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Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Xaarin Rybak, Sep 10, 2012.

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    So I already mentioned I was working on a book detailing the "history" of the parties in Space Opera from the Xenu Loyalists' point of view, but I was wondering: has anyone ever considered making a book detailing the history(real or ficticious) and activism of Anonymous? There's so much stuff Anons have done to help the world that the fact that no one's made a book about it shocks me.
  2. Cf. Parmy Olson

    Cf. Gabriella Coleman

    Google is your friend.
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  3. Xaarin Rybak Member

    I see...

    Read: Am still new at this. After all, I don't want my "Xaarin, son of Xenu" stuff to be my only form of interaction with the anti-scilons.
  4. ive tried my best: click timeline link at
  5. Both of those Authors (Coleman & Olson) have penned and published very good work on Anonymous as an on-line cultural phenomenon. Very worthwhile reading from both of them.

    Coleman works hard to get it right and so does Olson, but Coleman won't settle for "almost right." She gets it very right, most of the time, IMO, and sometimes Olson only "tries" to get it right. Interesting work, nevertheless (IMO).

    The work of Cole Stryker is also worth examining. Got a new book coming out, last time I checked.

    This is last year's work -

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