Anon + CoS = Good for business

Discussion in 'Media' started by Hubbard-Telescope, Feb 4, 2008.

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  1. Re: Anon + CoS = Good for business

    Hey, we can agree with the clams on one thing: More people should know about Scientology.

    Of course, we would like them to see more than "the sanitised version", which has to drive them into private little fits. Good times.
  2. Google News is my most visited url of the past two weeks. I actually had a huge number of first replies in most of the early news stories on this. I haven't bothered in the last couple days.
  3. Hopefully people will edu-ma-cate themselves and no one else will join the Corporation Of $ciolontology. :twisted:
  4. an()n Member

    It's just Co$ propaganda. They are counting the DDOS attack as "increased" website activity.

    Overall they are saying that the best way to speak out is to shut up. Makes sense to me :roll:
  5. Tuesday Member

    Even bad press is good press seems to be the stance they're taking.
  6. anonEmouser Member

    "we had 10s of thousands of unique people loading our website last week. Our popularity level has never been better!!"

    /insert appropriate "over 9000" meme here.
  7. DrAdlaiAtkins Member

    "No such thing as bad publicity" is the traditional phrasing.
    Which is true, unless you give a shit about branding :p
  8. Anonymous82 Member

    Its like scare tactics, they are trying to reverse the effects of us by releasing statistics. Ignore them, they're talking crap as usual.

    Dont let any shit they say phase you!
  9. Whitehat Member

    They're stealing our memes!
  10. Anon007 Member

    Its not the first thing they stole. They stole the spotlight from firefighters during 9/11 as well as our very own Woll Smoth. Scientology is kind of like ebaumsworld in real life.
  11. ihasapancake Member

    Typical. They're just trying to "prove" they don't care about our attacks and protests. Statistics can be used and interpreted in so many ways. We could say they've had 10s of thousands of unique visitors going to their site and then realizing what a load of bullcrap it is.
  12. anonEmouser Member

    Only the CoS watermarks your brain!!!!
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