Anon arrested in Las Vegas

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by Herro, Oct 18, 2009.

  1. Herro Member


    original post follows
    This is Las Vegas Anonymous.

    One of our anons "Cameranonymous" was arrested by Metro SWAT on the night of October 15th, at roughly 11pm. He was expected for a meetup the next morning, and when he didn't show up a couple of Anons ventured to his house. He didn't answer, and a glance through the windows showed the house had been ransacked. The police were informed, but called back in a short time to inform us that Cameranonymous had been arrested and was being detained.

    He is being held on charges of "Act of Terrorism" and "Bomb/Explosive Threat". Attempts to bail him out have failed, as bail has only been set for the bomb threat charge. Bail for Act of Terrorism is listed as $0 at this time. It is presumable that because of the weekend he has not been before the judge to set bail for that charge.

    A search and seizure warrant for Cameranonymous was found that lists Kenneth Moxon, and a Scientologist that Cameranonymous worked with at his previous job, Alex Jiminez, as those accusing Cameranonymous of these charges. Cameranonymous' handle was connected with his IRL name by this Alex Jiminez, who claims to have identified him by matching a video on youtube in which Cameranonymous was filmed being cited for jaywalking, with pictures of his cameras and clothing from protests in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, and by having seen him in person protesting outside our local Org.

    Confiscated in Cameranonymous' house were items including some of his PCs, his firearms, and his ammunition and other items. Anons have visited him in jail and an attorney has been aqcuired.

    The evidence that was written in the application for the search warrant by the LVMPD Anti-Terrorist Unit Officer includes standard "Anonymous is a terrorist/extremist group" propaganda from Moxon, along with altered quotes from the Las Vegas Anonymous message board.

    These quotes were in reference to meetups for the purpose of legal target shooting by some LVAnons who are target shooting enthusiasts. Added to these quotations in the application for the warrant were references to explosives that were never in the original posts. Also these quotations were taken out of the context of the threads to imply that Cameranonymous was trying to incite terrorist violence against the Org and the Scientologists within.

    For instance quotes about meeting up at a predetermined location to shoot at targets, usually followed by astronomy sessions and star photography, such as "let's go blow shit up" - which were specifically in the context of going into a desert location which is outside of the city limits in which both of our local Orgs resides (by many miles) were altered in the application for search warrant to say "let's go blow shit up with guns and explosives, and then raid the fuck out of the local org."

    Explosives were never mentioned in the original posts in any way. "Let's go blow shit up," has always specifically refered to the destruction of targets such as a porcelain commode, watermelons, jugs of water and similar, specifically by the use of legally purchased, registered, and carried firearms - NEVER EXPLOSIVES. This is a hobby of certain local anons, which we meet up to do IRL. Other hobbies carried out in this way include Astronomy, LAN parties, Cross-stitch, etc.

    Postings of Cameranonymous were monitored, and he was under IRL surveillance in the time leading up to his arrest, per the application for the warrant by police, and a private investigator by the name of "Taco Prins" from Advantage Group who had been conducting an investigation into Anonymous activities in Las Vegas NV. This private investigator had contacted Henderson Defense Industries (HDI) in reference to firearms recently purchased by Cameranonymous. HDI divulged information about Cameranonymous' recent purchases, as well as the fact that Cameranonymous had mentioned his acts of protest against Church of Scientology in Las Vegas.

    Information from these parties were included in the application for warrant by Las Vegas Police, among other various information.

    Cameranonymous is an upstanding and law abiding individual. He is an AVID hobbyist. Be it Photography, automobiles, motorcycles, computers or firearms, he is a collector first and foremost. He indeed did purchase a number of firearms in a short few months. He also purchased large ammounts of ammo for those weapons, purchased in bulk in an effort to save money, as he intended target shooting and marksmanship to be a long-term pursuit.

    He also purchases large amounts of cameras and photography equipment, and large amounts of computer equipment in a short period of time. This is how he pursues his hobbies. He makes a large up front investment on particular and well researched items.

    He was devoted to using these legally purchased firearms safely and legally for recreational purposes. At no time has he EVER mentioned explosives, or the use of his firearms against any human being or building or organization.

    As has been said, he has been arrested and is being held by police at this time. More information is forthcoming as it is recieved and approved for release by LVANON.


    [SIZE="5"][COLOR="Red"]Cameranonymous legal defense fund paypal account[/COLOR]
    [COLOR="Red"][Mod edit:
    Digg: Scientology lawyers get SWAT to arrest protester
    Reddit: Scientology sends SWAT to protester/gun collector in Las Vegas :

    Here are some posts and links that helps to put this into ccontext:

    Operation Freakout - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Operation Snow White - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Kendrick Moxon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



    ... update from post #486 ....
    tl;dr thread summary post

    UPDATE Oct 25,09 Post # 916

    [21:59:05] <sixnineonezerofive> a van? well..we ARE anonymous. You could just blow it up..unless it has curtains. Does it have curtains?
    [21:59:28] <camera> no, no curtains.
    [21:59:31] <camera> I was thinking of blowing it up
    [21:59:32] <sixnineonezerofive> a dog?
    [21:59:37] <camera> no dog.
    [21:59:52] <camera> it might have updog though
    [21:59:54] <sixnineonezerofive> then you're golden.
    [22:00:01] <sixnineonezerofive> or lose it. Blame it on the boss never being there.
    [22:00:09] <camera> ?
    [22:00:19] <sixnineonezerofive> "we lost the van. It just..dissapeared."
    [22:00:26] <sixnineonezerofive> "oh if only our boss were here"
    [22:00:27] <camera> ...huh?
    [22:00:42] <camera> don't fucking follow
    [22:00:44] <sixnineonezerofive> see. it works.
    [22:00:52] <camera> ?
    [22:00:57] AnonymousN00b1995 [Mibbit@DD46D53A.DCBECF27.17ED8FC5.IP] has joined #whyweprotest
    [22:01:14] walkingstickman [] has quit IRC: Ping timeout
    [22:01:15] <sixnineonezerofive> Just get rid of it. Dump it into a river. if anybody asks you have no idea.
    [22:01:20] <camera> ?
    [22:01:21] <AnonymousN00b1995> Hey guys
    [22:01:26] <camera> that doesn't get me money?
    [22:01:34] <AnonymousN00b1995> I'm new to Anonymous. Anyone can give me a quick rundown?
    [22:01:42] <camera> although I am about to the "fuck it and fuck money" with it
    [22:01:47] <AnonymousN00b1995> Can't do the protests but what CAN I do?
    [22:01:52] <camera> SOMEONE PERFORM THE RUNDOWN
    [22:02:06] <AnonymousN00b1995> lol
    [22:02:06] <mooncup> lol
    [22:02:06] <sixnineonezerofive> can't do the protests? hrm...welll...
    [22:02:10] <camera> !haiku rundown
    [22:02:11] <camera> lol
    [22:02:11] <mooncup> lol
    [22:02:14] <camera> lol
    [22:02:14] <mooncup> lol
    [22:02:14] mooncup [g@me] has been kicked from #WhyWeProtest by why [we@pro.test]: Stop repeating yourself!
    [22:02:14] <fuckit> :: Cuz he was old enough
    [22:02:14] <fuckit> :: to not use the detox
    [22:02:14] <fuckit> :: rundown. Not so old
    [22:02:15] mooncup [g@me] has joined #whyweprotest
    [22:02:34] <camera> AnonymousN00b1995: the protests do nearly nothing - we barely get our word out with them
    [22:02:37] <camera> it's more for fun
    [22:02:47] Lee [] has quit IRC: Quit:
    [22:02:53] <AnonymousN00b1995> oh right
    [22:02:57] <AnonymousN00b1995> so hmm...
    [22:02:59] <sixnineonezerofive> make leaflets or flyers. Slip them into things at grocery stores..
    [22:03:02] <camera> AnonymousN00b1995: contact local law, try to get them to understand what is going on, bring it up to them, bribe them, blow up orgs, blow up cities
    [22:03:05] <AnonymousN00b1995> Any Habbo events happened recently? xD
    [22:03:07] <AnonymousN00b1995> used to play it
    [22:03:21] <sixnineonezerofive> Nobody raids habbo anymore.
    [22:03:25] <camera> lolhabbo
    [22:03:27] <AnonymousN00b1995> Hmmkay
    [22:03:43] <AnonymousN00b1995> well g2g now but Anonymous seems like fun
    [22:03:43] <AnonymousN00b1995> bye
    [22:03:45] AnonymousN00b1995 [Mibbit@DD46D53A.DCBECF27.17ED8FC5.IP] has quit IRC: - Easy and fast Webchat ajax IRC Client

  2. PAnonA Member

    Re: Anon arrested in Las Vegas

    This shit just got real..
  3. zebrafaced Member

    Re: Anon arrested in Las Vegas

  4. Re: Anon arrested in Las Vegas

    lolwat, you mean the mods weren't trolling this whole time?
  5. rawrz Member

    Re: Anon arrested in Las Vegas

    lawl. when this gets sorted out, the scifags will look silly.
  6. Re: Anon arrested in Las Vegas

    damn. 44 Sends his support for Cameraanon, and hopes the DA gets involved to end it quickly.
  7. Elbynonamous Member

    Re: Anon arrested in Las Vegas

    Holy fuck. :/

    This is just... wrong.
  8. Anonymous Member

    Re: Anon arrested in Las Vegas

    Erm, just throwing out a suggestion to attorneys monitoring this get people to vouch for Cameranonymous, check out the (at least) two different astronomy/observing groups in the LV area. These are people who could vouch for WHY someone might be very, very interested in lots of expensive camera stuff (says the girl whose boyfriend loves his telescope best of all).
  9. stuwyatt Member

    Re: Anon arrested in Las Vegas


    And there was me thinking that WWP was becoming very quiet.... Please pass on my regards, to CameraAnonymous, and that I hope that sanity prevails and that he is released without charges. I only had 24 hours of incarceration due to the fucking cult. 4-5 days with no light at the end of the tunnel, and possible fucking terrorism charges at the end of it?...

    The cult never fail to surprise me with their retarded actions.

    /popcorn and /harpoons at the ready....
  10. JohnB2008 Member

    Re: Anon arrested in Las Vegas


    Inform the media. This is the only hope Scientology has left. To fabricate shit like they did to Paulette Cooper.
  11. Anonynamefag Member

    Re: Anon arrested in Las Vegas


    When his name gets cleared, I hope Moxon goes to prison for filing a false report. That motherfucker has gotten away with this shit for too long.
  12. the_cloak Member

    Re: Anon arrested in Las Vegas

    I'm assuming you have all the original posts?

    The cult just made a serious tactical error if that is the case. Once it is shown that they lied to the police, this could be construed as "Swatting" someone. Some states have been passing laws against this. At the least, it sounds like the cult could be in deep shit for perjury and making false statements to a police officer.
  13. Re: Anon arrested in Las Vegas

    In the sense that the church will get its face planted in the dirt for this one, yes it's hilarious.
  14. Herro Member

    Re: Anon arrested in Las Vegas

    Oh settle down. Sure Moxon is a mother fucker and should at least be censured for pulling stunts like this. But camera was acting a fool and got pwned. It's funny.
  15. Biden Member

    Re: Anon arrested in Las Vegas

  16. mrfyde Member

    Re: Anon arrested in Las Vegas

    Censured ?
  17. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: Anon arrested in Las Vegas

    So dudes arrested and no bail set atm (which is a different matter entirely but welcome to Patriot act Amerikka!)

    any ways, since we only have this prelim shit to go fucking retarded are you guys on your forums?

    Like I can understand after 2 years of raiding you all know each other and like to circle jerk but maybe creating i dunno a facebook bff group so you can be social?

    Thanks for being another cautionary tale. Hopefully you don't get a humorless fuck as a prosecutor and clueless judges.

    Obviously if you haven't, you should be doing backups of your forums / screen grabs and so on.
  18. PAnonA Member

    Re: Anon arrested in Las Vegas

    Dont forget common sense of ken moxon being involved with the first operation freakout. THat would be credibility held against Moxon.
  19. Anonymous Member

    Re: Anon arrested in Las Vegas

    Until this gets settled, the Scilons are going to milk this terrorism angle for all they can get out of it. Dark days for Anons are ahead.
  20. TinyDancer Member

    Re: Anon arrested in Las Vegas

    Worse, I hope when this gets sorted out the scifags will be in jail for perjury or making a false report.
  21. PAnonA Member

    Re: Anon arrested in Las Vegas

    ... Maybe that was the entire point of this arrest?
  22. A.Non Hubbard Member

    Re: Anon arrested in Las Vegas

    Agreed. Chanology is not a Group Hug Project.
  23. Anonymous Member

    Re: Anon arrested in Las Vegas

    Good call.
  24. Anonynamefag Member

    Re: Anon arrested in Las Vegas

    I can't wait until his name is cleared. Once it is, I will laugh at Moxon as he is arrested and disbarred for this shit. There is a special place in hell for people like him.
  25. chrisanon Member

    Re: Anon arrested in Las Vegas

    This is horrifying and wrong. I'm so sorry.

    Moxon and Miscavige aren't rapid responders. They were never doing nothing about the raids and protests. They were planning shit like this.
  26. narCONon Member

    Re: Anon arrested in Las Vegas

    inb4 @ next raid, scilons counter protest against "convicted terrorists"
  27. Vir Member

    Re: Anon arrested in Las Vegas

    I hope this ends up with Moxon in prison. We'll see.

    It's a whole field called "computer forensics". I'm not an expert in it, but know people who are.
  28. eddieVroom Member

    Re: Anon arrested in Las Vegas

    The cult was quick to mail itself white powder some 18-19 months ago. My gut says this is similar bullshit.

    LVanon may want to prep for media.
  29. Relyt Member

    Re: Anon arrested in Las Vegas

    I hope this doesn't cripple his ability to hold a job. Even if all charges are cleared and he's innocent, Scilons could use the fact that he was even arrested for "suspicions of terrorism" to scare employers into not hiring him.
  30. Re: Anon arrested in Las Vegas

    Anon or not, can we all agree that this is "OPERATION FREAKOUT 2: MOXON STRIKES BACK"
  31. Herro Member

    Re: Anon arrested in Las Vegas

    Lol, dude. No, just no. I can personally vouch for seeing camera running his mouth about this shit all the time on IRC. This isn't some sort of set up- they just took advantage of the stupid shit he said. The charges are bullshit though so I wouldn't worry too much. (For the record I would still find this hilarious even if the charges were legit.)

    Lol @ u if you actually think there weren't Anons that did that.
  32. WTF Member

    Re: Anon arrested in Las Vegas

    Naaa...maybe Freakout 12 or so.

    google henson, ehrlich, lerma,ward, ptsc...

  33. Relyt Member

    Re: Anon arrested in Las Vegas

    Camera made posts about owning guns. He made posts about shooting guns. He did not indicate in any way that he used them for violent or intimidating purposes. He may have mentioned a few times that he uses them for his own protection, but there's nothing the least bit illegal about that.
  34. TinyDancer Member

    Re: Anon arrested in Las Vegas

    "Taking advantage" and "fabricating evidence" are two quite different things. AVBB suggests it is the latter.

    He said stupid shit, but not illegal shit, AFAIK. I was uncomfortable with what I saw camera bang on about, but I didn't see him say anything illegal or indicate any intention to commit any illegal act.
  35. Anonymous Member

    Re: Anon arrested in Las Vegas

    If this had been PATRIOT-act related, I'd think that cameranonymous' arrest would be secret and we'd be in trouble for even talking about it, amirite? Bomb threats were illegal before the PATRIOT Act as well, hence why they tried to set up Paulette Cooper on false bomb threat charges.
  36. Anon123456 Member

    Re: Anon arrested in Las Vegas

    seems like they are trying to set a precedent to site in all future legal actions against anon. oh and to add to their little pamphlet.
  37. Anonymous Member

    Re: Anon arrested in Las Vegas

    To Anons and anyone else reading this thread...

    As you may remember, an alleged bomb threat was allegedly phoned into the Kansas City org almost two months ago.

    The FBI Domestic Terrorism division located in Kansas City investigated the complaint, spoke with/visited some KC Anons and Anons from other locales, and, as a result of their investigation, closed the case with no arrests.

    Be advised that the Kansas City FBI agent(s) who participated in that situation has/have been notified by Anon(s) of the LV situation/arrest.

    Best wishes to the entire Las Vegas cell!

  38. Re: Anon arrested in Las Vegas

    This! This kind of abuse of the legal system is what helped start Chanology in the first place. D<
  39. Elbynonamous Member

    Re: Anon arrested in Las Vegas

    This, folks, is how shit gets done.
  40. Vir Member

    Re: Anon arrested in Las Vegas

    I would think this case also re-ignites the relevance of the suspicious YouTube bomb threat video from early 2008. Camera's lawyer should bring that into the case if it continues.

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