Anon Bike Day?

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by LesboSensei, Jun 16, 2008.

  1. LesboSensei Member

    Anon Bike Day?

    I've been pondering possible new ways to bring attention. The whole naked bike day thing made me wonder if we could get attention doing something similar. I"m not sure 100% how it would work but my thoughts are:

    Cover your faces with things easy to see out of.
    Get together with people to bike around local areas where people can see you.
    Put together easily see-able things you could strap to your back.

    The people likely to see depends on if you use bike paths or the side of the road. All people walking should be able to look at the signs as you go past and probably will. As will people who are waiting in traffic.

    Just a thought.
  2. Underpants? Member

    Re: Anon Bike Day?

    I'm not biking naked. :colbert:
  3. KOSC_FITL Member

    Re: Anon Bike Day?

    I say get a wagon attached to a bike, a poster of TC, Paint on it "insert valid protest here", and go Tom Cruising on a nice summer day with your best anon buddies. :]
  4. LesboSensei Member

    Re: Anon Bike Day?

    I wasn't talking about biking naked >_> thats just where I got the idea from. You get noticed if you have a lot of people biking together.

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