address the Liberty students were repeatedly denied.”

    In the wake of the election, Falwell attempted to be nonchalant and pleased with the results. He just wants Liberty students to be involved, he claimed.
    Pardon my skepticism. In fact, Falwell, just like his father, has political goals that reach from local government all the way to the White House. In his own back yard, he’d like nothing more than a rubber-stamp council that gives him whatever he wants.

    The people of Lynchburg stopped him this time. But I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of Falwell’s political machinations.’s-political-machine-liberty-chancellor’s-efforts-to
  5. Anonymous Member


    Have your heard of paragraphs? They're much easier on the eyes, FYI.
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  6. first thanks for your reply. also i am aware of the website thing also about my protest. you realy have to be one not to agree with the work of jerry falwall and his family of corrupt people.
  7. The Lynchburg News & Advance broke the news that Liberty University took in nearly a half-billion dollars last year in money from the government in the form of federal financial aid and noted that this could be seen as running counter to the university’s smaller government/conservative values agenda.

    Then, suddenly last week, everyone on LU's campus was mysteriously unable to access The News & Advance and Jerry Falwell Jr. is refusing to provide any explanation as to why that was:

    The Liberty University administration blocked access to The News & Advance website from its campus for at least one day last week.

    LU Chancellor Jerry Falwell Jr. did not elaborate on the reason Monday, adding that Liberty’s policies allow the administration to “block a number of sites at will.”

    By Monday, The News & Advance website had been unblocked.
    “Most of the websites that are blocked have to do with obscene material, material that is inappropriate,” Falwell said. “It just so happened last week The News & Advance was blocked for a day or two. We’re a private organization and we don’t have to give a reason and we’re not.”
  8. Anonymous Member

    Way more better formatting, Dude, or Ma'am.
  9. i did not know about this one. thay are blocking there sudents from getting information and makeing an informed choice it should be the students right to read what thay want.
  10. thanks and im a dude.
  11. anon walker Moderator

    Virginia, home of the trans-vaginal probe. Yikes, you got your work cut out for you! Good luck, sorry I'm way out here on the left coast or I'd jump in.
  12. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Lucky you. I am midwest bound and in the middle of miles upon miles of buttfucking nothing.
  13. fishypants Moderator

    So the problem is.... what exactly?
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  14. the problem is i am going to protest the above instatution for violations against the freedom of speach and right for every one to get information as thay feel thay need freedom of info. i am looking for like minded people to help with org issues and poss to protest with me.
  15. Anonymous Member

    OK, well we're all in favour of freedom of speech here.

    Playing devil's advocate (seems an appropriate term given the circumstances):

    - What makes you think that freedom of speech extends to the right to use a private network to browse any website you like?
  16. private networks are not above the law and in this case the students are all aduilts and therefor should be alowed to get information and make jugements based on information from many sorces other then the ones ware thay are being brain washed by a controlling right-winged university.
  17. Anonymous Member

    You think that there's a law which says that universities have to let their students have access to any website they like?

    What is this law you're thinking of?

    It's not the constitutionally protected right of free speech, because:

    1) Accessing the web isn't speech,

    2) The right to free speech doesn't give citizens the right to use other people's stuff to speak with.

    For example, if I own a printing press, your right to free speech does not entitle you to print whatever you like using my printing press.

    I agree it's shitty and unacademic behaviour by the university. But then they're not really a proper university anyway, are they?
  18. ok i see your point. but if i used a laptop and got on to there network and did some illegle stuff then it would be ok because it is a private network. anyway this school is a slimed down version of the us gov in many ways it is the same forget its a schoole or anything it's the same and there for needs to be treated as a hostile supporter of the us gov.
  19. moarxenu Member

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  20. Anonymous Member

    No, it wouldn't.

    The point is not that private networks are exempt from laws. They aren't.

    The point is that the right of free speech restricts what the government can do.

    Not quite getting your meaning.
  21. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Let me give you a better explanation. If you went on a private network and did illegal stuff, then the owners of the private network are just as liable/responsible/guilty as you. Hence why places are leery about having their wifi open: They don't want pedobears getting on their wifi, getting CP, and ending up getting raided by the FBI because of that sicko.

    In other words: The Private Network has just as much rights to filter and block content as you have the right to say whatever you like. The Private Network doesn't want to bear responsibilities for the actions of a minor few and has rights to protect themselves.

    Now, you mentioned it was a bible college. Unfortunately, that too is their right to restrict info. A school has a right to block porn/Facebook/Youtube/etc. because of various reasons. Most common is to keep kids from wasting time on those during school time. I'm going out on a limb here and assume this is a fully private college. That too undermines what legal remedies there are. Since it is a private school, they have the right to protect/block info just like a private citizen has the exact same right.

    Then they can either:
    1. Get internet via an ISP. That will give them unfettered access to all info. It isn't free, but the information won't be censored.
    2. Go to a spot that offers free wifi... If the "info" they seek is porno... Eliminate this option.
    3. Go elsewhere.
    4. Take what they have and make lemonade.
    That is the pitfall of private colleges. You have to play by their rules more so than a public college.
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  22. fishypants Moderator


    If they want to block access to websites that are critical of them then they have the legal right to do that.

    It doesn't speak at all well of them ethically, as a university. But that's a different issue to the legal one.
  23. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator


    Since this is a private Bible college, I'd imagine they block sites like Atheist ones, Evolution ones, Pornographic ones (Although that is a given... They could also block medical anatomy sites because it might be viewed as "pornographic"), and Torrent sites (Argument there being the MPAA/RIAA target colleges with lawsuits. This blocking can prevent that tactic).

    The point is: The students there aren't necessarily restricted. They can find alternate means to get info. How the school deals with that "alternative" info could be up for debate, provided the OP can provide some cases.
  24. Anonymous Member

    +2 pts just because of the name "Jerry Falwell, Jr."

    His father shouldn't have been allowed to breed. That is all I needed to know. carry on OP, and good luck.
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  25. Ogsonofgroo Member

    'Scuse me for being Mr. Obvious here, but right off the bat I'd suggest signing up some of the local talent that opposed Falwell Jr. in the first place, there you already have a group, may not be an ideal/totally like-minded, but hell, its bodies in the shop so ta speak. Get your own thoughts straight and do some writing/info packages without going all woo about it, stick to the facts, present your goals in a logical manner, print up some of your own versions of YouFoundTheCard etc. Remember also who your audience is, is it the students? Staff? General public?
    Its a 'bible college' thingy? Hm, quite possible most there do not give a shit, show them why they should?
    Good luck!
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  26. Anonydeth Member

    Lucky YOU. i was enjoying living in the middle of buttfuck nowhere with trees n flowers n chirping birds...then my house burned i live in a stinking city smelling car farts all day
  27. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    That sucks :( Seriously.

    I just rather live in a city. I like going to shops other than Walmart or the local stuff. If I want to go out in the boondocks, I can always spend the night over at my significant other's.

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